What are high Sea Sales?

Define High Sea Sales


High Sea sales (HSS) is a sale carried out by the carrier document consignee to another buyer while the goods are yet on high seas or after their dispatch from the port/ airport of origin and before their arrival at the port / airport destination that is, while it is in transit.

In this, the ownership of goods is transferred, when items are on transit. HSS contract should be signed after dispatch of goods from origin and before their arrival at destination. The date of transaction must be between Bill of lading date and Vessel arrival date at Port of discharge. High Sea Sale is done mostly by Traders, who buys in bulk quantity and then look out for buyers at Destination Country.


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pradeep: A is the Indian Firm B is the USA Company C is the customer to party B Goods being exported - Imitation Jewelry through DHL courier services ISSUE: Party A selling goods to party B at a price of $50 Party B selling goods to party C at a price of $100 Party A shipping goods from India through courier by generating GST invoice billed to party B and shipped to party C at a price of $100 at the request of party B as his purchase cost should not be disclosed to party C. In this scenario Actual Turnover to party A in his books is $50 only but shipping bill shows the turnover as $100 --- This causes hardship to party A for statutory non compliance. If we declare the Turnover in books as $100 actual foreign currency remittance received against the exports is only $ 50--- Here Violating the FEMA regulations In this regard need a solution for invoicing in this scenario with due compliance to all statutory and regulatory requirements.

neeelesh: We understand that you are providing Consultancy for Imports & Exports. We need professional advice in the following case: We are planning to execute a High Sea Sales as per the following: a. Purchase of “Grain Loading & Unloading Equipment for Ships” from Germany in EUROs. The company will issue necessary export documentation. b. Sale of the Equipment to a company in Iran. The Payment will be made by the Iranian Client in INR through Exim Bank in India. c. The consignment will be shipped directly from Germany to Iran, it will not touch the Indian Seaport. We would like to seek your advice in this regard; what procedures will have to be followed by all the three parties involved, if there will be any Indian taxes involved for us, any other suggestions from your side. Kindly let us know what would be your charges for providing your advice.

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