How to Choose a product for export business


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How to select a product for a new Export Business?

In this article I would like to enlighten some information about choosing a product for export. 


How to Choose a product for export business copy


Choosing a product plays very important role before starting any business especially for export business. I will give some tips to choose your export product. You may be an under graduate, graduate, post graduate, or any management professionals. You know your stren

gth and weakness in the area of finance, education, personal strength etc. Read carefully about my article on types of exports like Manufacturer exports, Merchant exports, Service exports, Project exports and Deemed exports. Try to go little more deeply on each of them, as I have not been explaining all subjects in my article in detail. Ok, now you can take a scribbling pad, start writing the products or services which you feel, you can succeed in selling based on your strength. Keep writing many products as per preference.

Now you can have a strong domestic and international market study and decide which product or services you can make succeed out of the products you scribbled down. Remember, you can choose your wish either for domestic and international market or exclusively for international market depends up on your strength. If you have a family business already in hand, I personally suggest you to develop the same, as you would have already acquired a proper knowledge in succeeding.  Also read  Export marketing : How to get export orde? 


Would you like to add more information about selecting a product for export?  Share below your experience and thoughts below about choosing a product for export business.


Comment below your thoughts and share  your knowledge and experience about Choosing  products for export business to start an international business.


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Harjeet Singh: All your articles are very useful for beginers. Thanks for these tips.

Pradeep: I am studying company Secretary course .and i want to export my service .pls suggest me how i can provide my service in forein country ? And in which country i got great response?

p.t.antony: i like to start export business. but there is fear of getting products, if product is there then how to approach the buyer. if i get an clear idea about contacting buyer i fell to start

vinoth: my name is Vinoth I am a one merchant exporter and I don't know how to select my product, which product choose easily succeeded,Please give me you are idea till I was waiting.

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Vinoth, Find your strength in selling a product by a good market study.

Juna: Hi, Can you please let me know how can I get importers contact details. Is there any good websites. Appreciate your response. thanks

Elakkiya Selvan G: How can i order from foriegn countries And Which product i can chose.How can i get license.

Naveen kumar: Dear sir, Myself naveen, working in pvt sector, company is into manufacturing of gang saw granite slaba & I have 3+ years exp in this field, am looking into export documentation as per buyers. my company is into 100% EOU scheme. so I would like to start business, which area that i can choose, should i go same field or seek some other, pls suggest me

sandip patel: I want to start for industrial items like valves,pump,electrical panel,led light . how can i contact for foreign byer.

Khushal: I want to export agriculture engine and pumps or wooden decorative articles, now I m doing retail engine business please suggest me which one is best for me.

Deen: Sir Would like to know, procedure and departments involved in exporting mutton, fish and shrimps to Middle East. I am first time exporter from chennai. 1. Pls highlight any restrictions 2. Certifications how easy , a single window clearance is available. Tks Deen


admin: Hi Sankar Balakrishnan, You may read for your requirements.

Vigneshwaran.m: Is one of the business exprot in tamilnadu

subhankar mondal: dear sir, I want to export garment i will choose the foreign buyer.have any govt.institution to choose foreign buyer in India.can you tell me some export finance institution or bank in India.

UNNI: Very good information . thanks a lot sir

Pratik: I want to start export business. can i make my own product and sale it to other countries or this idea will not work for beginners like me? i also want to focus on ready to eat food products export so how's the market for that? diwali snacks,etc.

Dhaval: gr8 Blog very useful information. i want to start export business. i want export cumin and fennel seed how to setup my business ?

sandeep: how to find supplier for export product

Rajesh: Dear am planing export goods from india building materials and architect product like solid surface (sink,washbasin and extra)but china domination is so heavy how and where we will get orders kindly give guideline thank you

milind varde: I am interested in import & export business please guide me which product have a good sell in different countries means I want some information about countrywide the highly needed product , which will help me to choose multiple product country wide

DEVAPATTABIRAMAN P: i WAS Complete my PhD and i am doing agriculture i interested in export business please give me guide

Admin: DEVAPATTABIRAMAN P, please read more articles in this website to know about international business procedures

Manikandan : Your articles are very useful to us but i were scared to start a business if i get a good start then it I'll be easy to move

ANAND. R: Iam starting import export business,i have a product in mind & its maize what i want to export, as animal feed or for human consumption. Plz can u guide me regarding finding buyers & fixing the price... Thank you

