Difference between normal container and Hard Top Container


Difference between Hard Top Container and normal container



Difference between standard container and hard top containerIn this article, the difference between dry container and hard top container is mentioned.

One of the major difference between hard top container and general dry container is that unlike normal container, hard top container has a removable steel roof and the door header can be swiveled out, which is easier to pack and unpack the goods easily. The loading and unloading are also easier compared to general dry cargo container.


The links of two separate posts about general dry container and hard top container are given below which also may be read for a clear idea about hard top container container and general dry cargo container.

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This post explains about the difference between hard top container container and standard dry container. If you wish to add more information about difference between normal container and hard top container, you may mention below this article. You can share your experience in handling hard top container and general dry container.


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