Export procedures and documentation


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Export Documentation and processes


In this post, a basic idea about export procedures and formalities are explained. This export process is same in almost all countries with slight variation. I hope this post helps you in getting a basic training on how to export various products.

Export procedures and formalitiesIn almost all countries, a onetime licensing procedure to act as an Exporter/Importer is required to be completed. In India, IEC number (Import Export Code number) is required to act as an Importer or Exporter.

If you are an exporter, you would have already set up an Export company by following necessary government rules and regulations. By choosing your export product, you would have sent export samples to your international buyer if required and got approved. After necessary communication with your overseas buyer on terms of payment and terms of delivery, you arrange to issue proforma invoice, in turn you receive export order followed by purchase order from your overseas buyer. The terms of payment for your export contract could be advance payment, Documents against Acceptance DA, Documents against Payments DAP, or under Letter of Credit LC. If you as overseas seller require to cover credit risk against your overseas buyer, you can approach concerned authorities to cover insurance. In India, ECGC is the authorized agency who covers such credit risks for Indian exporters. Being an exporter, you will have an idea about other risks involved in export. The terms of delivery could be EX-Works, FOB, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP or any other Inco terms. If you would like to arrange finance against export , you can approach your bank for preshipmentor post shipment finance against export orders obtained by you.

If any international quality check agencies like SGS,BVQI etc. are involved as per the terms and conditions between you and your overseas buyer, such inspection is arranged. After completing necessary quality check (QC) formalities, the goods for export are arranged for proper packing to meet export quality. Palletization or Crating is arranged for safety of cargo. If your export goods are shipped by sea mode of transport, you decide whether the export shipment is by LCL or FCL. Necessary information about shipping of LCL may be collected if sent as LCL. Type of container is decided based on your nature of export goods.

Ok, now the shipment is ready for export. The documentation department prepares export invoice, export packing list etc. based on the purchased order or LC. Application for certificate of origin (GSP – Generalized System of Preference) and other required documents required for importer are also prepared. Necessary documents required for export customs clearance purpose are forwarded to Customs broker. The export process at customs completes either by customs broker or your representative directly. You as an exporter decide whether your export shipment is FCL or LCL. Pre shipment inspections like Phyto sanitary, Fumigation etc. if required have to be completed before export of goods.

Bill of Lading or AWB is issued by carrier of goods. If consolidator involved, HAWB or HBL is issued accordingly. If On Board Bill of Lading required as per buyer’s requirement, you have to wait to get the export shipment go ‘onboard’ the vessel. If you export your goods from a dry port, you have to wait till the cargo to go onboard the vessel, if you need On board bill of lading from shipping carrier.

After completion of export customs clearance procedures and collection of AWB or Bill of Lading, necessary documents for bank and overseas buyer are prepared. The export bill can be disounted, arrange for collection of payment if on credit basis or negotiated if export shipment is on Letter of Credit basis. If you have availed packing credit from bank, the amount of discounted/negotiated export bill amount will be adjusted once bank receives export proceeds from your overseas buyer. If bank does not receive such export proceeds from your overseas buyer, your bank may crystalize such export bills, you/bank can approach credit insurance company (like ECGC in India) for claim, if such cover done by you or your bank.

This article explains about exportation procedures to ship to overseas countries. The above exportation process is almost same in all countries. Have you satisfied with this information on different process to export goods? I hope, this article can enlighten you on basic idea on how to export goods from your country to other foreign countries.

You can express your views on procedures and formalities to export goods to overseas.


