Amendment of consignee in Bill of Lading


Amendment of consignee in Bill of Lading


How to amend consignee name in Bill of Lading? Can a Freight forwarder amend HBL? What are the procedures to amend consignee name in Bill of Lading? Is amendment of export customs documents to be amended to change consignee in Bill of Lading? Can a Bill of Lading be amended after submitting with bank to send to buyer? Can consignee name be amended in Bill of Lading at destination port?


In this article, I would like to explain the procedures to amend consignee name in Bill of Lading.


Bill of lading is issued by shipping carrier of goods on receipt of cargo from shipper


Amendment of consignee in Bill of Lading


ammendment of consignee bill

How does Shipping Company / Freight forwarder amend Bill of Lading?


Bill of lading is issued by shipping carrier of goods on receipt of cargo from shipper after completion of necessary export customs formalities. Once after issuing Bill of Lading, the said document is sent to overseas buyer through the shipper’s bank. Normally, after releasing Bill of lading, the supplier sends a copy to consignee electronically, either by mail or fax.

The supplier may come to know the discrepancy of consignee name in bill of lading once after releasing BL by the carrier. If the discrepancy of consignee name in Bill of lading is found before submitting documents with supplier’s bank, the amendment can be effected by submitting all originals with the freight forwarder or with vessel owner’s agent at load port who issued BL


The freight forwarder who carries goods can amend consignee name in bill of lading, only on the basis of export shipping documents authorized by customs authorities. So, if any details of addition, deletion, or correction are done on the basis of amendment of shipping documents by exporter. If consignee name to be amended has not been mentioned in export shipping documents, the carrier cannot amend consignee name in bill of lading. In such cases, exporter or his customs broker need to amend consignee name in the said shipping documents with customs firstly and after completion of such amendment of consignee name in shipping bill, he can approach shipping liner(carrier) to amend consignee name in Bill of Lading accordingly.


If an amendment of consignee name is required once after submitting original bill of lading with shipper’s bank, the overseas buyer can amend consignee name in the said original bill of lading once after receiving BL from his bank through shipper’s bank. At this time, the consignee needs to approach the shipping liner’s counterpart office at consignee’s location. The carrier (shipping company) at consignee’s location needs a ‘No Objection’ letter or message to amend consignee name in bill of lading from his counterpart at load port who issued Bill of Lading. In turn, the shipping company at load port confirms the details to his counterpart at destination regarding amendment of consignee name in BL.


The freight forwarder at load port provides ‘no objection’ up to the extent of information available in export shipping bill submitted by exporter. If consignee needs to amend consignee name other than declared in export shipping bill, the exporter (shipper) can amend shipping bill at load port with customs and submit such amended shipping bill with shipping company , so as to enable him to send a ‘no objection’ to amend consignee name to include in bill of lading.  Also read Amendment of HBL - House Bill of Lading     Amendment of weight in Bill of Lading


Here we have discussed about the amendment of consignee name in Bill of Lading. Have you experienced in amending importer’s name in Bill of Lading at any point of time? Do you wish to add more information about amendment of consignee’s name in Bill of Lading? Would you like to share your experience in amending importer’s name in Bill of Lading?


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AHMED AWAN: after issuance of BL. i what to amend the consignee in BL as notify party. bt shipping line is asking for NOC from bank. and bank is asking for previous NOC to submit for issuance of new NOC. and shipping line is not reverting the NOC to us as they are saying that they have issued us a BL on that NOC and has surrendered to State Bank. ( why Shipping line surrendered NOC to State Bank?) and what to do to resolve this problem? OBlige

MARIA: Hello, I would like your guidance regarding consignee on Bill of lading Normally consignee is the authorised dealer/ bank but our client has submitted us bill of lading with consignee (in their name/ client name) Is it allowed according to international trade rules ? Please reply. Thanks.

Leanna: Thanks in support of sharing such a nice thought, paragraph is nice, thats why i have read it fully

milton nyenje: i assisted a physically handcapped person on purchasing an auto in japan mitsubishi chariot grandis 1998 model.however the car is demoraged in dar es salaam port since it is calling my name so the owner is anxious to change the bill of lading to call his name since he has the privellege of free duty.please kindly assist on this issue.

Jones: Need to know can we change to Load port in the Swicth BL

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Michael Siluvainadar : I am Michael from UK but i am an Indian. I have seen your website and explained about the Import & export trading i like it. I am doing export business here but i am not exporting from Uk. Most of the suppliers are out side UK and the buyers are also out side UK. I lose many clients because the seller knows the buyer and contact directly so i am not able to do further business with them. Please explain about the switch bill.

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Nicolas Perez: Hello! Very nice article, it clarifies several points i was confused about. However, can the AWB be amended after the material has arrived at destination? The case: The importer does not have the proper import license (he was misinformed about the legal requirement) and cannot clear the material (under his name) from customs. Can we amend the B/L to change the importer name to a 3rd party that holds proper license? thanks in advance


Akshath: This is realy good article and i got same problem with consignee address that is my address wrongly entered by supplier.. thanks a lot sir...i can sleep now.

Vashishth Joshi: Hi, I have a question regarding the change of “consignee” in a B/L. Suppose, there is a cargo coming to India with a straight B/L with a named “Consignee” mentioned therein. Now, once the cargo reached in India, the buyer (importer) refuses to clear the cargo from port siting an issue with the previous consignment’s quality. The buyer wants to press the “Shipper” and thereby bringing him to negotiation for a price discount. The buyer has not yet paid for the goods, so practically the ownership/title of the cargo vests with the “Shipper”. In this case, can “Shipper” request to change the “Consignee” in B/L? and, is it possible to change it without obtaining a NOC (no objection certificate) from the existing “Consignee”? Kindly explain the legal position and rights of a “Shipper” in reference to Indian Law since he would suffer a great loss if the consignee refuses to provide NOC. Please quote provisions and relevant citations, if possible. Thanking you,

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Uzair: I am importer from pakistan .how can I change my consignee if my container has reached its destination from china.

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