Difference between MAWB and HAWB

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Import Goods attract IGST, CVD and Compensation Cess under GST regime

Integrated Tax Notification No. 10 of 2017 DT 13th October, 2017, GST

Integrated Tax Notification No. 9 of 2017 DT 13th October, 2017, GST

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How does MAWB work and How HAWB works.


In this article, let me explain about MAWB and HAWB, difference between HAWB and MAWB, how does MAWB work and how does HAWB work wtih simple examples.  Also  let us discuss about the documentation procedures under MAWB and HAWB in brief.

MAWB is Master airway bill issued by main carrier of goods on receipt of goods from a freight forwarder to deliver at destination as per agreed terms. HAWB means House airway bill issued by a freight forwarder on receipt of goods from shipper agreeing to deliver goods at destination.

Let us go widely  in to the above statements with a simple example. A, a freight forwarder acts as a carrier legally accepts cargo from an exporter X agreeing to deliver cargo to Y at New York. A issues Airway bill to X on receipt of goods after necessary export customs formalities. A after receiving goods from X transfers goods to C who is a main carrier of goods. While transferring goods to C, A obtains an airway bill from main carrier C agreeing to deliver cargo at New York. Here, the airway bill issued by A to X is called house airway bill and the air way bill issued by C to A is called Master airway bill.


How the goods are delivered in HAWB and MAWB transactions. Let us know the procedures under HAWB and MAWB.

A has their office counterpart at New York called B. C also has their counterpart in New York called D.  Once after arrival of goods at New York, D who represents on behalf of C delivers cargo to B who represents on behalf of A. B delivers goods to Y who is the consignee of X.

What is documentation procedures in HAWB and MAWB?

How HAWB and MAWB works. How shipper and consignee are mentioned in HAWB and MAWB. Let us take the same example. When receiving goods from exporter X, A as freight forwarder release House airway bill to X in his specified format. Here, the shipper is X and consignee is Y in the said House airway bill. The HAWB number and other related reference number is given by the freight forwarder on the House Airway Bill. All other information in Airway bill are mentioned based on the legal export shipping documents completed by exporter for customs clearance procedures. Once the cargo transferred to C as main carrier of goods, A obtain

Difference between MAWB and  HAWB

s Master Airway Bill from C. Here, in Master airway bill, Shipper becomes A and consignee becomes B who is the overseas counterpart of A who situates at port of destination at New York.

How goods are transferred to final consignee at destination in HAWB and MAWB transactions. What is the procedures at destination port under HAWB and MAWB procedures.


Once after arrival of goods at destination, B approaches D to take delivery of cargo. D issues delivery order after collecting necessary destination delivery charges if any. B in turn, issues delivery order to Y after collecting necessary destination delivery order charges if any.


In this artilce, I have explained about MAWB and HAWB, difference between HAWB and MAWB, how does MAWB work and how does HAWB work wtih simple examples.  Also  we have discussed about the documentation procedures under MAWB and HAWB in brief.  Hope  you like on the mechanism of HAWB and MAWB.    Although AWB can be issued prior to shipment, the goods under such airway bill are moved out from exportingn country only after completing necessary export customs formalities.   CTM documents are delivered by exporter or his customs broker after necessary export formalities at port of loading.


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genevieve alfeche: good, great xplanation.

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