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Lion R : Before I ask my question, I would like to express my gratitude towards the time and effort you put into your website providing knowledge worth millions so thank you very much. People like you are making a difference in the world. My question to you is if there is a way I can find people or companies in my state (Punjab) who are exporting goods specifically fruits and vegetables to other countries. My family owns farms and I would like some guidance from someone whose been there and done that. Highly appreciate your time and help Regards Joy

manzoor ahmad : i come across your import export form on google.. sir i want to export products like saffron,garlic shilajeet...not in bulk but 1 to 5 kgs to customers who need for personal use.. sir i have got IEC no.. please let me know what other necessary documents i need to export.. mostly i go to govt speed post they make fill up the form without mentioning IEC NO..mostly they say there is no tax.. sir but i want to upgrade business so i can get paymemt easily..please guide regards

M.Muralidharan: I am a chemical engineer by qualification and has been in service for nearly 3 decades and very late (past one and half year I am at home, after VRS), I had the dream of my own company especially a export import business. I would like to know more about. Recently I cam across the website (hope it is yours), and got much impressed. I am at chennai. I would like to discuss with you in person. How this can be made possible. I would like to take guidance from seasoned professionals like you. I would like to know your opinion on this. Thanks and Regards,

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Vicky: Hi I am interested in export of granite from India to Australia and other countries as well. Please help me to contact with the right person and procedure. Thanks

Bhavna Aggarwal : I am Bhavna Agarwal I have been in exports way back 15 yrs ago with my dad due to martial and family way I had quit now I like to restart export in some line it would a gr8 pleasure if u could guide me I would like to gain more knowledge and make a new dimension in business for myself thanks Rgds

Akshay kumar : Sir ,I want to establish a rice industry in Jharkhand but I have no much idea about it. So I want your help In this subject..

Mazhar: Hope you are doing good? Am interested in setting up a sports, toys and equipment retail unit. Could you please guide me with the prerequisite to set up a shop, legal , licensing and import/export networks. Thanks and regards,

: Nazia.ns Naz : I am an export officer in a pharmaceutical firm and i need your help for the following procedures: 1. How is possible to find out the importers for export our products in Asean countries? 2. and how can we find out the rate i.e FOB, CIF, C&F for our product which we want to export to Asean countries? Your prompt reply is awaited. Thanks.

manavalan govindaraj : Dear sir, I am G. Manavalan, an engineering graduate i am very much interest in export & import business. Please guide me for the export & import business.

Sharad Lahoti : we need some guidance in the export process like compliance, customs, payments etc. We hope you would provide us some help wrt to these. Pls let me know any suitable time when we can reach out to you (preferably in person) to ask our doubts/question and discuss the idea in bit more detail.

Ameer Khan : I'm Ameer from TVM my intention is writes you to learn something about export business of Granite and obtain more orders from aliens I was using search engine for profound comprehend of it then I spotted inductive site of you and your proficiency upon it so me and my colleague concerted write you to inquire and how can you assist concerning this matters which I arose.

Jaydada International : My self proprietor of Jaydada international an export firm. sir i have just established it.sir kindly i want to know about that is it compulsory to do a service tax registration for agriculture products exporters?

Suman Khatick: Hello sir, I want to start fish export business, I have importers list, but I m not sure of their trustworthiness also as I will be doing this business for the first time I don't have any knowledge on how to export fish, also what legal procedures should I follow, what would be the best and reasonable way to export, also guide me on the precautions should I take.

Arjun kumar: , I have just recently joined a company of the export import as a asst merchandiser post in the company. Fresh Sir, I do not have much information about export import. Please I do not know a job profile of Merchandiser, so please tell me can explain in details.

Kevin Lee: Good day! As an international trader, I've been learning so much from How To Export Import, expecially global logistics. Thanks for your work very much! Which one I learn from you is that we should share with our experience as social human animals which you mention on self-introduction page. People can learn from other's experience for free. And at the same time, we can outreach more people so that potential clients can know us. It's double win. I run a sourcing agent business in China. Gurst post is one of our major marketing methods. I have writed informative articles and posted on many authority sites in the field (Such as Global Sources, Chinaimportal, Chinasourcinginfo, etc). People enjoyed my articles and contacted for cooperation. Except saying think you, I'm also writing to apply for an opportunity to share knowledge with your audience. My articles are all about importing products from China and Asia. As your audience are purchasers and importers worldwide, I believe they should like them. If you'd like to get a better idea of my writing please check out the pre published pieces here:

Rananjay Singh : I have seen your profile in website actually am working in UAE Past 7 years itelf as a oil gas consultant with ADMA . I have my established spices unit in Bhopal Maddy Pradesh. and daily basis my production 3MT different spices like Turmeric power ,Chile power and coriander powder which is i am supplying in mp state only. I would like to request you please provide your assistance how to export the spices from Bhopal to UAE and what is the requirements of documents.