HITESH: Hi, Dear i am planing export goods from india. Can you please let me know 1)how can I get contact details. Is there any good websites. 2)how i will choose the foreign buyer 3)have any govt.institution to choose foreign buyer in India 4)export finance institution or bank in India. Appreciate your response,thanks

Prashanth: Hello sir , As am a begginer into this field, Kindly guide me on the below queries . I have an idea of exporting fish to other countries, My question is 1.How can i find a international buyer 2.Is there any website for this specially 3.What are all the registration i should do with the government 4.Then how far bank will extend their financial support to do the business.

prabhakaran: Dear sir, I am a beginner in this field,I am interest to do agricultural product . Pls guide me how to get contact detail international and how t o choose buyer.Please help me to start a business ..

Rahul Pathak: Dear Sir I am a beginner in export business. I want to know about buyers how can I search them. how can I show our products of buyers. pls guide me how to search export buyers. pls help me to start business

Prashant Jindal: I want export i dont export you tell me how start export bussiness you give

MH Agnihotri: Hi,am interested in exporting Fruits especially Mangoes. Here am planning planning to go for lease of other Mango forms. Kindly guide me.

RK Venkatesan: hi,sir i am a beginner, try to do as merchant exporter.buyers always interested to do bussiness with manufactorers.whether merchant exporter is a good choice for multiple product or doing as agents is a good choice. waiting for your help...

s.arun: how to choose my export product


sekar : How to start export businesses

Dheeraj Agarwal: your article is very helpfull. it is short and informative and up to the mark. but the person really has to pick up the points you have suggested and do his/her own analysis properly. when i visited, i knew my products but still your article was very helpfull in clearing my mind. thanks for your kind efforts Dheeraj Agarwal

Vedaraaj R: How to start the export business and what's products is very good. Please can you give a ideas.

T.Govindasamy: Dear sir I am fresh in this export business how to approach and who is the honest buyer and repays persons please guide me. Thanking you With regards T.Govindasamy.

mohan: Hi, As iam already having medical shop i need to export medicens is it possible please advice how???

Kunal: Hello, My friend and myself are planning to start exporting vegetables to international markets specially Dubai. We are new to this but as my friend already got farms of these vegetables on the outskirts of the city. Do you think our idea is worth working on.

SRIDHAR: Hi, your article was use full for me, can you proceed some honest buyer details. I am new to this business....

ramesh: I am interest export business but but how to contact address.

C R DESHMUKH: I am from Indore [india] Looking for a firm to guide me to export agro products to Europe

karan surti: hello sir, I'm very confused to select product for export can you advice me,how to choose product for export ? pls reply sir.

S.Dhivakar: hello sir i want to stsrt imports & exports buisness,what is the way start buisness and how much i want to inverse? what are the rules i want to follow for imports & exports buisness please give me advice

TAPAN PATEL: hello sir, this is tapan patel from ahmedabad. i used to read 3 to 4 articles every day of yours and its very good and help full for beginners like me. sir, can you give me some tips for product selection?? my target country is gulf and asia.

Diya Roy: Hi,i want to start my own export business and i want a good suggestion for the product which will be fine for srarting the business. Please do give some suggestion for the product which will be comfortable for starting the wxport business. THANKS.

ananthic: how i select product, and which country demand that product .which way i trace the client. and what is the rules and regulation and procedures. any idea about it. please share with me in my mail id.

dharm yadav: Dear sir very I'm interested import export business but I'm confused for select product can me advise please. Form dharm yadav Jaipur. Rajasthan' india

DAVELIN: Hea. I have a registered limited company and i would like to start exporting and importing goods somay u help get/know how to get the buyers. thank you

Manikandan: Hai friends., i have a export in a god cloth in very good silk, and very pure good silk can be, anybody export the my product, contact me .contact. no; 9600458960

prashant: sir, I want to start the business and want to export also. Please suggest the good market for laboratory, analytical and medical equipment and also how i can do the marketing of our products Prashant whatsup - 7506031138 mb- 7506031138

Alkesh Ahir: Dear Sir, We are not aware of Deemed Exports. We request you to kindly explain in detail of DEEMED EXPORT. What is, how it and definition etc.. Thank you. Alkesh Ahir

priyabrata mondal: I want to export nursary plant and ornamental fish. I know the process of export but how to get the customer and from which country? Please give me the details of how to fiend foreign customer.

yaminiraja: I want to start a export business.ineed a idea .whom i should cont act. Pls helpme.7

logesh.m: hi sir i want to know how to start a export buisness.i need a some idea to whom i should contact i doing in chennai small buisness ornamental fish and katla fish.and what procedure i have to do,looking firm to guide me to which country have export pls help me

Arun J: how to get buyer contacts. Is there website or any means to contact buyers directly.

