Disadvantages of Letter of credit (LC) for Exporter


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Dis advantages of Letter of Credit to Exporter


Is there any disadvantages of Letter of Credit for an exporter, as most of business world prefer LC as safe mode of payment. If any demerits on operation of LC, what are they?. Is Letter of Credit safe mode of payment for an exporter?

While accepting a letter of credit, the exporter guarantees to meet the requiremDisadvantages of Letter of credit (LC) for Exporter copy ents of buyer as mutually agreed as per the terms and conditions mentioned in letter of credit. So the liability of meeting all required parameters are with supplier failing which bank may not accept documents under such transaction. Bank may debit certain charges against the discrepancy of documents also if proper documentary proof has not been submitted along with other shipping documents. So, if the exporter does not follow strictly with the terms and conditions of letter of credit with 100% compliance of documentation, the payment will not be effected by bank.

Under letter of credit opening procedures, there are certain bank charges and other costs. If buyer insists seller to pay such costs, the said charges will be additional expenses for the supplier.

If exporter is aware that the credit worthiness of buyer is favorable and sound, he does not need to open a letter of credit to transact with such buyers. However, he agrees on opening LC based on the requirements of buyer to enjoy the advantage of opening LC by buyer. In such cases, meeting of all terms and conditions under letter of credit is the major responsibility of exporter. Apart from meeting additional documentation procedures, exporter needs to spend additional expenses also.

As I have mentioned in other articles in the same website, an exporter must verify the authenticity of opening bank. The Letter of Credit opening bank should be a prime banker. I have experienced many cases of fraudulent LC opening bank who were not a prime banker who does not have proper ‘stand’ to follow the guidelines of uniform customs and practice of documentary credit. So the strength and stability of LC issuing bank is a prime factor while discussing about the demerits of Letter of Credit.

Policy of a country may effect the business transaction between countries. If a cold ware is being continued between two countries, due to political reason, the trade bilateral agreement between such countries may become void, resulting to effect the guidelines of uniform customs and practice of documentary credit. This is another demerit of LC for a seller.
A best caliber of personnel is required to monitor and navigate the process of letter of credit to provide no room for even minute discrepancy of documents.

Compared to other modes of payment, the expenses for opening, negotiating and other procedures of letter of credit is high. This is another disadvantage of Letter of credit for an exporter. This is another disadvantage of letter of credit for an exporter.

Currency fluctuation is another disadvantage of Letter of credit. Normally buyer/importer places purchase orders once in a year and opens letter of credit accordingly. The exchange rate may differ at the time of shipping goods, from the time of opening LC. The exporter receives payment after shipment. So, if any loss due to fluctuations in foreign currency contracted under letter of credit, need to be beard by him. This is also one of the major demerits of LC.

Currency fluctuations may also effect on price variation to procure raw materials for the buyer/exporter, resulting hike of cost of production in turn the exporter/seller can not hike the selling price, as the purchase order agreement already signed by accepting letter of credit for whole shipments under one LC. So currency fluctuation also is a threat under letter of credit which is treated as other disadvantages of letter of credit.


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Muthu M: My Opinion:- We received LC From Buyer ... we can cover Forward Contract That Date .. Example:- We book the Order 01.10.2014 Sales Go on 01.11.2014 The Fund Return to Account (Bill Collection mode -At Site Basis LC)Approx Amt Received 30.11.2014 So We can covered Premium for 2 Months Through Forward Contract( Safe mode - Minimum Margin We cover this way)Same time USD vs INR Increase Mean we lose.. (my thought is Minimum profit we fixed in Contract Ar rising Time)

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Sewa Singh setia: I am exporter of footwear under name and style Global Moovers based in Agra I have precured order of shoes under letter of credit and visited ECGC office for the cover ,branch manager and staff has refused to give the cover which was back up by prime bank letter of credit from American bank "JP Morgan chase bank ". I am surprised with the misbehaviour of Agra branch head and staff by not issuing policy and cover on L/C based order, reasons are best known by branch head and staff, probably I was unable to understand theirs expectations from exporter by cash or in kind. Is there any body who can justify and go in detail to find out that the corruption is spreading upto what extent, and can put some efforts to stop/ fire such kind of officials to help genuine business class for their rights.

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