Salih Sali : Our company intrested to export our product to outside country.can you tell me how to export my product

Salih Sali : Our company intrested to export our product to outside country.can you tell me how to export my product

Arup Das : This is to request you for your advice on the feasibility of a particular procedure. We are planning to start rice export to some African nations. Instead of selling it to buyer from India, we want to take our goods to the destination port and sell goods (without customs duty) to the buyers. In such scenario, what would be the actual procedure and documentations. Kindly suggest.

Vaibhav Nichal : i had came across your artical a month ago.and i am interested in exporting.i am producer of best quality of AJWAN and want to export it so please help me out for that. i have no idea about exporting.

Lakshmi N : I happened to come across your website while searching for information on export business. I have put in quite a number of years in Banking which gives me an edge to understand certain areas related to export import business. It is with this background i am looking forward to start an export business with advise from professional consultants. Pl let me know your convenience.

Naveen Natarajan : This is Naveen from Chennai.I am interested in doing exports Business.while i was browsing noticed your website.wherein you have shared detailed explanations. Appreciate your efforts in creating such an excellent website which will be of use to many. Sir I'm a new person in exports domain and need your support in doing this business

Rajib Burman : I went Start Export Import Between India and Bangladesh from Petrapole/Benapole Land Boarder. But i totally unknown about document and procedure . I also unknown about which type of Financial assistance provide by government.

Benson P Chacko: This is Benson, Director of N.S Plastics from Hyderabad. NS plastic is a manufacturing unit where we manufacture all kind of moulded plastics and Metallising(plating) of Gold and silver on plastic products. As of now we are specially dealing with Plastic Curtain rings with gold and silver colour, Different types of trophys, Fan products etc. To expand our business internationally We want to export our products, so help me in this regard.

Beena Wankar: I came across your website while researching information on setting up a small business for Retail Exports. You have such a fantastic website detailing the entire process so well. Very impressive. Congratulations. And you share all this information for Free. It is very generous of you. Thank you. I want to start a small Retail export business targeted towards retail customers across the globe. My products would be small items, cables and audio equipment parts, maybe apparel etc later. However after reading about the export documentation required for each export shipment and the costs involved if sent by courier that will bump up the price we can charge, thereby making us less competitive and the process very cumbersome and prohibitive. Additionally the paradigm is different when dealing with Retail customers. There would be no PO, no proforma, payment would be by Paypal or credit cards.. It would simply be something like a mail exchange where someone expresses an interest in purchasing an item from my website, followed by a payment and then a shipment of the item to the person.

Armaan Sonkar: I am a manufacture of bristles (pig hair) mostly used for manufacturing paint Brushes. And I am willing to export my product but I don't have any clue about this. So I would like have help from you or your firm

Deepak Badwal: I am starting now goat meat export for Dubai so I had checked your website how to export I learned everything it's so useful and now I am confident to starting so sir all licence I have but only I need one thing which are the final documents for goat meat because I don't want any hassle and if you will provide any samples of documents than thanks for your highly cooperation I hope as soon as you will be reply me.

parveen shaikh : I was going through your site. Many thanks for having such valuable information for people like me who want to start up. There's a mention that there are export agents who help us in all the export formalities on our behalf. Can you please help me with any such references? What is the best way to find buyers for the export?

udaypratap: Hello sir/ Madam I want start export business pls advice me all detail thanks...

