How to hide invoice value of original contract under high sea sale transactions


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How to hide invoice value of original contract under high sea sale transactions


Will all buyers and sellers in a high sea sale transaction know each other about the sale value of goods? Can an Exporter/Importer hide invoice value of goods under High Sea Sale transactions?


How to hide invoice value of original contract under high sea sale transactions


In a high sea sale business, while assessing value of goods at import customs, the authorities may demand to disclose the actual value of goods at each high sea sale transactions from first high sea sale transactions to last transactions. The customs clearance procedures are undertaken at the destination customs location where in last high sea sale transaction effected. So the party who files import customs clearance at final port of destination requires the details of invoice value of previous transaction (s) where in previous parties may not like to disclose the selling price of each transaction.


Here the question is, how to customs clear the cargo under high sea sales without disclosing the details of sale value of previous high sea sale values.


In such cases, normally the first buyer of goods who originally contracted sale undertakes the responsibility of import customs clearance and procedures and delivers cargo to the final buyer under ‘high sea sales‘. Although the first buyer undertakes and customs clears the cargo, all required documents are filed in the name of final buyer under high sea sales, who is responsible to the authorities, as he holds the title of goods under high sea sales. You may also read other articles about high sea sale in this website to have a clear idea on the subject.


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Bhavesh Mayani: Q. About documentation to hide invoice value under High Sea Sale? A : I have not got any satisfactory reply for the above Q, it is clear that apoint our own CHA will help in hiding the original document value to High Seas buyer. But my concern is how the Bill of Entry will be shown...? will it show the actual shipper details.....and....invoice value in foreign currency..OR the BE will show INR value under High Seas raise Invoice...? Awaiting your reply. Regards, Mayani

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Surendran Kollerath: Mayani, I have tried to provide a brief idea about High Sea Sales. You may contact a consultant who specialized in High Sea Sales.

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Admin: HELLO joe sinnasammy, Our article about TRIANGULAR EXPORTS AND IMPORTS explains about the procedures you require. Please go through TRIANGULA SHIPMENT.

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