Ashwani Gautam : I want know that I'm not a manufacturer but my relatives are in Australia and I want to start export business with them. Is it possible for us to start the business and if possible then what will be the best way to start as initially we cannot start in a large scale. Kindly guide me I will be very grateful to you.

minakshi tak : Myself Minakshi Tak working as a Company Secretary of a Listed Company based in Ahmedabad. Recently, i have joined one programme of Export-import procedure and documentation of 5 Sundays from Ahmedabad Management Association. i was searching some article over net regarding export import and have encountered with your website, i was amazed with the content of your site and highly impressed with it. I want eagerly to step into the EXPORT-IMPORT business. could you help me in this. could you suggest me as a beginners from which product i should start with.?? i would really appreciate if you can help the beginners like me...

Kaushal Patel : Your website is very informative and useful for someone like me who are new to this domain of Export and Import.I would like to seek your advice on certain aspects of Export-Import. We are into chemical business and trying to diversify our business with new range of products and industry. We have never imported, nor exported any of the products we deal in. There is a business opportunity wherein we can collaborate with the foreign supplier and source their product here in India. Could you kindly advice on below listed query of mine 1. Should we work as an Indenting agent or we import the product and sell it to the end buyer. In case if we work as indenting agent, could you kindly help us understand the roles and responsibility? Is there any CONTRACT / AGREEMENT copy which we could use as a reference between supplier and ourselves? Can you share such copy for our reference? 2. Could you kindly share the standard copy of documents which are used in International trade? We can create our copy based on agreed standard documents of International trade. Purchase Order Copy, Invoice Copy, Quotation Copy, Letter of Credit Copy for understanding 3. Do you have any import/ Duty Calculator sheet, which could help us calculate the landed cost of goods here in India? 4. Are there any websites or portals which could help us understand the freight and Insurance calculation for the goods to import. 5. Are there any government or independent portal which could help us identify the HS Code, duty for the goods to be imported. Last but not the least, what would be your advice to us considering we are new to Import-Export and do not have domain expertise.

Narayanan k: Iam BBA CA Graduate.i am intresting export business, u can help start business.

Karthik : I have idea to start import and export business...could you please advice me how to start this business and what is the procedure I need to follow...

Geetha: Sir, I have started the Export business, contacted the buyer, sent the sample, their target prices is not suitable for our price, how to fix the price. CIF & C&F price. Can you help in this.

dinesh s: sir..i have import export to product and how to market our product and how to meet buyer..

Shankar: Sir,I have started the Export business, U can help startbusiness

adarsh: I want to start export much money reqied for full start up .

Mohammad Sabir: My name mohammad sabir belong to mumbai currently i am doing scrap business in mumbai i want start import export business plz give me suggest about import export business any person want join contact me mob.9022944988

Balakrishnan: Sir, I have readout your Article partly, which is very useful to me. Now I have sound knowledge in Creating Computer Software. Can I export my software services, if yes how to do? Thanks in advance

mohan: I want to know the full process of how to export human medicine to india.

Sanjay: Sir I am in business of manufacturing wires and cables PVC compound and now I want to export my product and how can I find the buyers

joseph dhanaraj: i like to start export business. but there is fear of getting products, if product is there then how to approach the buyer. if i get an clear idea about contacting buyer i fell to start

aneesuddin sheikh: i have 10 acres farm .. and we have apple ber in it .. now i want to export that to any country ..will u plz guide me? Whats the procedure for it?