Taha Hussain : I am mahaveer from chennai and was going through your website regarding export procedure from India. A big thanks for the excellent material put forward by you regarding the export and import procedures in India. I have a typical case on hand regarding export and I seek your expert guidance regarding this. I have a US based customer who has agreed to purchase a product I deal in. However, I myself procure that product from china and Hongkong. Is there a possibility to procure the product from China and export to US directly. I can pay the purchase cost to my chinese supplier from India and receive the sale invoice value for this from my American customer. Is such type of export permitted from India ? will I face any problems with the money sent overseas for procuring goods and money received from a different country for the sale. also, since the product will be directly exported to America from China, there will be no customs clearance involved from India. In such a scenario, how can I invoice the US customer and receive the money for the goods supplied.

Lakshmi N : I happened to come across your website while searching for information on export business. I have put in quite a number of years in Banking which gives me an edge to understand certain areas related to export import business. It is with this background i am looking forward to start an export business with advise from professional consultants. Pl let me know your convenience.

Duleep Regmi : My name is Duleep Regmi based in Mumbai. I have some queries regarding import export business. As I am new to this territory I am trying to get some knowledge from experts like you. I want to import "Achar" (picke) from Kathmandu, Nepal to Mumbai. What is the procedure and documents needed for the same. I will be grateful to you if you could help me out to set up the business.

Milan Kanzariya: We can give big order of rice. so you can suggest what is Document required for rice export?, we can deal first time in south Africa. Thanks hoping early reply?

Arup Das : This is to request you for your advice on the feasibility of a particular procedure. We are planning to start rice export to some African nations. Instead of selling it to buyer from India, we want to take our goods to the destination port and sell goods (without customs duty) to the buyers.In such scenario, what would be the actual procedure and documentations

Rananjay Singh : I have my established spices unit in Bhopal Maddy Pradesh. and daily basis my production 3MT different spices like Turmeric power ,Chile power and coriander powder which is i am supplying in mp state only. I would like to request you please provide your assistance how to export the spices from Bhopal to UAE and what is the requirements of documents.

Aju Menon : I am Aju Menon , from cochin Kerala working as commercial officer -export in fabrics manufacturing company . I would like to start a business in vegetable , cereals , garment export Import industry . In the beginning stage I am planing to work as a Export agent/broker .so pls advise me , what kind of licenses are required .

phantuyetngan: My name is Ngan from Viet Nam. Through of some trade website, I can contact with some clients in India and they want to import fresh meat from Viet Nam. Can you help me about details of document, standards and certificates that we have to prepare for can meet all demands of your country.

Pradyumn Vijay : I have got IEC now and open ed a bank account to get payment.Now my concern is to know further complete procedure to know how to export goods, documents , I mean complete process.

Saifullah Shamsi : We have pleasure to inform you that. We form leather India kanpur. We are trader so We looking for export beef salted omasum for china .So we also get approval form apeda because we are trader so I don't think any unit any packing unit needed if any role play by apeda for traders for taken approval what document needed for export and what other process needed for trader for export.

SOLELTHERM TECHNIK : We are a rooftop solar system integration engineering firm based from Bangalore. We are currently seeing certain opportunity in export market - both goods (initially) and services. We are a new firm and have no experience in export of goods and services. Hence we would be seeking for some expert in this field who would undertake all export clearances with respect to Indian Export legalities and procedures and commercial aspects. Would like to discuss with you in this matter. Please let me know your concurrence in this matter and waiting for your response to discuss ahead.

