Procedures to export Pharmaceutical Products

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How to export Pharmaceutical Products?


This post explains export process of Pharmaceutical Products, government rules to export Pharmaceutical Products, different precautions to be taken care to export Pharmaceutical Products, export documentation to export Pharmaceutical Products.


If you would like to export Pharmaceutical Products, detailed general information on how to export has been mentioned in separate article. Learning export process for Pharmaceutical Products makes easier to you if you can go through the said post.


Pharmaceutical ProductsAfter choosing your export product as Pharmaceutical Products and export samples are sent, terms of payment and terms of delivery are agreed with your overseas buyer along with other terms and conditions and issue proforma invoice, in turn you receive export order for Pharmaceutical Products followed by purchase order from your overseas buyer. The terms of payment for your export contract could be advance payment, Documents against Acceptance DA, Documents against Payments DAP, or under Letter of Credit LC, and the terms of delivery for your export of Pharmaceutical Products might be EX-Works, FOB, CFR, CIF, DAP, DDP or any other Inco terms. The finance against export can be arranged from your bank for pre shipment packing creditor post shipment finance against export orders for Pharmaceutical Products. Insurance can be arranged against credit risk and about other risks involved in export of Pharmaceutical Products. After quality check (QC), proper packing is arranged with Palletization or Crating if required. Type of container is decided if export shipment of Pharmaceutical Products is on FCL basis otherwise LCL if mode of shipment of Pharmaceutical Products is by sea. Export invoice, export packing list ,certificate of origin (GSP – Generalized System of Preference) and other documents are prepared based on the purchased order or LC to export Pharmaceutical Products. After completion of export customs clearance either by exporter or his Customs broker, Bill of Lading or AWB is issued by carrier, if consolidator involved, HAWB or HBL is issued. The documents for export of Pharmaceutical Products is discounted, arrange for collection or negotiated if export of Pharmaceutical Products is on Letter of Credit basis.


Any importer or exporter of Pharmaceutical Products should know HTS code (HS code) of their export product. Pharmaceutical Products falls under HS code (HTS code)chapter 30Click here to know 6 digit HS code of your export product. In India Pharmaceutical Products classified under ITC code (Indian Tariff Code)chapter 30.Click here to know 8 digit ITS code, if you export or import from (to) India.


To export Pharmaceutical Products, the exporters are required to obtain Certificate from wild life protection board and NOC from Drug controller under certain items of chapter 30 of HS code (HTS code).


Some of the items under chapter 30 of HS code may be restricted or prohibited to export. Unilateral trade agreement, multilateral trade agreement or bilateral trade agreement between countries simplifies documentation and other formalities and process for export of Pharmaceutical Products



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6 digit HS codes Chapter 30 pharmaceutical Products




Process to import Pharmaceutical products


Procedures to export Pharmaceutical Products


Duty Free Imports for pharmaceuticals and bio technology sectors


Import duty tariff changes for pharmaceutical products under Indian Budget 2016-17


Harmonized System Code for glassware for lab, hygienic or pharmaceutical use

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The above post commonly answers the questions below. However, you may contact concerned authorities to collect accurate information on export of your product:

Export guidelines to foreign buyers of medicaments. How to export medicaments insulin? What are the procedures to export penicillins? Export clearance formalities of amoxycillin, tips to exporters of becampicilli. Processes to export ampicillin and cloxacillin combinations, can i export parts of medicaments of ayurvedic system medicaments of ayurvedic system, is export of medicaments of unani system permitted?, export clearance procedures of streptomyci, export documents require for medicaments of siddha system, customs procedures to export medicaments of homoeopathic system, how to export medicaments of bio-chemic system?, processes to export isoniazid, licenses required to export rifampicin, government rules to export pyrazinamide, tips to overseas buyers of roxithromycin. Government licenses required to export pituitary hormones, methods to export heamatinics and erythropoietin preparations, export procedures to bring prednisolone, shipping procedures to export bromohexin and solbutamol, export tips to foreign buyers of medicaments containing vitamins, exportation of dexamethason, how to export sodium bicarbonate, can i export cefazolin? Guidelines to exporters of ciprofloxacin. Formalities to export isoniazid, shipping procedures required to export hemoglobin blood globulins and serum globulins, how to ship cloxacillin? Guidelines to overseas buyers of medicines for tetanus. Export guidelines to foreign buyers of medicines for rabies. How to export snake venom? What are the procedures to export medicines for diptheria? Export clearance formalities of antisera blood fraction modified immunological, tips to exporters of antisera and other blood fractions. Processes to export liver extracts, can i export parts of animal blood prepared for therapeutic, is export of human blood permitted?, export clearance procedures of animal blood for prophylactic or diagnostic uses, export documents require for heparin and its salts, customs procedures to export liquid extracts of liver, how to export extracts of glands

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Prabhav Tella : We are looking to export FDA approved medications to India for research and clinical use and are seeking guidance.Please let us know if you could help us.

viratramed: sir myself mahesh m interested in pharma merchant export.want to know the procedure to export pharmaceuticals from india.kindly let me know the details.

