What is ATA carnet and how ATA carnet works?


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ATA carnet is a uniform customs document, used for permit of duty free on import goods on temporary admission to the country and liberalize customs formalities. Currently, 71 member countries are in ATA carnet which is operated under International customs conventions administered by the World Customs organization.What is ATA carnet and how ATA carnet works

How ATA carnet works?

ATA carnet is a document mentioning the details of goods to be moved out to other countries on temporary purpose signed by the authorities by guaranteeing the duties or taxes on default of re-export. For example, you are a manufacturer, you need to take your goods for an exhibition in other country. After exhibition, the same goods to be brought back to your country.

You need to send the same goods to another country for another exhibition and take back to your country after exhibition. Or, your machinery has to be send as sample or testing purpose to other country and after necessary job, the same has to be returned back to your place.

For each travel, the customs department of respective country endorse the respective column of entry each time of movement. ATA carnet helps business people to travel easily and saves money and time with hassle free procedures and formalities of each customs country. Normally the ATA carnet is issued for a validity period of one year and has to be renewed time to time if required.

We know, a passport is for an individual to travel different countries. Each travel time, an endorsement is made in the passport by the respective authorities. Here, I can call ATA carnet as a passport for goods to move  to ATA carnet member countries each other. Customs authorities at port endorse the ATA carnet by signing and sealing on the respective columns for each movement of goods.

Goods not included in ATA carnet:

Consumable and perishable goods such as food, oils, leaflets and brochures, cleaning materials, paint etc. are excluded in the list of goods in ATA carnet. Beverages (alcoholic), tobacco and fuels etc, goods for processing or repair, gems or gemstones, theatrical make up etc also are not included in the ATA carnet.

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Ravi Kachhia : I have a recent shipment for Dubai. Material is Panels for Sample Model House. Our one company's relative want to send this panels to Dubai. This Panels was imported in 2002 as a free sample Model House. This Panels they want to send to Dubai as Free sample Model House Having No Commercial Value and for the Purpose of Exhibition on our's company name since they have no IEC code. Now this Export I am only handling for all documents and logistics part. No benefits we are claiming. I would like to know this COO is mandatory to release container by Buyer (Who is also relative party in Dubai of our relative party)? Kindly looking for your valued guidance.

Admin: Hi Ravi Kachhia, You can re-export this product as per your requirements. Please contact an expert.

brian: I came across your website “howtoexportimport.com” while searching for answers regarding exporting electrical components from the US to India for assembly into printed circuit board assemblies. I am hoping you can help me with answers to what I hope are easy questions. We work with a contract engineering firm in Bangalore who design and build printed circuit boards assemblies (PCBAs) for our end products. There are some fairly expensive components (ICs) that we have in our inventory that they can not procure in India. We want to send these ICs to them to be assembled on to the PCBAs along with many other components that they will provide. The value of the ICs we will ship to them is $14,000 USD. These ICs are from Intel, with the Country of Origin being Taiwan. We plan to ship them using FedEx International Express service. The components will remain temporally in India for 10-16 weeks. (1) How do we avoid or minimize our contract engineering firm from incurring the expense of duty, taxes & tariffs upon receipt of the components? And (2) How do we avoid paying duty, taxes and tariffs for the value of these ICs when the PCBAs are delivered to us here in the United States?

murat: I am travelling with my motorcycle from Thailand to Germany. I will airship the motorcycle from Delhi to Almaty Kazakhstan. The shipping company in Delhi will take care on all customs formalities in India and provide packing list airway bill and so on. Can you provide me information on the custom clearance at the airport in Almaty. Can I just do collect the bike by myself or do I need a shipping company to handle for me. I have a carnet for the bike. Thanks very much in advance for your efforts

falguni: We are travelling to Africa and we have some samples to be taken on returnable basis for Exhibition.. Is there any documentation or procedure for the same.. Or wejust need to take undertaking letter with us.. Please update at earliest.... Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance / clarification. Assuring you of our best possible services, always.

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