Pritesh Gangwal: Query for Import Export procedure

Arvind: hello sir,i want to known export documentation processes.please explain all about export documentation.

vijay bhatt: Sir this is vijay bhatt from pune I am in educational books trade , I want to export the children educational books , plz advised me which is best Country for the export the said products

Patrick Lubisi: Sir Iam studying international Cargo Movement i see some incoterms were revised can you please send me the current ones. Yoursfaithfully Patrick

Manoj Kumar: EXPORT DOCUMENTATION AND PROCEDURES Exporters should seriously consider having the freight forwarder handle the formidable amount of documentation that exporting requires; freight forwarders are specialists in this process. The following documents are commonly used in exporting; which of them are actually used in each case depends on the requirements of both our government and the government of the importing country. 1. Commercial invoice 2. Bill of lading 3. Consular invoice 4. Certificate of origin 5. Inspection certification 6. Dock receipt and warehouse receipt 7. Destination control statement 8. Insurance certificate 9. Export license 10. Export packing list STEP1: Enquiry : The starting point for any Export Transaction is an enquiry. An enquiry for product should, inter alia, specify the following details or provide the following data Size details - Std. or oversize or undersize Drawing, if available Sample, if possible Quantity required Delivery schedule Is the price required on FOB or C& F or CIF basis Mode of Dispatch - Sea, air or Sea/air Mode of Packing Terms of Payment that would be acceptable to the Buyer - If the buyer proposes to open any Letter of Credit, any specific requirement to be complied with by the Exporter Is there any requirement of Pre-shipment inspection and if so, by which agency Any Certificate of Origin required - If so, from what agency. STEP 2: - Proforma generation : After studying the enquiry in detail, the exporter - be it Manufacturer Exporter or Merchant Exporter - will provide a Proforma Invoice to the Buyer. STEP 3: Order placement : If the offer is acceptable to the Buyer in terms of price, delivery and payment terms, the Buyer will then place an order on the Exporter, giving as much data as possible in terms of specifications, Part No. Quantity etc. (No standard format is required for such a purchase order) STEP 4: Order acceptance : It is advisable that the Exporter immediately acknowledges receipt of the order, giving a schedule for the delivery committed. STEP 5: Goods readiness & documentation : Once the goods are ready duly packed in Export worthy cases/cartons (depending upon the mode of despatch), the Invoice is prepared by the Exporter. If the number of packages is more than one, a packing list is a must. Even If the goods to be exported are excisable, no excise duty need be charged at the time of Export, as export goods are exempt from Central Excise, but the AR4 procedure is to be followed for claiming such an exemption. Similarly, no Sales Tax also is payable for export of goods. STEP 6: Goods removal from works : There are different procedures for removing Export consignments to the Port, following the AR4 procedure, but it would be advisable to get the consignment sealed by the Central Excise authorities at the factory premises itself, so that open inspection by Customs authorities at the Port can be avoided. If export consignments are removed from the factory of manufacture, following the AR4 procedure, claiming exemption of excise duty, there is an obligation cast on the exporter to provide proof of export to the Central Excise authorities STEP 7: Documents for C & F agent : The Exporter is expected to provide the following documents to the Clearing & Forwarding Agents, who are entrusted with the task of shipping the consignments, either by air or by sea. Invoice Packing List Declaration in Form SDF (to meet the requirements as per FERA) in duplicate. AR4 - first and the second copy Any other declarations, as required by Customs On account of the introduction of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) system for processing shipping bills electronically at most of the locations - both for air or sea consignments - the C&F Agents are required to file with Customs the shipping documents, through a particular format, which will vary depending on the nature of the shipment. Broad categories of export shipments are: Under claim of Drawback of duty Without claim of Drawback Export by a 100% EOU Under DEPB Scheme STEP 8: Customs Clearance : After assessment of the shipping bill and examination of the cargo by Customs (where required), the export consignments are permitted by Customs for ultimate Export. This is what the concerned Customs officials call the ‘LET EXPORT’ endorsement on the shipping bill. STEP 9: Document Forwarding : After completing the shipment formalities, the C & F Agents are expected to forward to the Exporter the following documents: Customs signed Export Invoice & Packing List Duplicate of Form SDF Exchange control copy of the Shipping Bill, processed electronically AR4 (original duplicate) duly endorsed by Customs for having effected the Export Bill of Lading or Airway bill, as the case may be. STEP 10: Bills negotiation : With these authenticated shipping documents, the Exporter will have to negotiate the relevant export bill through authorized dealers of Reserve Bank, viz., Banks. Under the Generalized System of Preference, imports from developing countries enjoy certain duty concessions, for which the exporters in the developing countries are expected to furnish the GSP Certificate of Origin to the Bankers, along with other shipping documents. Broadly, payment terms can be: DP Terms DA Terms Letter of Credit, payable at sight or payable at... days. Step11: Bank to bank documents forwarding : The negotiating Bank will scrutinize the shipping documents and forward them to the Banker of the importer, to enable him clear the consignment. It is expected of such authorized dealers of Reserve Bank to ensure receipt of export proceeds, which factor has to be intimated to the Reserve Bank by means of periodical Returns. STEP 12: Customs obligation discharge : As indicated above, Exporters are also expected to provide proof of export to the Central Excise authorities, on the basis of the Customs endorsements made on the reverse of AR4s and get their obligation, on this score, discharged. STEP 13: Receipt of Bank certificate : Authorized dealers will issue Bank Certificates to the exporter, once the payment is received and only with the issuance of the Bank Certificate, the export transaction becomes complete. It is mandatory on the part of the Exporters to negotiate the shipping documents only through authorized dealers of Reserve Bank, as only through such a system Reserve Bank can ensure receipt of export proceeds for goods shipped out of this country.

