Procedures to claim brand rate of draw back

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What is Brand rate in exports? How to claim brand rate of exports? Has brand rate to be applied with customs department? What are the documents required to claim brand rate? How does brand rate work?

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If any item of products not included in the list of draw back schedule of customs department or the exporter considers the listed drawback is not sufficient to neutralize the duties suffered by their product, such exporter can apply for brand rate of duty draw back.  Within a period of not more than three months period of time after obtaining let export order from customs for export, exporter can apply for brand rate to commissioner at the jurisdiction of his manufacturing unit. Procedures to claim brand rate of draw back copy 


The details of input,components and or materials and services used for manufacture of goods and duties paid on such materials,input or and components are to be mentioned clearly when applying for brand rate.


AS per drawback rules 1995,  the period of applying brand rate  can be extended up to one year time subjected to the terms and conditions with payment of necessary fee.


Once after receiving application for brand rate, the commissioner shall verify the details submitted by exporter and after satisfying, determine the rate of amount of drawback as per rule 6 of draw back rules 1995.

If the jurisdictional commissioner permits such brand rate on provisional basis, exporter need to execute a bond, binding himself to refund such draw back amount granted,  if found not eligible or lower amount than provisionally granted.


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vikas aggarwal: Dear Sir, We would like to fix brand rate for our product which is rice. We would like to know following 1- whether rate ha to be fixed separately for each brand 2- what all documents to be attached with brand rate application filed with Excise Commissionerate 3- what all documents to be filed with customs authorities with customs for claiming drawback refund. regards Vikas Aggarwal 9813015950

Pankaj kumar: I want to know the procedure for claiming drawback after export done

Ashwinikumar Jha : I have a query regarding Claiming of duty drawback. Your little assistance will be of great help to me. Company is engaged in the trading of Furniture, Glassware and fabric items. We imported some materials from china some 1.5 years ago some and paid all the duties at that time. Now we are exporting the 50% of same material (In the same form as was imported) to USA. I would like to know all the practical formalities (i.e. what need ti be reported to Bank, Custom suthority etc) i have to follow in order to get the duty drawback. Also i want to know under which section we can claim Sec 74 or Sec 75. Although i have done research by googling it, but still practical procedures are still not getting cleared.

Dhairyasinh Rajda: We want export Tyvek paper tags,the paper sheet is imported by DuPont India.Now after paying import duty if we cut to tag sizes prices are not workable.How can we get the refund of duty paid. Regards-Rajda

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