Procedure for import of Vanaspati, Bakery etc to India

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How to import  Vanaspati, Bakery etc. to india

Procedure for import of Vanaspati, Bakery etc to IndiaProcedure for import of Vanaspati, Bakery shortening and margarine, [ITC(HS) Code 1516, 1517, 1518], Peper [ITC (HS) Code 0941] and Desiccated Coconut [ITC (HS) Code 08011100] under Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement.


i) The total quantum of import of Vanaspati, bakery shortening and margarine, Pepper and Desiccated Coconut

that can be imported under Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement shall be as follows-

Sl. No. ITC (HS) Code Description of goods Total aggregate quantity that is
available for import during 2015-16

1. 1516, 1517 or 1518 Vanaspati, bakery shortening
(other than 15161000, 15171010, and margarine 2,50,000 MT
15179030 & 15180040 which are
prohibited for import)

2. 0904 Pepper 2500 MT

3. 08011100 Desiccated Coconut 500 MT

ii) These imports will be permitted subject to the following arrangements/procedure:-

(a) The import would be subject to Government of India, Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue) Notification No.2/2007-Customs dated 5th January 2007 (as amended from time to time) relating to Indo-Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement.

(b) All applications must accompany a pre-purchase agreement from one of the eligible exporter of Vanaspati in Sri Lanka. The pre-purchase agreement must indicate the quantity and the duration of fulfillment of the contract. The list of eligible exporting entities of the item from Sri Lanka shall be decided by the Govt. of Sri Lanka.

(c) At the time of clearance of the import consignment, the importer in India must produce a Certificate of Origin issued by concerned authorities in Sri Lanka.

(d) The year in respect of these imports will be the period from 1st April to 31st March, i.e. financial year of India.

(e) All applications for grant of import authorisation shall be sent only through E-mail at in the prescribed format as given below:


Name and Registered office address of the applicant


Item sought to be imported

ITC(HS) Code

Qty. applied for (MTs)

CIF value (Rs.) & Fee

Date of submission of the application in ANF2B along with Fee deposited in RA

Name of Regional Authority


(f) Allocation will be made equally among the eligible applicant subject to quantity applied. The application in ANF2M and ANF1 along with the requisite fee is required to be filed in the concerned RA as per the normal procedure. The application should be sent by 28th February of the financial year, for allocation in the next financial year (For allocation during 2015-16 the application may be filed upto 30.04.2015.)


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