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Meaning of Re imports and procedures under Re-imports


Re Imports – What is Re imports in International Trade? How does Re imports work in Exports and Imports?


What does the term Re import mean?


Procedures for Re-imports copy In simple terms, let me describe about re imports.


If you categories imports as foreign goods and domestic goods, the import of domestic goods is called re-import. This is the simplest method of understanding about re-import. If any goods of a country is exported to another country and thereafter importing back the same goods, such goods are fell under re imports. For example, machinery has been exported to a country for testing purpose and after necessary testing, the said machinery is returning back to the country. Here, the process of returning back such machinery is called re-imports.


In many cases re-imports happen as the exported goods are not satisfied with quality measures, goods exported not matching with the buyer’s requirements, goods exported for specific purpose like project, exhibition etc.


Such re import procedures can be done by filing necessary documents along with supporting documents with customs department of respective country.


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Amrut Pastekar: Hi, I work for a Merchant exporter, We are exporters of Animal Feed Supplements. We had sent a consignment to Dammam, Saudi Arabia by sea. Now that the goods reached Dammam yesterday, Buyer says he cannot clear the goods as the country's rules changed, 1st it was able to clear under Animal Feed supplement, now after change in rules, the product needs registration in that country. We have tried all possible ways to convince the buyer, its Embassy, Our Embassy in Saudi, there is no way out. Please tell me the procedure to get the goods back to India. And do we need to clear the good here in India and pay import duty for the rejected goods. Is there a procedure to Auction the goods there itself in Dammam. Your quick response will be highly appreciated. Regards, Amrut Pastekar



Nishit Shah: what all are the documents required to be submitted to customs and banks in case of re-imports

Anjali: Hi, We purchased some LED Tv from china( Above 32 Inches) & now the goods in chennai port, since we don't have the BIS certificate we can't clear the good there. So now we are planning to re import the goods to dubai. What is the procedure for that, please reply.

Dr. Girish Datar: I am a surgeon and carry out complex spine surgeries. I have been invited to operate cases in Africa for which I need to carry operative equipments. After the surgical procedures are over in Africa, I need to bring my surgical equipments back to India. Please advice me how to do this. Any specific documentation with Indian custons etc.

Moin Parekh : I'm a non resident Indian living in USA wanting to set-up a export business out of Gujrat state in India. I would mainly be re-exporting some of the USA/EU made products.Could you pls. provide the best way to do this.

praveen kumar : We have bought an equipment from US last year for Research Purpose but due to some technical issues the equipment is not working properly and the seller has asked us to re-export the equipment to US for service. Kindly let us know the procedure and documents required to re-export the equipment for service and later to import the same. While re-importing the equipment after servicing whether we need to pay any Customs duty. Kindly clarify

estiyaq ahmad : I would like to know process of Re-import

Sameer: Dear Sir, Can we avoid all duties of sending & returning of our machinery for Exhibition purpose under ATA Carnet.

Jayesh: what all are the documents required to be submitted to customs and banks in case of export and re-imports ..

Balakrishnan: Can we reimport the exported cargo under nil duty as defective? If so pls provide customs notification number or should we pay customs duty? pls clarify.

DINESH KHANGWAL: we are CHA: please advise what the custom producer of re-export under DUTY refund. one my customer import at machine for test purpose at the import customer payment the import duty of Rs.3.00 lakh approx. now he return back to consignee and required import duty refund. import in India in the month of june export from India in the month of jan 2016 kindly confirm complete producer for re-export under duty refund and what are the documents required. thanks dinesh

O P SINGH RAO: Dear Sir, we are the leading textile company in country and we exported the some fabrics to Vietnam but due to our buyer have rejected our fabrics, now we need to call back said fabrics to India, please let know what is the procedure and what kind of documents required for re-import the fabrics from Vietnam. regards, O P Singh Rao

Aviraj M Dhar: Dear Sir, i got your thoughts regarding re-import. but i needed the procedure and documents required and under which chapter we need to re-import goods as i'm an exporter and i export pharmaceutical and neutraceutical raw material in various countries throughout the world....

Jayesh Parmar : I am Jayesh Parmar. Kindly guide for below mentioned case. 1.What are the documents required to be submitted to customs and banks in case of export and re-imports. 2. Procedure for export and re-import.

Sanjay Patel: We have exported some material for job work, and now we have re import the same. But by the process, the identification is not match with the item Exported and Item Imported. i.e. We send the Foil material and now we received the same in form of Fin. How can we clear the material?

pn mohan: please clarify with relevant details viz,circulars, instructiions, as to 1. whether94/96 notifications deals with domestic goods alone or also includes originaly imported goods (import duty paid). 2. whether applies to indegeneous goods alone or it also includes import duty paid imported goods on its export from india and re-export. 3. whether the provisions of section 20 applies to all re-imported goods.

Umakant Choudhari: If our client import vessel and for some r & d purpose, if they give bond and bg to custom,there will allow to import and what paper will require for process

Umakant Choudhari: If our client import vessel and for some r & d purpose, if they give bond and bg to custom,there will allow to import and what paper will require for process

Ajit Shah: We have some rejected Material @ customer place, which we have exported 3 Months back, now Customer want to return & get replacement , due to quality Issue. Request you to inform procedure for this transaction, can we destruct the material at Customer place & replace the same .

Pandurang M. Shewale: pls add me to this forum

venkata: We have imported a machinery from china and it should be sent to China for minor repair. The machinery need repair on urgent basis so it will lead to re export. Due to delay in custom clearance, Chinese supplier suggest us to show it as export of machinery and again import back the machinery after repair. Please clarify can we follow Chinese suggested procedure.

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