What is ICD?


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What is ICD?


What is ICD? How does ICD work? Is ICD and CFS same in export import trade? What is the difference between CFS and ICD in exports and imports?.


ICD means Inland Container Depot situated at inland points away from sea ports. ICDWhat is ICD copy is a term used in India in the field of Imports and Export of sea shipments. ICD is formed to help importers and exporters to handle their shipments near their place of location. If the sea port is away from the places of importers and exporters Inland Container Depot (ICD) helps them to save time and money in the procedures and formalities. In Inland Container Depot (ICD), a combination of services of sea custodian, customs department, carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers etc. are carried out to facilitate exporters and importers for smooth handling of cargo.


ICD is also act as Dry port or CFS in many countries.


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