Procedures under Re-exports


What is the meaning of  term re exports?


In simple terms, let me describe about re exports. If you categories exports as foreign goods and domestic goods, the export of foreign goods is called re-exports. This is the simplest method of understanding about re-exports. If any goods imported from another country (it becomes foreign goods) and thereafter exporting back, such goods are fallen under re exports. For example, a machinery has been imported in to a country for testing purpose and after necessary testing, the said machinery is sent back. Here, the process of sending back such machinery is called re-exports.

Procedures for Re-exports

In many cases re-exports happen as the exported goods are not satisfied with quality measures, goods exported not matching with the buyer’s requirements, goods exported for specific purpose like project, exhibition etc..

Such re export procedures can be effected by filing necessary documents along with supporting documents with customs department of respective country.


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n majumder: we want to be intermediate sales [commission agent ] that means import materials from china and direct export to indonesia from India and will get only commission. what will be documentation and procedure.

T Ramesh: kindly advice the time limit for re export of the goods from import clearance date.

Hitesh: hello - I wish to import the machines from China & export it to Nepal from the port itself. i cannot directly ship the machine from china to Nepal as it will expose my source. Can any one advice the procedure as I wish to have the goods duty free since it is for immediate export. (There is no further reprocessing to be done at my end for the said machines). Please reply to

Ashok: Whether direct export of goods to third country without trans-shipping to Indian ports is permitted? Example- Shipment from China to Dubai directly by an Indian Merchant Exporter. Indian Exporters wants first to pay through Bank to China supplier and then get the payment from Dubai buyer?- Is this type of transanction permitted

mohanasundaram-g: we Mitsuba sical India Limited Planat II at Gurgaon - Haryana imported Capital Goods of machinery from Japan on June 2012. some machine technical problem our management decided Machine re-export to japan for recondition purposed and returnable basic. please advise to me what am do for re export

SUNAYNA PRADHAN: Sir/Mam, Kindly let us know the detailed steps / documentation process involved in re -imports / re- exports case. Regards sunayna Pradhan M- 9582193023

MANISH A TANNA: kindly advice the I wish to import the Coriander from Russia after Finnish and polish in our warehouse and Re export Third country,so please advise the procedure as WE ARE STAR HOUSE,SO PL ADVICE CUSTOM NOTIFICATION AND PROCEDURE.PL REPLY MY MAIL ID

Rahul Gupta: I have imported goods from china but they have send the wrong material/goods. Now i want send back them to china. I have also not paid the duty to customs yet but the bill of entry has been filed. 1. Do i need to pay the duty in India ? 2. If i send back the material to china will it be import for Chinese and they need to pay the duty on it ? Please Help

Vipul Bhargava : We have shipped pens to Dubai last year and after some time we have neen informed by our client that some goods are defective. They want us to take back the goods and give them replacement. I would like to know the following. 1. What is the procedure involved in getting back these goods to my factory. 2.What is the time period in which I have to re- export these goods after rectification. 3.Is there any bond that I have to give to the customs. 4.Or any other formality.

salim .n. kazi: whether part goods can be re export under section 74 of custom act 1962

VENUGOPAL: Am still not understanding about the re-export process. We have to send failed material to the supplier against our imports. Please provide the documentation details to process this requirement.

Bhavesh Merchant : Myself Bhavesh Merchant owner of Manufacturing of Pet Bottle & Jars in Surat (Gujarat) since 24 years . We are Exporter since five to seven years, Now we have Imported goods from u.s for the first time of COSMETIC at HAZIRA (ADANI PORT, SURAT). As we were not aware about Form 43 , so cargo is stuck up in port since one month. This port does not have warehousing facility. Even Bill of Lading is not uploaded since begining.Now port authority has ordered us to Re - Export.In whole matter we are completely innocent , we are misguided by CHA. we have got your profile from Net . sir, we need your guidance for Re - Export procedure. Our CHA doesnot guide us properly. Even port officer says new things every day.

Bhalerao vijay D.: Dear sir, we have export goods to party at port of Nhava sheva.the party stored the material at their own warehouse,after six month they want to Export the material how we will help the party for re export.can we another make document for the export.kindly reply on the above mail.the material is lying in party's warehouse. kindly suggest. Bhalerao vijay D. Mobile no.9403697324

Satish Bansode : Dear Sir, I would like to know what documents are required for import of goods that will be re-exported after some treatment to the same company. Mit freundliche Grüße / With kind regards Satish Bansode

praveen: I read you posts on and the articles are really interesting. I have some connections in cement factories in Nepal and they are in need of coal (non-coking coal/thermal coal). I am thinking of re-exporting coal imported from South Africa (RB2 Coal). But after the initial research and talking to some importers, I came to know that imported coal cannot be exported to Nepal and there are a lot of ways and means through which some importer are doing it. I don't understand it very well as this is my first venture for import/export, I am looking for some advice from you on this subject. I am based out of Bangalore and can meet you or have a discussion with you on phone. Please let me know if you can help me in this regard and share your contact details.

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