Keyur patel: I like to start export business plz help to choose right product n guide me how to search buyer in abroad .... Plz thnxs

Amit Chopra: Hi.. I would like to seek your advice on how to start import export business. I've plan to pick up one product from one country and to deliver them into another country? Is it possible to do that? If yes, then please let me know the do's & dont's as I am totally fresher for this business and seeking some good advice from professionals. Regards Amit chopra

RAJARAJAN: hai sir i am interested in agricultural export business i have 20 acres in dharmapuri,tamilnadu please help me and guide me

Bhavik Patel: Hi Sir I want to start export business... I am confuse to choose product for export.. I have to option my family business is manufacturing chemical dyes... But I have 5 years experience in pharmaceutical products marketing.. So how can I start... Please guide me...

dhaval patel: Any quality

Export Genius: I really impressed with the way this post has been written, Well if anyone wish to have more information about import and export business- so need to not worry get contact with ExportGenius- an export and import data provider, Thanks for sharing this informative post post.

Surya T: Hi..i am going to start export i select product, and which country demand that product .which way i trace the client. and what is the rules and regulation and procedures.. give ur sugsuggestions..

Dinesh Shah: Hi i want to start export business in manufacturing of mechanical machinery parts.But i doesn't have any idea. I am Mechanical Engr. having with 36 years experience . I am manufacturing plastic machinery parts screen printing machine parts & textile machine parts.Pl guide me and give me good suggestion . Thank you .

hirdesh kumar : Sir, I am very new seller or exporter i have some products to export like- artificial jewelry, some cotton items.

Salman: Hi , sir iam interested in exports business .exports license is in my hand .but, don't know to select possible without investment , or we can promot a promoter for doing the business. please guide me a good suggestion.from Kerala...

abdul rahim: Sir I am mechanical engineer iam interested in export. Import business i will take which type of business. Please give any idea

RAJESH KUNAR: Sir I want to export some items like ready made curtail, fancy sarees, fancy suit etc. So plz give me some unique idea about it Which will be so helpful for me

gurpreet singh: I want export i dont export you tell me how start export bussiness you give

Deepakmogha: I want to do export bussnise but how to possible pls help me..

shubham: sir i am doing chartered accountancy course and i am into the finals. I want to do export/import of goods or services but i am very confused. Please help me how to start with.

MUHAMMAD REHAN: Sir I am electronices engineer iam interested in export. Import business i will take which type of business. Please give any idea.

Ranjan Roy: Dear Sirs, I wish to start Export Import business and how it could be start in a systematic way. Please help ! Thanks.

Ramesh Kumar: Dear Sir, I am working as a Purchase executive, i would like start export business with low budget. how do i go about. kindly help me.

THANGARAJ V: Hello sir and friends, I'm Thangaraj from trichy, I too a beginner of export business but I get an idea to export of coconuts, so please give me an idea for further details to move our business. Thank you...

Ravindra Gund: Hello sir, I would to start export business in agricultural product. which is best market of this business

Rashik.K.F: I am going to start export i select product, and which country demand that product .which way i trace the client. and what is the rules and regulation and procedures.. give ur sugsuggestions.....

Ram kumar: We are export the transformer box to other country.??please suggest me

vijayakumar: Sir, i think something do special in my village. that's why i'm choose export business, but i don't know which product select,then how the response for my selected product.

Chakka Ramesh Gupta : I am Ramesh from AP, am keen interested to start Import Export Business but I don't have knowledge till now and need a person who can teach and guide me that where I can gain knowledge according to my aspirations

Gaurav Jain : I am looking for opportunities into import and export field,I want to know about how to select a product and then how to go about it,

Dhruvajyoti Patgiri : I am looking for guidance in doing export business.Waiting for your reply.

Subodh Kumar : Please you advice for export business to me proper guide line in export business and risk management.

Sanjay Sahu : I need a small information about imports and exports, how to start the business, what are the terms & conditions, what are the document requirement, give me a advise

Mitesh Shah : I'm strongly interested in Export / Import / Shipping / Maritime Business and have a strong back up of certain business class people. The entire set up is ready to commence the business of export / import but we are unable to decide which product to choose initially for export to start with. Same way for Import Also. Can you guide us as to how to click our first export / import shipment.If possible…? we are eagerly needed guidance, hence please revert.

jeyahariharan.: Sir,iam interested in exportbusiness.exportlicense is in my hand.but,don't know to select product is possible. How i select product and which country demand that product plz guide me and give me good suggestion. thank you,

MOHD. HABIB: Sir,iam interested in export business .but,don't know to select product is possible. How i select product and which country demand that product plz guide me and give me good suggestion. thank you,

sankar: Sir, I am interested in export busines. any idea plz tell me. i select the product, but how to registed and cover the foreign agency. help me

