How to amend AWB number in Import General Manifest (IGM)


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IGM amendment of Airway bill number at destination port of customs


Here, let me explain about the importance of amending Air Way Bill number in IGM and the formalities to amend AWB number in Import General Manifest.


AMMENDMENT OF IGM MARKS AND Import General Manifest is filed by carrier of goods on arrival of goods at destination customs location.   The IGM details contains name of shipper, consignee, nature of goods with quantity, BL number or AWB number.  The procedure of filing such information with customs on arrival of goods is called IGM filing.


If AWB number has been filed wrongly in Import General Manifest by carrier, the said Airway Bill number does not be linked electronically with the actual airway bill number filed by importer or his customs broker.  The airway bill number has to be matched with the number mentioned in Bill of Entry even for manual filing of Bill of entry.  If both differ, customs cannot admit entry of documents for customs clearance. 


Amendment of AWB number is possible by obtaining permission from necessary authorities at customs department.  The application for amendment of AWB Airway bill number r in Import General Manifest can be filed with customs explaining the reasons for wrong filing along with necessary corrected Air Way Bill and other necessary supporting documents.   Customs official may allow if satisfied with the supporting documents and necessary explanation and requisite fee if applicable.


Once after amending air way bill number in Import General Manifest, the importer or his agent can file bill of entry and proceed to complete customs formalities to take delivery of cargo.


In this article, I have explained about the importance of amending AWB number in IGM and importance of amending Air Way Bill number in Import General Manifest. Have you experienced in amending AWB in IGM? Do you wish to add more information about correcting Airway bill number in Import General Manifest? Share below your experience in amending Airway Bill number in IGM.


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JIGNESH K BHAYE: hii dear team i m employee one of logistics com, we file the igm in ice gate for AIR shipment. then we recd confirmation from ice gate that we submitted igm for this S/M. we file igm as port of loading is kolkatta INCCU4 BUT ice gate shows BOM INBOM4 at the time of B/E process IN there systems. they require some penalty Rs. 10000/- SO PLS ADVICE HOW THEY CONSIDER THAT WRONG IGM FILLING

Naidu: Currency code on the IGM filed wrongly. The airline at origin station able to amend please?

Jewel: Please igm check,b/l number:210949730h

alamelu: I could not get the EGM details through Shipping bill/ Bill of export/ Endorsed invoice no. help me pl

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