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Is packing list required in Indian customs for imports and exports? Can we merge Commercial Invoice with packing list as one document to file with customs for import and export procedures?

International Trade Policy of India 2015-20 aAs a part of reduction of number of mandatory documents in Imports and Exports, the importers and exporters can now merge Commercial Invoice and packing list. An Invoice cum packing list can be used for all future exports and imports which makes easier, as a part of trade facilitation.

Commercial Invoice

and Packing List are required to be submitted with customs for export and import procedures and formalities as per present terms. However, with effect from 1st April, 2015, Indian Customs does not insist for Packing List separately, if Commercial Invoice cum Packing List contains the details of present packing list. In other words, the details in packing list can be merged with Commercial invoice as Commercial Invoice cum Packing List.

Why do customs require Commercial Invoice and Packing List? What is the importance of Commercial Invoice and Packing List to Customs department?


Commercial Invoice is a prime document of sale which contains the complete details of sales. However, Customs is concerned; commercial invoice reflects the value of export or import goods which is critical for appraisal of value (assessment of value of import or export goods). The contents of packing list also are critical for customs which supports to examine export or import goods to determine correctness of duty and quantity.

Here, merging of Commercial Invoice and Packing list (Commercial Invoice cum Packing list) does not mean the omission of data in packing list, but merging of all data in packing list with Commercial invoice.

Is Commercial Invoice cum packing list mandatory at present?

At present, customs department in India accepts both commercial invoice and packing list for export and import of goods. However, a Commercial invoice cum Packing list prepared as per the details mentioned above is ideal for all future import export procedures as a part of simplification of customs procedures and minimizing mandatory documents for imports and exports to support trade facilitation.

To make you simplify, I have written two articles, contents of export invoice and contents of export packing list. You may incorporate the details of both in to one document as Commercial Invoice cum packing list.

According to customs, the details of packing list such as Marks and Numbers, Quantity, Gross weight, Net weight, Number of packages, Types of packages such as pallet, box, crates, drums etc. are to be mentioned in such merged document of Commercial Invoice cum Packing List. As mentioned above, these details are required for customs to examine the import or export goods. However, I personally suggest all to mention measurement of each package also in the said Commercial Invoice cum Packing List, which helps carriers for their operation.

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Click here to read Indian government notification about Commercial invoice cum packing list.

Circular No.01 of 15 customs dt 12.01.2015.pdf


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