We have IEC, can we export from all ports?


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We have IEC, can we export from all ports?


We have an IEC. Can we export from all ports of India? If we have an IEC, can we import to all ports of India?

We have IEC, can we export from all ports copy

An IEC code is obtained to operate as an exporter/importer in India. Once an exporter or importer obtained an IEC – Import Export Code, he can export or import goods as per the terms and conditioned under IEC which is attached to Foreign Trade Policy of Government of India.


You can export or import from all port in India. However, the respective ports have to be mentioned as ‘branch’ in IEC . While filling up the column ‘branches’ of your firm, you need to mention the ports, you are going to operate your transaction. Accordingly, DGFT updates your IEC by mentioning ‘branch code’. When you start an operation with a new port which you have already included ‘branch code’, the ‘AD code registration’ is required to be completed with customs department. Authorized Dealer Code (AD code) is a letter received from your bank mentioning the bank’s authorized dealer code which is provided to each bank all over country.


So, if a branch code is mentioned in the Import Export code, with Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), you can import or export through the said port. If you have not mentioned the same at the time applying IEC, you can update as and when you require.


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Sendhil Alagendran: Dear Sir, It is mandatory before doing exports we should registered with ports or while processing the documents during the loading we can do this registration. Please confirm sir.

Selva: Dear sir, Kindly tell me how to take port registration letter?

Suresh: I got IEC with NIL branches since I have no branches of my company. I have enquired reagarding this in Chennai DGFT office whether we can import and export from any port in India. They said you can export or import to any port in India. There is no need to mention the port if you have no branches. So, I think the author of this article should get clarify regarding this. Thanks

Admin: Hi Suresh, As per my knowledge Authorized Dealer Code (AD code) registration is required at customs location where you intend to import or export. However, please reconfirm with customs location where you wish to operate, whether you need to register AD code. I personally suggest you to register IFSC code of bank also, when registering AD code, if your export commodity is eligible for Duty Draw back.

Palanivel: At the outset we thank you very much for your efforts to stating clear articles in your blog. I need your assistance to register my friend’s IE Code with Tuticorin / India port. We have an IE code with us but we don’t know how to register that IE code with any port in Indian, hence we hereby y request you to kindly advise us how to register our IE code with any one of the port Indian for export purpose

Admin: Hi Palanivel, AD code registration connecting with IE CODE is an easy procedures, you can get guidelines from your CHA. While registering AD code, you may complete your bank account linking procedures also, if your export commodity attract drawback.

Anil Kumar Ray: We have one IEC code and 20 units all added with code, now we want to add bank a/c to unit wise, is it possible.We have one bank but all units hold a/c units wise in same branch.We just want to credit duty drawback with unit wise export.

Admin: Anil Kumar Ray, You can link AD code of each unit along with bank details to link your drawback claims. Approach a logistic provider (or CHA) who can assist you

R Rama Mohan: Dear Readers, This is regard with your queries on IEC. DGFT / JDGFT role is to just issue IEC code. It has nothing to do with port codes. If you declare all your offices / branches / units / factories at the time of IEC registration, all those will get reflected in IEC as your branches. With this IEC, you can automatically import from all Indian ports without any registration with that particular port customs. But for the exports, you have to register with the particular port customs with your IEC copy & letter from your banker (this is normally known as AD code letter having all your bank account details including the bank AD code number). Once this registation (which is very simple and takes only one day) is over, you can start exporting from that port. Like wise, you have to register with the port customs individually from wherever you want to do the exports. In nut shell, you can export & import from all ports as long as you are having valid IEC.

Ram Praveen: How to Register the AD code in Customs directly without Brokers.

R.Manojkumar: How to get zero tax benefit in Import .