Sushant Shukla : . following my interest, i am joining the diploma course organised by them, to deepening my knowledge base in this area. sir, i have no idea about the product demand of international market. as i am not in a situation to choose any random product and to gamble on it. i request you guide me on product to choose/ promote and push through in international market, also the reliable mode/person/agent to go with. in my mind project related with cotton gauge/bandage for medical use is running.

Saeed A Elmi: I am interested in exporting medications from India to Somalkland, I am wondering if you could provide me information about how to obtain license or permits to export pharmacueticals. what agency oversees the permits. Thank you.

Abdul Rauf Shaikh: Sir, i allready apply for new iec for merchant exporter licence will be despatch within two days. i want to know that if i not member of fieo or other export promotion council can i export?? and if i get rcmc from fieo for multi product then what should i do? and what is anvisa certificate? i have all ready a buyer for my pharma product i want to export as soon as possible.

AKU DAS : I wish to set up one Import-Export Company, preferably in Bengaluru, mainly to deal Pharma products. I have already good number of Buyers in South East Asian countries like Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos. I have also good contact with some Indian Pharma Companies. My question is that (a) because I like to be engaged mainly in High Sea sales, do I need to have Drug Licence though my Company will not maintain any pharma stock in India, and (b) as I have to spend money for Promotion of the products through some overseas companies, can I remit money to them? If yes, what is the limit of such promotional expenses.

adeyemi wale : I want to purchase a pharmaceutical product from an Indian firm - Apollos Pharmaceutical. I was told to pay into the company's account. But, I am afraid that the product will not be delivered after the payment has been made. I have had such experience twice. Kindly advice me?Thank you.

mot set : I am a retail chemist doing both vet and human. Sir i am interest in export medicine but the thing is that i have no idea about it. Sir is it possible to me export the medicine because i am not a manufacture

jss biomedicals : i am from delhi my company name is JSS BIOMEDICALS..we deals in all kind of medical clothinglike doctors gowns..patients gowns..bed sheets..operation theatre sheets..surgeon caps .drapes and every item which could be used in hospital..disposables and reusables both..currently we are supplying few hospitals of delhi..sir now i want to export my products to world..the demand is quite i was checking google and saw your site and i though i should write you about my business..maybe by through your guidence we can find exporters of medical goods..sir please guide can i start exporting of my items

SR R: I have been reading subjects from your How to Import Export website regularly. I am in the process of setting up a Global Export/Reseller company in Toronto. Products I am interested is Medical Equipment and Supplies and Engineering field supplies procured from North America and U.S or if required Globally. I have understood the requirements though it will change from Country to Country, but as this is my first hands on experience just anxious of what is in store.

Nilesh Padelkar: Dear Sir/ Madam, I am here with sending you mail Mr.Niles Padelkar ,would like to take good advice of you and your team . Basically We have Friends Group who wanted to start our own business in Pharmaceuticals Industry in International Business in India and CIS Region ( Russian Market) . We have 4 Years Working Experience in CIS Market as in Sales,Distribution, Administration and Finance as well as Registration ,Legal Rules and Regulation of CIS Market. So as per the base of these experience we are planning to start our own business as an Indian Base company. But at the same time we are as a beginner wants some guidance so we can startup our business plan in right path.

Akshay Dagar: Hai sir my name Akshay Dagar and start medicine product import and export

Jayshree Pote : I have expertize in handling pharma / healthcare export and import shipments, as I am working in shipping fraternity since last 24 yrs and interact closely with customs, airlines, pharma authorities. I am also doing consultancy for pharma exporters / imports. so any question related to pharma/healthcare, you can contact me on my email id given abvove.