Rajkumar: Sir, I am Interested to Start the Export Business. I Choosed My Product (Handicraft). But How I Can get the Buyers. If there is any Link to Contact them. How I Can Develop My Business.. Please Guide Me... I am Waiting for your Response....

rajasingh : dear sir, i started the export business, i take the ie code, now,how can i get the buyers, please guide me sir

venkatesh: sir,I am interested to start the export business. I choose my product fruits(banana).But how I can get the buyers which country. If there is any link to contact them. How I can develop My Business please guide me... I am waiting for your advice

Hemant V Iyer: Dear Sir, at the onset let me thank you and congratulate you for the wonderful work you have done by hosting this site, its of great help for us. It would be more convenient if the matter would have been placed in Chapters. warm Regards Hemant V Iyer


Ganesh Manohar Chakor: First of all thanksa lot for giving such needed information on single link. I want to start business in import and export specialy export in agri product such as grapes,mango etc I want to know what type of qulity should require to maintain in export market

keshav makwana: Mujhe export import ka business start karna hair to mujhe details main information dijiye plzzz

Tahir Hussain: Hello sir i hope so you will be fine sir you have a great job God bless You ,,,,, sir .. i am from pakistan and i want to know how to import frome China to pakistan and how to slect a good product plz help me sir your Bit information is big hand for me thanks

yogesh vishnu shirke : I am interested the import export besnes my products food and dry food and agree products please help me sar

Arivazhagan: sir i have an idea about export merchant pdoduct like cardamam, cumin and pepper, but i dont know how to start and execute that so pls help me sir.....

Archana suresh : Let me introduce first, that just now I have started export business in the name of yes yes worldwide. One of my party required incence stick sample from me thro courier. How to do that. Is it possible and will you give your advice How to do that.

felix vijay: Sir, I am interested in export busines. any idea plz tell me. i select the product, but how to registed and cover the foreign agency. help me

felix vijay: Sir, I am interested in export busines. any idea plz tell me. i select the product, but how to registed and cover the foreign agency. help me

rankawat deepak : I want to do export business. So please give me knowledge about process of garment export business

piyush kumar : I want to start with the new business of Import/Export. It will be great if i get your guidance on the same.


sakthivel: Dearsir, Iam living in india. I Will plan to do the EXPORT AND IMPORT THE PRODUCTS. How to proceed. pl give your ideas

Kannan.c: I start export business in masala products so how to get buyers help me

elahe: sunday hello sir , im from iran and i want to start an export business i have a small olive garden can you help me for export my gardens products??

P. Venkatesh : My name is Venkatesh. My age is 52 years. I am working now.I want to enter in to export business. Recently, I have a chanceto visit your blog and wondered the details you fed.Really it is a great work. Is it possible to download in pdf form? I want to learn from thebasics. In your blog, there are lot of information related withthe "Export Business".So, if you provide me all the details in the pdf form, i will downloadand read and do export business step by step.

durai: Halo sir I have beeing start import export business how can I start pls tel me

Murali . A: I want to start vegetable items export business. Pl guide me for complete procedure.

Ridima kadam: Hi, I want to export ginger can you please guide me

Priyadharshini: I would like to start the export business of siddha medicinal valued plants. Kindly suggest which countries will require this.

vikash sharma: Hi deer sir I am start export business handicraft products such as catlarry.Plese search buyer for catlarry product .

umar farook: i am also running the sma ll buisness so how to find the export i staying an chennai so which is best product for chennai circle pleas help me

kuldip: tell me, i m merchant exporter, then which product i should select ? and how i find supplier for that in india ?? give answer fast..

Harsh : Hello Sir, I m interested in doing export business in textile industry. Please provide me useful information on how to select a product and sell it in international market.

vinoth kumar: hai i'm yet to decide product for exporting.i want to bea successful merchant expoter..feel free to contact if any suggestion for product choosing

Sridhar: Basically, i am civil Engr. and working abroad. I am earning good but i couldn't satisfied myself because i am very much interested in business only and not interested in my core. I don't know anything about business but i am ready to learn and implement to become success. I am thinking to start an import & export business in India especially chennai. How should I start about my business? What are the basic things I should learn about this business? Anyone can explain? Please. Regards Sridhar Pitchamuthu Email:

Margi Khatri : I am planning to set up my small business as a exporter please suggest me which product i should go for and what is there process to start this Thanks

seaireximsolution: Amazing Articles.

