Schemes for Exporters of Agricultural and Processed Foods in India


APEDA Trade promotion schemes

Financial assistance from APEDA


The following information extracted from APEDA website, the links given below:




Infrastructure development:

Scheme Component for Infrastructure Development

Guidelines and SOPs for the Common Infrastructure Development Projects 

Check List for Preparation of DPR for Common Infrastructure Projects

APEDA's Financial Assistance for Setting up of Sheds for Intermediate Storage and

Grading/Storage/Cleaning Operation of Produce by Rice Exporters in the Rice Units

APEDA's Financial Assistance for Purchase and Installation of Sortex Machine by Rice Exporters in the Rice Mills



Quality development schemes



Market Development schemes



Transport Assistance



Guidelines for schemes



EDF-NER Schemes



Food processing fund of NABARD





The exporters may once again reconfirm with APEDA, about the validity of schemes.

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najib: I feel pleased to contact you, after visiting your fantastic and informative web site, and reading all the information about how to export. Sir, for your kind information and consideration, I request you for your kind assistance in helping us, in exporting Rice, through our Partnership Firm, based in Bangalore, and we have our IEC code number issued by DGFT, Bangalore. We are interested to export 10,000 tons in Break Bulk shipment of Non - Basmati Parboiled Rice to Bangladesh. we are associate shippers for the Canalising Agencies Nafed and Kappec for Onions. This is the first time we are wanting to export Rice, and as you are better informed, the present business situation during this Covid 19, Pandamic, has changed totally. We are not registered with the GST and need export finance, for this proposal. I am in touch with our Rice suppliers, freight Forwarding and clearing agents and Shipping Agency which will arrange this shipment. We have to quote on CIF basis and also provide a Preformance Guarantee or which we need help. We would need all the export institutions financial support such as the ECGC, Exim Bank, APEDA, and others as you would want to advise. Please feel free to send me your comments and suggestions which are most welcome. Kindly send me you contact details and your mobile number as I would be pleased to speak to you.

rajsekhar: sir i been thinking of starting agriculture produce exporting business, especially pomegranate,raisin, grapes, papaya, sapota, tamarind, pulses, jaggery, i chose these commodities because of my connectivity with millers and producers association's. I feel that with a bit of guidance i can make difference by helping farmers to get better price and grow my business as well, i been following your website and also keeping up with other research papers and updates to get acquaintance with international trade , but help from seasoned person will be of great help for new business like mine.

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