Salim R. khan: hello,jayshree post you are working as a consultancy in pharma export and import area. pls email you id my id is

Shashank Gaur: we are manufacturing under area based exemption scheme availing benefit under notification 49 and 50 year 2003 we can export the Goods without gatting Regitered with Central Excise

Obazu Ayodeji: We are ofams pharmacy Ltd Nigeria a pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing industry in need of your products we want to be your salesagent in Nigeria

ashutosh mishra : What is the procedure to export medicine in Asian markets

DHARMENDRA: dear sir i want to export medcine to usa what is the procedure let me know

prakah: i have my own range of more than 200 products and want to start exporting them..kindly let me know the process and how should i approach abroad for the reliable clients thank you

Toshio Mori: We are looking for an importer of pharmaceutical and cosmetic materials and bulk to your markets. Details will be sent, if workable, in your markets. Best regardss.

k ayyaswamy: I am interested in exporting medications from India to west african countries, I am wondering if you could provide me information about how to obtain license or permits to export pharmacueticals. what agency oversees the permits. and what are the licences i suppose to get, and other procedures and formalities, Thank you.

Gadimal Ismail M: Dear sir i want to export medicine to zambiya in Afrika . so plz what is the procedure export medicine India to Afrika.

dhrumil shah: how to find international buyers online. Sir I have my own manufacturing of medicines and also I m trading medicines in domestic market. Also I m having wholesale distributorship of various well known pharma companies . sir I m waiting for your reply.

Kali muthu : I've studied M.E computer science Engineering. I'm going to start an export & Import company. Your words encourages me. But little fear in my heart. bcoz basically i'm from poor family. I think to export ayurvedhic medicines. Plz help me. I'll be faithful to you till my entire life

Varsha Honkalas : Myself Varsha Honkalas, i am Doctor in Biotechnology at Pune I want to enter in import export business. I will be in Dubai from April and want to start import export in between India and Dubai. I dont have much knowledge about it. Please provide me information

chirag vadodariya : i want to know licence details for Import of Tobacco products as cigarettes and cigar please guide me how to import cigarettes with proper licence

K.G SREEKUMAR: I would like to start an ONLINE AYURVEDIC STORE in Kerala. I am not a manufacturer so I will be selling other company"s products as a trader or like a merchant exporter. I would like to know whther any kind of license or permission from the government side is required? I want all necessary information regarding my project.

Man Mohan Bhalla: Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to apply for overseas drug license for exporting herbal/ayurvedic/Alloathic medicines in UK/Canada/US. Kindly tell me the proceedure for the same. I also want to know the eligibilty criteria, permission rules or documents required from Indian and Other countries Govt.

Mr. Bongani Cayman Jnr.: Dear Sir, I got your contact address from Asian email marketing And having gone through your profile in Asian trade show, i was convinced that you are capable of working out this business opportunity of supplying our company an animal drugs from your country. I am an employee of a multi-national animal vaccines production company in Africa, USA and UK working as the senior public relation officer (PRO). There is an animal drug which our company ran out of the stock which is used in production of general drugs and injection for the animal and is only found in your country since ever we started making use of the medicinal supplement And i only have the contact address of the Local Dealer in country because i am the company senior public relation officer (PRO) that worked with the former director of our company before this present one came inception. The business deal is that you will contact our company director (as the local dealer of this animal drug) with the interest to supply our company this animal drug from your country who came across a publication notice sent to the Ghana chambers of commerce on the urgent need to the said animal drug. Which means you will have to buy this animal drug from the manufacturer were our former director use to purchase from through our company purchase officer who is also know more with our company directly and sell to our company at a higher price because our company has not been able to find another manufacturer else were and will be ready to buy from you at any cost due to the urgent production need of the drug and the profit will be shared equally among us. Your role must be played perfectly and the least I expect from you is betrayal. I don’t want my organization to know the contact address of the real manufacturer as well as the real cost of the product because of this my personal interest. Therefore Kindly revert back with your interest if you can play the role of the manufacturer and i will forward the whole detail to you immediately. Yours Faithful, Mr. Bongani Cayman Jnr.

hardik jain: I wantvto sell medicine with out bill and with out tax

Maninder Kaur: I want to sell my company's medicines online in India to the customers interested in bulk purchase or want to take Franchisee.Kindly suggest how can I proceed....

Deepa: My name is Deepa and m belong from delhi I want to do diploma in import export bt the fee of the course is very high I can't afford fee for course can u suggest me free learn institute in delhi.

Kiran Kumarreddy : My name is kiran i have a plan to Export medicines but i don't have any idea about this procedure i need to know full procedure of this process complete cycle.


