Import Export HS code for quartz (other than natural sands), quartzite


  HS CODE  250610  stands for which product? Product code 250610  against which commodity? Commodity code 250621  meant for which product?  Export goods code for Quartzite (Crude or Roughly Trimmed).  Import goods code for Quartzite (Crude or Roughly Trimmed).  Merchandise code for Quartzite (Crude or Roughly Trimmed).   Goods code for 250629  for which merchandise?

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HS code
chapter 25 salt , sulphur, earth and stone, lime and cement
2505  natural sands of all kinds, except metal-bearing

250610  Quartz (Other than Natural Sands)

250621  Quartzite (Crude or Roughly Trimmed)

250629  Quartzite (Other than Crude or Roughly Trimmed)



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What is the HS code for Quartz (Other than Natural Sands)?   HS name for Quartz (Other than Natural Sands)? Mention Harmonized Tariff system code of Quartz (Other than Natural Sands).  What is the Product code for import of Quartz (Other than Natural Sands). How to get product code for export of  Quartz (Other than Natural Sands).  How to find commodity code  to import Quartzite (Crude or Roughly Trimmed). How to get commodity code to export Quartzite (Other than Crude or Roughly Trimmed).


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