SURYANSH GARG: i want to start an overseas pharmaceutical business. Kindly help in the learning of procedures.

syed Luqman: Respected sir / madam , actually i am a fresher in this field and i want to start a expot business of dry coconut ( COPRA ) i want to know all the basic details , prosidure's and requirments to export dry coconuts (COPRA) , Please help me .....

ATHESHAM UL Haq : I m purchase material from Mumbai But I m not getting properly rates ... Which materials I am buying from him it's a China products so I will send a material Starting 10 ton orders Pipe size is 25mm od 12ft length weight around 1.2kg to 1.3kg

Vishwanath Kasare : Please advise on what are the pre-shipment and post-shipment documents in detail. Your assistance is highly appreciated. Thanks & Regards

Subhendu Ghosh : Want to start export import business for this i need training from your end , kindly let me know how can i get this ?

sunil mishra : Sir i want to import ldpe film scrap from turkey to india is there any problem regarding this? Or how to receive consignment at indian port??

Jasbir Singh : My name is Jasbir Singh from Amritsar. We import goods from China since 4 years. Now we want to import from China and export to 3rd Country New York USA. So I want to know about this is possible to import from China in 1st company and export to NY USA in 2nd company without paying any tax.

Omkar Singh : I want to start Export Business From India to other country . Is people involve in this type business ,People will success or failure . .Please send your contact No for discussion to start Export Business Fro India to other country .

Jatin KUMAR : I am Jatin Kumar,presently working in a marble industry, in india, sir i want to know about import & export in marble industry

George Joseph: Trainin details

Rajesh R: i have IEC from dgft. Do i also need membership of export promotion councils to export ? Because i want to spend membership fees which is very high with EPC for which they donot provide any services worth. i want to stop my membership from this year. if so can will i be banned to export ?

raj dubey: I want to export herbal products pls guide me …..

mohammed abdul shakeel: interested in export and import

ANIL KRISHNA PAUL: It should have discussed LC Document guide lines

samuel caps: hand of applause Yahweh bless you

Dawood Al-Mosuli: Hi Sir, I would like to start a business of export of row hides and animal skins. How I cant start? Please tell me the exact procedure.

Turbo-ERP: Export management software Provides by Shiva InfoTech. Which is used for an Export Industry, Turbo-EMS is a maintenance-free modular ERP software solution for managing operations for small and big exporters. India’s No.1 Innovative Specially designed for Exporters, Importers Buying Agents of Handicraft, Autoparts, Engineering Items, etc.


Mohammed Saif: Sir we looking for sugar export please tell me what kind of documents required for sugar export from India


Syed MURSALEEN: Very nice informative gide regarding export trade.thank you

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