: Suki Anand : I'm Sukanya of 25 years old, I saw your web page at how to I'm really interested in starting an export business but I really need a help who already have experience to it. I thought u will be best to it. Plz guide me how to do the business.

rajeshwar rao : I am Rajeshwar Rao (homoeopathic physician) from hyderabad. I am looking to start merchant export of pharmaceuticals from india to oman and other countries. i would like to prepare a project report prior to that. I attended 3 seminars on export documentation and procedure by MSME and other organisations. i already done with pvt limited firm, IEC, etc. I visited pharma export promotion council in hyderabad but did not got much support from them. kindly reply with your fees for consultation and initial project preparation.

manikandan.c: I am mani pls advice me how to export my product

Krishnkant Garg: Dear sir, I am working as QA manager in Pharma export company. I want to start my own export. Kindly guide me.


vrrao: Hello, i want to start export of self diagnostic kits (Ex: Pregnancy test kit), disposable gloves, syringes, needles, nose mask, bandage cloth, cotton etc., on wholesale basis, but not any products containing drugs and pharmaceutical active ingredient. Please let me know if i need to obtain license from drug control department apart from normal registrations like company, VAT, IEC registrations. I will not stock any items at my premises, i will be only trading from supplier directly to customer. Also, let me know if anything to take care during customs clearance during dispatch of the shipment from India.

bilal: hey firneds i found a job of import officer .but didnt know about how to import pharmaceutical products from india ...anyone tell me a complete process of how to import raw material from india

Varun Jain: I heartily appreciate your efforts in imparting knowledge about international trade using easy to understand language through have gained a lot by reading your articles explaining typical terms used in international trade.Sir, I am into ayurvedic products business and have a deep desire to export ayurvedic products to various countries. I even got a chance some time back when a buyer from USA contacted me but I was simply not prepared. A lot of people said different things and it could not materialise. A lot of confusion regarding rules and regulations regarding export of ayurvedic products has since been there in my mind.Sir, can you guide me in understanding what actually is required for exporting ayurvedic products. I would be really thankful to you for the help.

Parvez Khan : I am Indian from Delhi reside in USA and have business in USA I have planing to export vitamins to India and i will open company in India also so I can sale from my own company. I need information to help and set up how much your consulting charges . also I want to know I can import the Vitamin or not .

shailesh kalubhai nakrani: Please tell me sir /mam I am exoprt of medicine in canada please tell me reliable buyer of medicine please as soon as possible

Mohammed: I am planning to export medicines from India to my country and I need your guidelines what are the steps i should do and the main points i should not forgot i will be so happy if you help thanks yours sincerely

Qurax: Hi I want to export my pharmaceutical products in dubai. Does anyone know how can i proceed further and get dealers distributors customers.

Vipul Parmar: Hello Sir, My name is Dr.Vipul Parmar. I am dentist by profession and I am running my private practice in my city since last 10 years. I am interested in doing import and export business. I am searching and exploring the word of import and export since one month. I read your articles on your websites and it inspired me a lot. I am absolutely new to this field so wanted some guidance regarding it. I want to export pharma raw materials in international market after purchasing it from domestic market. My question is what kind of licence and certificates do I need to take for my firm ? I am not a manufacturer, can I do this kind of business ? I mean do you see any hope in it ? There are many big companies like sunpharma and all they must be exporting their products then what could be the winning strategy for my business.. low price ? Please help me and reply soon. Thanking you,

krunal thakre : sir i do not have drug license also i am not a chemist.but i have retail export orders of medicines .which i want to fulfill .how can i can i purchase the medicine from wholesale market by showing them the export order.please help

asif husain : Hello Sir I want to export pharmaceutical in African countries. I have registered aa merchant exporter since 2009. Now I want to export pharmaceutical from Bijnor Utter Pradesh. Please suggest what should I do to start my business? Where I register as pharmaceutical exporter? I have iec number and current account as Merchant exporter. Please suggest Sir. Thanks and regards

yogesh pote : Dear sir, I have information about how to export pharmaceutical products outside country, how to take export license, Please give me information about this.

Shreya Roy : Dear Sir The following attached pharmaceuticals are to be exported to Bangladesh from India Please advise if this can be managed for delivery in Dhaka, Bangladesh . Kindly revert for queries Thank You

sameer: hi sir, i have gatewayremedies a phartanma company. i would like to export my brands to africa , southafrica , nepal , bhutan. from where i can find the buyers. please guide me thanks

DR.MANISH Jain : I am running our Pharmaceutical company,want to export our medicines to out of India. Plz guide us.

Vasanthan D : I am a B.Pharm graduate, is it possible to export drugs to africa by purchasing from a stockist and labelling it outside?

: kadar sameer : iwould like to like export my brands to south africa, africa , nepal, bhutan, banglades. i have also also bands like food suppliments, antibiotics, health supplients, antacids, sexual suppliments, skin care, pain killers, ets. please guide me.

