Difference between normal dry container and Insulated Container


Difference between Insulated Container and  normal dry container


Difference between insulated container and common dry containerIn this article the difference between general dry container and insulated container is explained.

Compared to general dry cargo container, insulated containers protect goods from temperature. The thin wall of a standard dry container may be affected with external climate severely in hot summer days due to a lot of heat and severe cold in winter season.


Insulated container helps to maintain consistent internal temperature than normal dry container. The standard container can also be temporarily made insulated by covering inner part of body with necessary insulating materials.


Compared to general dry containers, the durability of storage (long term storage) is another advantage of insulated container.


Normal containers are used to transport general dry cargo where as insulated containers are used to move temperature sensitive cargo such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods etc.


Website links explaining about both general container and insulated container are given below, so as to enable you to know more about normal dry container and insulated container.


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