Rajendrakumar Patel : With due respect, it is kind to inform you that, I have got an order of aggregate stone for export to Maldives. I want to obtain IEC certificate. 2. My question is, if I get an IEC as proprietor firm in my name. Can my husband will be able to handle the business? 3.Whether there would be any problem in deal Forex amount if my husband do business on my IEC, because every time I cannot go abroad and meet the foreign clients and finalize the deal. 4.Will there be any monetary restriction if my husband handle my business. Such as, can my husband go abroad and meet the clients and do business using my IEC. 5.Currently my husband in engaged in the partnership firm having export business. 6.As I have read your article that only one IEC is issued on individual Pan card. Hence, My husband cannot apply for IEC for proprietorship firm and deal in export and import business. Because, he has given his Pan copy to get registered as partners in a partnership firm dealing EXIM business. 7.Can my husband handle my current account?

bheemavarapu sailaja : Can you please let me know what are the documents required for getting IEC from DGFT

md javed : I saw your articles in howtoexportimport.com I found it was very nice andvery useful for those who are willing to start Import Export businesslike me, I am also interested to start Import Export firm, I am interestedin become a Merchant Exporter and going to apply IEC. I have one questioncan I apply for IEC in my personal name or any firm name. in which I canget benefited by Indian government. I like to know what product I shall exportas a beginner.

aesha: Please suggest us We have AD code. what is the next procedure for Registration in Airport? ? pls gv any website address or contact no. Thanks.

s.mohamed basheer: i have ie code. so pls ad code opening procedure and forum

rajiv: Please guide me, If i want to do only import am i no need to add branches and no need of AD code. and am when i also need HS code?

chintan patel: can any one help for , more than one AD code can be registered on one port . if yes then drawback claim can be credit in different respective bank account or one account .

syed safik : First i have to thank and tell about your site...that is really useful and informative for such us beginners. What my confusion is i have an IEC in India...but I'm here...so how could i start my International Trading...i don't know procedures of here...so i need ur guidance...

Bhavin Parmar : I want to start export business for readimade clothes, Dress Materials, Kurti , Saree n other stuffs.. I have licence ready for that. I have IEC and other documents ready. Now, please help me to find out buyers for my products.

thousif vaheed : I would need your valuable advice on the problem I am facing now. My phyto certificate username and password was used by an agent in cochin 3 years back. Unfortunately the agency is no more working with us and they do no remember the password as they sent only two consignments in that IEC code registered under my father's name. I have managed to get the username & trader code but not the password. How do I go about with this sir. Pls help me

Satish Sharma : Sir I am looking to have my IMPORT EXPORT licence but I have no idea how to get it, my request to you is that to guide me to get my IEC number

Yovan Das : I am a fresher in Export/Import business, I just got my IEC code last months,I Do Have lots of questions,Hope to get a response from you, Below is the few questions. 1. Do i Need to Register my ICE code with customs ? Is there any time frame TO register, How much it will cost 2.If i am Exporting coffee & Tea powder, Do i need to register with both EPC or there is any common registration for multiple products?

Neha Bapna : My Company's IEC was generated in the year 1988.At that time PAN was not registered.Therefore the BIN could not be generated.Neither the phone nor e-mail was registered.The Company did not exported in the last 10 years.Now the Company is desirous to start with the Export again.Now i need to modify the IECode.Please guide:- 1.Whether to migrate from Old IEC to e-IEC or i could modify it without migrating? 2.What is the process of Migrating/modifying? 3.What are the documents needed to modify/migrating.

Shekhar Gupta : I cam across your website . It was really interesting to read through important information which yiu have published there. I have a query. I am an individual with IEC code in my name for a propertior ship firm in trading at delhi. If i open a new firm in uttar pradesh, do i need to get new iec code for importing from this new firm or same IEC code can work.

Anand Parkash : come to know through Internet that you are working as consultant in export/Import business. Presently my firm "Anand International" is working as a trader on small level. Now, I want to start export business in cloth. Please guide us to start the same. My firm have its own IEC code now. Is there any consultancy fees ?

Mathew Thomas : I am planning to start a small scale merchant export buisness. I have received IEC and registered with customs. I require your guidence and consultation for further export process.

Deepak Aol : I have idea in exporting. Honey. And mushroom. How can I start. How can I get. IEC I like to start. My company name. Wher i have to Regester.

