Difference between normal dry container and Plat form container

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Compare  normal shipping  container and Plat form container

How to differentiate Plat form container and normal container?


difference between platform container and normal containerCompared to normal dry cargo container, plat form container does not have sides, ends and roof. So the loading and unloading is very easy in plat form containers unlike any other types of cargo containers.


Another difference between plat form container and general dry container is that, the heavy weight and odd sized cargo like machinery, oil and gas equipment and other heavy weight equipment can be easily loaded in plat form container.


For easy transportation and movement by road, 40’ platform containers have gooseneck tunnels at each end of container. These recesses allow the containers to lie lower and therefore to be of taller construction. For more security on loads, lashing rings are fixed in the side rails of platform containers. All platform containers have fork pocket holes for easy handling.


Separate web posts explaining about details of Plat form container and normal dry cargo container are described in the following web links which differentiate both standard dry container and Plat form Containers.


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Johanes Handaja : I am in the middle of making a thesis regarding triangulation in logistics. I was reading your article below and I was wondering if you could help me clarify something of which I could not find the answer. http://www.howtoexportimport.com/How-to-book-empty-container-for-factory-CFS-ICD-po-75.aspx To my understanding triangulation is: An import container that does not need to go back to empty container depot, but can go to a shipper nearby that needs an export container from the same carrier (so 2 empty container truck trips would be saved) However, I keep hearing that triangulation would have the biggest benefit to truckers/hauliers. Is it not the forwarders who will arrange the pick up of the containers etc. How are truckers able to request for triangulation if they are only there to pick up the containers, but are not in control of which container? Pleased to hear your thoughts on this.

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