Is GST payable on supplies to Export Oriented Units?


Export Oriented Units and GST


Is GST payable on supplies to Export Oriented UnitsThe below information discusses about supply to Export Oriented Units and payable GST


We supply input materials to export oriented units (EOUs). Is GST payable on such supplies to EOU? What is the GST refund mechanism, if I supply to EOUs?

According to GST Law, suppliers to EOU will pay normal GST as they would pay while supplying to a domestic unit. An EOU can take Input Tax Credit (ITC) of the GST paid while taking domestic supplies and same can be used for payment of GST on finished goods cleared in DTA.


GST Council has restricted the exemption from IGST to only specified category of importers, such as units in special economic zones (SEZs) and developers of these zones, the benefit has not been extended to EOUs.So, EOUs will henceforth will be liable to pay IGST on imports and can avail credit of IGST paid, which can be used by them for local supply of goods manufactured by them. Export Oriented Units will also be entitled for a refund of IGST in case of excess accumulation of credit due to export.


The above information clarifies about payment of GST against supply to export oriented units.



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CA Ram: GST exemption is available to units in EOU/ STP/EHTP/ BTP subject to following certain conditions and procedure laid down in circular No. 14/14 /2017 - GST dated 6-12-2017

SMS: Dear Sir SEZ unit sales to 100% EOU units, As per Custome notification 52/2003 Custome duty and IGST Foregone, what is GST Law, IGST Exempted or not, IGST not Exempted Who will pay Liablity ( Tell Notification no ) SEZ unit sales to 100% EOU Units

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