Jaywant Gangadhar Takke: Dear sir , Thanks for your kind support. Sir I am a pharmaceutical distributor from Nashik , Maharashtra I would like to export pharmaceutical products to various country . So please guide me how to export very easily. Thanks. Jaywant Gangadhar Takke Dr.Takkes Pharmaceuticals Nashik - 9 Maharashtra.

Nitin Agrawal: Sir, I want to sell medicine out of India but I don't have my own plant, so what procedure I should do?

Lokesh Tiwari: Hello sir! I am Lokesh Tiwari, interested in pharma merchant exports, i want to know the complete procedure to export pharmaceuticals from india to ROW & Regulated Markets across the globe.kindly let me know the details at- I am expecting your valuable cooperation as earliest. Thanks a ton! Regards LT

Lokesh Tiwari: Hello sir! I am Lokesh Tiwari, interested in pharma merchant exports, i want to know the complete procedure to export pharmaceuticals from india to ROW & Regulated Markets across the globe.kindly let me know the details at- I am expecting your valuable cooperation as earliest. Thanks a ton! Regards LT

Lokesh Tiwari: Hello sir! I am Lokesh Tiwari, interested in pharma merchant exports, i want to know the complete procedure to export pharmaceuticals from india to ROW & Regulated Markets across the globe.kindly let me know the details at- I am expecting your valuable cooperation as earliest. Thanks a ton! Regards LT

Bhalchandra Pawar : My self Bhalchandra Pawar looking forward to Export of pharmaceuticals/Medicines and chemicals. I have my own firm and having experience in international logistics and export management.

S S GATIYA: sir how i would like to export medicine. Kindly help me

B.Radhakrishnan: Sir We are consultant for export of Pharmacueticals from India to foreign countries. If any body need assistance to export kindly contact us for further assistance B.Radhakrishnan Karamana 9846063506

Digambar Ghorpade: sir myself Digambar Ghorpade from Pune m interested in pharma merchant export.want to know the procedure to export pharmaceuticals from india.kindly let me know the details.

Sahied Sarwar: I want to export my pharma products to Bangladesh,Bhutan,Sri lanka& Pakisthan,please let me know that how I can do it

Pm neihsial : Sir im from mizoram state.i want to export medicine...but i don't know the process please guide me...

V SASIDHARAN: Dear Sir / Readers please help me to know the procedure for exporting ayurvedic products to countries like Nepal, Kathmandu, South Africa, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, etc what are the documents are required, how to get those documents, what is the cost, for all these how many days will take, please help me to get it done. Thanks V Sasidharan

surendra kaurav: Sir, Can u provide list of countries which doesn't required formal registration process for import of pharmaceutical in Thier country. Also how can export pharmaceutical with minimum formalities for binnger, by manufacturing from third party having WHO and GMP approval.

Ajit Singh: Sir, Can u provide list of countries which doesn't required formal registration process for import of pharmaceutical in Thier country.Like Nepal or any other Country or African Country. Also how can export pharmaceutical with minimum formalities for beginner, by manufacturing from third party having WHO and GMP approval.

Mrs. Kappelmeier: Dear Sir or Madam, we are going to start with Export of medicines to Africa. Is there any list with pharmaceutical wholesalers? Thank you. Medizone Germany

Sojan Soman: Hai sir, I would like to know the mandatory requirement to export medicine from Mumbai to UAE

Anubhav agarwal: I am sole distributor of more than 200 medicines at wholesale prices of best companies.

sam kem: We "SAMKEM" have emerged as a Leading Manaufacturer, Suppliers and Exporter of a wide range of pharmceutical Medicines. i.e. Syrups as oral liquids, ORS and repacking Products with innovative packaging, we are WHO-GMP , GLP Certified Company, also we have all the neccesary Certificates for Export. We want to export our medicines to out of India. Please give proper guidance or provide Consultancy for export.

rahul: I am a merchant exporter and intending to export disposable syringes.Please guide me if i need to take any mandatory approvals or licences for export of such medical devices.

captain Bjlly: I am interested in exporting prescribe medications such as Tranquilizers, sulfonamides and cotrimoxazole, ect from USA to Ghana, I am wondering if you could provide me information about how to obtain license or permits to export pharmacueticals. what agency oversees the permits. Thank you.

Nimesh Saripadiya: I want licence for Import and Export for Pharmaceutical...But dont know how to proceed

Gp: It is very valuable information get from the site

arooj fatima: Hello,i want free trail software for import export of medicine, can you help me to find out ?

sksaxena: aluminium foil for pharmaceutical cartoons leaflets and label manufuturing in india please let us infor how we can start business inSHRI LANKA

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