Procedures to file IGM (Import General Manifest)

Import General Manifest – IGM. How important in Import?


Who files Import General Manifest? Why does Import General Manifest need to be filed? Is mandatory to file Import General Manifest? When to file Import General Manifest? Where to file IGM?


Who does file Import General Manifest – IGM?


Import General Manifest is filed by the carrier of goods once its arrival at a destination port customs location. Once after arrival of goods at destination port, filing of Import General Manifest is mandatory.


Import General Manifest  (IGM)  notifies  customs department of importing country  by carrier of goods  about  the details of goods arrived to such customs location.   Once after arrival of goods the carrier files  details of cargo  about  shipper, consignee, number of packages, kind  of packages, description of goods, airway bill or bill of lading number and date, flight or vessel details etc. with customs department.  In some countries, the IGM can also be filed before arrival of goods.


Procedures to file IGM (Import General Manifest)

Now days, Import General Manifest details (IGM details) are electronically linked with Export General Manifest (EGM) of load port. However if any short shipment arrived, such electronic linking can not be considered to file import documents for importer or his customs broker.


A specified format is available with each customs location of a country which can be filed manually or electronically as per the guidelines of respective customs department of each country.


If final destination of consignee and customs location is away from sea port air port of destination where in inland movement is required, how is IGM be filed?


If goods are moved to a Dry port, a gateway IGM at sea port of arrival of goods and another IGM at final destination dry port has to be filed by carrier. Also read  Import General Manifest (IGM)     Difference between IGM and Bill of Entry    Difference between IGM and Gateway IGM   IGM number and line number


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M Ramki: Who should file the IGM for shipper own container? The one who has the master Bills of Lading or the owner of the container will file the IGM?

Shrirang Mulik: Can owner of the vessel directly file the IGM or Agent is necessary. What is the procedure for filing IGM for scrap vessel having Indian flag but build in foreign country?

saurabh tiwari: Good explanation of IGM and EGM

gfhgfhgeg: good

ajay kumar: Dear sir Pls send the shift ting of igm like Ludhiana to Tkd Thanks

rajkumar: For example If an Import shipment is arriving Into India for final Destination/Delivery at ICD-Hyderabad the Gateway port or Port of Discharge would be either NHAVA SHEVA or CHENNAI PORT. In such case the IGM will be filled at Discharge port itself by the Liner itself, which is reflected at the Destination also and as such there is no need to file again a IGM. Above is in case of FCL Containers, however incase of LCL shipments a sub IGM will be filled by the Forwarder at the final destination point.

RAHUL: Sir, what will be the consignee name in IGM, if the B/L is To Order, blank endorsed

Armin Behbehani : We are a trading company located in Iran and we mainly export polymers to India. please kindly find my questions as below: 1- Most of the time we have got problem with our customers in India for payment when IGM is filled under their names and they know that we need their LOI for returning of the containers to our country. I do not know whether this is due to IGM or bill of entry (which I have heard they can get with BL copy) but I know that there must be a way to avoid this issue. 2- Is it possible for a foreign company to import polymer to India and sell its cargo DDP? If yes, how much would be the cost of clearance per MT? (approximate percentage) It would be nice if you can help me in this regard as I do not have any other option to seek the answers of my questions.

ronak: its good for teach the hole part of igm, i have surprise to read and make sure that its improve for all job seekers and businessmen.

KALEESHWARAN K: Globally centralized Digital Setup with simple Procedures is required for Promoting Overseas Transaction of Service or Goods etc.,. Who will ready to take the above challenge which will possible if we go back to 500 years back when what were the things happened for exchange of Goods & Services now we achieved many more and also profit motive and selfishness and not having love with each other

sunil: what if IGM is filed on MBL instead of HBL

Jagdish Maheshwari: How to file IGS for SEZ delivery within same SEZ.

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