P.Palanichamy : Dear sir, I am start soon herbal exports, my doubt for How to take herbal export approval? In where? I wating for favorable replay P.Palanichamy

Hussain: I have iec . During applying iec bank manager given certificate with my photo fixed, mentioned my current ac details and their code. Now every thing are computer linked with customs, is necessary for register Ad code? And I want to export from port chennai and Mumbai, (AD code) procedure, register in two ports? Thanks for your reply

Badi Mohammad : Dear sir, I have many queries to be solved, One among it is, I know we require IEC for import/export, but do we need to get TIN/CST ETC? I meant can't we export goods as person instead of a firm?

aslam khan : I have read your chapter is very useful. i am a small trader and i want to do import some goods from other countries,i have contacted air transporter like DHL,TNT but they are very expensive so pls explain about air india air cargo or sahar air cargo ,i live at nagpur and its 800 km from mumbai,no any air cargo arrive here ,so if my seller booked material at mumbai air india cargo so how i get material at my place nagpur ,agents need to clear customs or i have to go mumbai for clearing my items and how much KGS air india take or sahar air cargo i have taken IEC already,but i dont know to use iec when it needed after material receive or before import i have to give nos to customs if you have CHA list who clear air parcel pls give me

A. Singh: Hello, I have question regarding AD code. I have account in Kanpur but there is no AD code and foreign exchange branch of my bank in Kanpur. The bank has AD code and foreign exchange branches in Agra and New Delhi. Can i give the AD code of Agra or New Delhi. Please help me regarding this. Your answer will be appreciated. Thanks

Mr. Roshan Kumar : I am Roshan Kumar. i want to start export import business but i have no infrastructure, should i apply for new IEC code as proprietorship. Is it possible? then what is the way?

Himasri Kallepalle : This is Himasri, I am trying to submit online application for IEC (due to change in our registered address), However I could n't do that. Error is when I click on the sign and submit button, it is not taking me to the next screen, could you please advise me what to do.

vishesh jangid : I am applying for IEC online have a doubt in Branch option, What i should fill there could you please help

Vinod Kumar: I'm a fresh person to this trying to start Imp. Exp. business. I don't have any I business firm established in my name. I have my residential property in my name and my own bank account. I applied for an IEC online as an individual. I have selected the option of "Merchant cum manufacturer cum service provider". But my application has been rejected with the following reasons."1. In support of Merchant cum Manufacturer cum Service provider, Service Tax Registration Certificate or EM Part II is to be submitted.2. Copy of Sale deed in case business premise is self-owned; or Rental/Lease Agreement, in case office is rented/ leased; or latest electricity /telephone bill in the name & address of the firm is to be submitted." I don't have any STR certificate and in their website, they are asking for IEC code to apply ???... for the second point, i have my property deed in my name as i mentioned in the address. Does that will work?

: Deepak : Iam Deepak. From Chennai. I have idea in exporting. Honey. And mushroom. How can I start. How can I get. IEC I like to start. My company name. Wher i have to Regester.

utsav shah : I am utsav shah. your idea really inspires me. i was thinking at begining that import and export is a big thing. but your information makes everythning eazy for me. nd motivate me to do something. i am currently doing wholesale bussiness of mens casual shirts in ahmedabad. and now i am planing for manufacturing by my onw. and then export it to other country. Sir, can u please give me an information about how i can start this business as a register conpany and then apply for IEC. because till today...i have not pass throw any government process. means licences, company, vat, tin, etc. I request you to gave me a suggestion and a advice for this planning.

kishore: we are having iec code but our bank is not having ad code how we can get ad code and we can get the ad code of related bank

Satish Sharma : My name is Satish sharma from jammu (J&K). Sir I am looking to have my IMPORT EXPORT licence but I have no idea how to get it, my request to you is that to guide me to get my IEC number.

Bhavin Parmar: I am Bhavin Parmar From Surat, Gujarat. I want to start export business for readimade clothes, Dress Materials, Kurti , Saree n other stuffs.. I have licence ready for that. I have IEC and other documents ready. Now, please help me to find out buyers for my products. I am hopping for your good response.

Aaryan: I want to get IEC on my company's name. Example: "XYZ EXIM". I am the only proprietor of it. So, do I need to register it somewhere else or get gumasta licence or can I directly type in the name of it in the coulmn of ENTITY'S NAME ? I have a pan card on my personal name.