Parashuram Simkhada: Sir/Madam I am from Nepal,interested to export Large cardamom in overseas countries. Please suggest me how I can find buyers from there? Thank you

Mensah, James;: From Ghana, i'm interested in exporting cashew nuts oversees, kindly help me in choosing a country and also interested people can also contact for partnership the products are available in my town.thanks


Prabhakar Arjun : Hello sir I am prabhakar from bangalore I have a banana business till now gods grace my business are going good now I would like to take my business for next step like export. But the problem is I don't no how to do that when I was thinking abt this I saw your website Consultant

P.C.ENTERPRISES : Hello sir, i have recently been through your website and have found it to be very helpful. A small introduction about me, i am currently involved in our family business of distribution for fmcg products in Pune. Along with this, i am starting a manufacturing company in the sector of spices. My primary focus is exports and would like to know more about the procedures and the best practices to be adopted in this regard. If you can, kindly guide me further in this.

Santosh Umare : Dear Sir, I am Santosh Umare From Bijapur, I have Intersted in Export and Import business. Now I am Working With mahindra and Mahindra Company In Tractor Industry But I dont know about this Export and Import Business Please guide me how Start This Business How to make the Identify the International Market How to Start the Business initially how much amount is requires. how to know which Product is required in International Market and etc. Kindly Explain this all details

Prakyath Bm : Respected sir I'm looking to start buisness with imports exports especially in food products I need your guidelines and advices. And I'm new to the buisness I want to study much n want to learn very much in buisness

s.saravanan: dear sir, we are the manufacturers of paper board making machinery,we like to export our machinery. so please help us. tanking you,

shabeer a: sir, i learn import and export business please help me

Purchasing,Dept : I am Amirhosein presently working as an export department of a trading company in Iran. I would like to obtain your valuable experiences in the field of import & export. I have worked in field of oil and gas industry. Hereby, I declare you that my connection is so strong to provide best quotation which a company in Iran Iran want to export any products. I want to know which products does India need and if you know an Indian company needs a product from Iran, please introduce to me. Best regards,

Abhishek Patel : I have started my new business. I need guidance for export.Please guide me for products.

Swarn : Dear Sir, A big thanks to you as during my career with export/import industry you have always been a great support. Now when I think I am much confident in this industry and is already serving as a faculty for EXP/IMP even then i do not forget to refer your website for all important points. For a very long time I wish to start my own export business but finding it little difficult to decide on the type of entity and exportable product. Means initial thought process seems to be little difficult whereas I have complete knowledge and experience of further procedure. Sir is it possible to have some guidance from you. Earlier I was in Bangalore but now have shifted to Mumbai. Whereas I want to start my business from Ambala (Haryana) as that's my native place.some words of knowledge would be highly appreciated. In case I can write you directly on your mailing id. Thank you. Best Regards

MANOJ kumar Saxena: Please let me know how to do packaging for various food products vegetables fruits etc.where to avail know-how and techniques and skills tools and materials

Mangesh: I want to start export Business, plz help me, How to start business & How to choose product In the beginning Thanks

vinothkumar: Dear Sir, I am going to do export from Chennai/India, company registration and all already i have done so requesting you to what are all the goods i can export from India with good profit like food items, spices, machinery,spare parts and pulses

Shreevijay Krishna : myself shailesh sharma from jamshedpur jharkhand, i visited your site how to export impor,t so i am very excited to contact you , actually i have my own IE code & i want to start up my own export import business but i do not have any experience , ideas & sufficient fund to start up my business so i request you to kindly advice me which is the best product to export from india how can i find the genuine importer , & what is the highly profitable product to export , i have only one lac rupees (100000) to invest & earn & i want better idea from you , kindly help me to give the better idea so that i can start up my business, kindly add me on your whats app no to & message me there

Arun Arun : This is arun from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. i would like start export business and i want to know which product is best for export and how to do?