Seelam Joel : Hello Sir Good evening, This is Seelam subbanna Joseph working at Nigeria, would like to apply to get IEC code how can i apply, can i get any information please try to explain

Nancy Mittal : I am a seller on Amazon.com. Amazon releases the payment after every 14 days. Payment which was released on September 24, 2016 is kept on hold by HSBC Bank, Mumbai, India. I would like to tell you that my account is Yes Bank.I have applied for IEC Code and do not have any knowledge about Purpose Codes mentioned in the below mail. All my items were sent to US. Now HSBC wants following things from me. 1) Delivery of goods made in India or outside India, If outside India please advise on below I) IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE (IEC) -(PLEASE ENSURE THIS IS EXACTLY AS ALLOTTED BY DGFT AND AVAILABLE ON THEIR WEBSITE) II) Country of remitter wherever it is not a part of the swift message or it is different from one mentioned in the swift message III) PURPOSE CODE ( REFER LIST APPENDED) IF IT IS PERTAINED TO EXPORT OF GOODS /ADVANCE OR SOFTEX, TO BE PROVIDED ONLY IN CASE PURPOSE PERTAINS TO ANY ONE OF THE CODES LISTED. IV) DATE OF SHIPMENT (DD-MM-YYYY) FOR ANY ONE OF THE BILLS IN CASE OF EXPORT BILLS COLLECTION FOR EXPORT OF GOODS FOR CODE P0102. . PURPOSE CODES : P0102 - REALISATION OF EXPORT BILLS (IN RESPECT OF GOODS) SENT ON COLLECTION (FULL INVOICE VALUE) OTHER THAN NEPAL AND BHUTAN. P0103 - ADVANCE RECEIPTS AGAINST EXPORT CONTRACTS, WHICH WILL BE COVERED LATER BY GR/PP/SOFTEX/SDF - OTHER THAN NEPAL AND BHUTAN. P0109 - EXPORT REALISATION ON ACCOUNT OF EXPORTS TO NEPAL AND BHUTAN, IF ANY INCLUDING ADVANCE. P0807 - OFF-SITE SOFTWARE EXPORTS INCLUDING ADVANCE. . IV) Incase payment is towards advance under purpose code P0103 and P0807, then please provide confirmation from beneficiary bank that beneficiary will comply with the Guidelines prescribed in the RBI A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No. 74 dated February 09, 2015 including the reporting requirements as stipulated therein.

Rahul Agrawal: We sale goods on Amazon in USA. Goods is sent on consignment basis through IOR (Importer of Record) Status in USA. Goods is received by DHL, FedEx or UPS as our agent in USA and they deliver the goods to amazon warehouse. Now customer buy goods on amazon site and amazon deliver them and after receiving payment from customer. Amazon pay us the amount after deducting its commission. Amount we receive is from Amazon India HSBC Account from Mumbai in INR. a. How to close BRC for such cases. b. What are the compliance we need to fulfill to receive such amount and do we need to submit any document to bank?

Pradeep Kothari: Please contact us for any import export compliances including VAT and service tax refund, DGFT compliances, Registration Numbers.

Kishan Kushwaha: I am an Exporter of Handicrafts products which I export to outside of India. I have no branches, only a single office located in new Delhi. I have an IEC code. Is it mandatory to registration ad code in custom port? I am exporting all products through DHL Via Air. Please help me asap.

v.sunder: What permission is to be taken before commencing wheat flour exports?

M.V.Sipiya: I want to know some information about IEC certificate so please can you guide me how can i apply for that one.

SANTOSH SINGH: Hi if you have IEC issued by government of india which ever state, yes you can export goods through any port of india if any asst require can call on my cell will guide you export procedures santosh singh cell 9819444913

Ziaulla Khan: Can we register same AD Code at multiple ports?

sagar Manohar Parkar: Dear Sir, one query i just want to know i have office in mumbai but i want to import in chennai port do i required branch addition of Chennai ware house in IEC to clear the shipment.

Isha: If we have registration as an importer, do we need to re-register as an exporter also at same port.

Samrat : Hi, what’s the cost of registering AD code? How & where can I do it? My IEC number is showing inactive online. Can anyone guide me?

Nikhil satyarthi: I m director of e-commerce private limited company with 50% share holder rest 50% share holder is out of country and contact, i have IEC , company details, GST, pan and tan no. and other important documents , is it useful for me for any purpose, what else documents i need ,

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