Shreevijay Krishna : i visited your site how to export import so i am very excited to contact you , actually i have my own IE code & i want to start up my own export import business but i do not have any experience , ideas & sufficient fund to start up my business so i request you to kindly advice me which is the best product to export from india how can i find the genuine importer , & what is the highly profitable product to export , i have only one lac rupees(100000) to invest & earn & i want better idea from you , kindly help me to give the better idea so that i can start up my exim business, kindly add me on your whats app no to & msg me there

Nissar Ahamed: I am new to export business and your website is very useful to understand the various concepts in export and import. I am very much confused on the product selection, can you please suggest the products that can be exported with small amount ie 1 to 2 lakh.

Meena Ravi: I have just registered an export company through which I plan on exporting commodities like rice, spices and cereals. However, as I am new to this business I need your help in making me understand all the legalities that need to be done and getting financial aid. In brief, I am interested in some export business consultancy. Kindly get in touch and aid in the betterment and growth of my company.

ArunPrasath S: This is arun from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. i would like start export business and i want to know which product is best for export and how to do?

Jason Betts : I wondered if you had any specific advice about products or services which you could recommend when starting up? I would be truly grateful for any other insights you could share.

Sathish Kumar : i am a new exporter interested in exporting the apparel related products, but i am struggling to choose the right products for export.

Shubham Jain : I am also interested in exporting products from India, but i am confused about which item to export and where to export. I would really appreciate if you can help and suggest me regarding export from India.

Mustafa Khundmiri: Recently came across your website (Howtoexportimport.Com) and went through some of the articles. I especially liked: 'How to Choose a product for export business' as it was written in a clear, concise manner and informative manner. It's always nice to see content that contains less fluff and more coherent information.

prasanth: Dear Sir I want to start export but no idea about the products and getting buyer.

w.khan: Sir I am particularly interested in the export business from SOUTH AFRICA, I have an idea of the field I want to deal in, Namely scrap paper. my problem is, HOW DO I FIND BUYER/IMPORTERS? IS THERE A WEBSITE I CAN JOIN? OR THROUGH OTHER CONTACTS I CAN JOIN. as for importing, I would later look at the viability of importing seafood to SOUTH AFRICA as I know quiet a few big importers and I currently deal with them on a daily basis. at this moment the market is saturated with importers of seafood. thanks

Mukesh chaudhari: Sir your guidance is very appreciable great help from you for new beginners

prasad gosavi: dear sir, I have basic knowledge of export,i wanat to start my own export related business, what product i select , how to find customer i don't have knowledge about that please guide mi.

Najmus Saquib: I have manufacturing concern of variety of leather products like, school bag, ladies bag, wallets, belt shoulder bag etc, i want to sell my products in the international market so, please guide me in all respect. thanks & regards

Jagadeesan : Sir, I would like to have more knowledge and your guidance on product selection for export.. Please guide me sir.

Dr Devendra: i am a vascular surgeon in india . i want to duvert in import export business from india to any country and from any country. two sites.

rohan shigwan: If we do not have family export business then which type product we have to select in international market to export form INDIA

rohan kulkarni : I was searching information regarding the export of Agarwood from India and I that's how I came to know about your website which was very informative. I want to register a import export firm and want to export Agarwood from India. While doing research I came to know that permission from CITIES is required. Can you please help me with the information for taking necessary permission from CITIES for export of Agarwood.

Shubham : My name is Shubham Jain from New Delhi, I was just doing some research regarding the Export business from India and i landed onto your blog. I really appreciate the knowledge which you have shared with us. I am also interested in exporting products from india, but i am confused about which item to export and where to export. I would really appreciate if you can help and suggest me regarding export from india. I am very small trader and currently have a very small Paidup capital. I have many other ideas which we can implement, but first i need your advice in order to start. looking forward to hear from you.

Srikanth Ankem : I got your mail id from web site. I am looking to import following products from Australia and need an agent who can get this done for me. I would like to know the procedure to get these products imported. Do we need to register these products in India before we import? 1) Iluminesse® Seaweed Moistening Cream = HS CODE = 33049910 = FACE CREAMS. ( COSMETICS) 2) Iluminesse® Deep-Cleansing Face Mask = HS CODE = 33049990 = OTHERS. ( COSMETICS) 3) Iluminesse® Vitamin C Serum = HS CODE = 33049990 = OTHERS. ( COSMETICS) 4) Iluminesse® Mineral Scrub = HS CODE = 33049990 = OTHERS. ( COSMETICS) 5) Iluminesse® Facial Wash = HS CODE = 33049990 = OTHERS. ( COSMETICS) 1st consignment details are: We expect that the first pallet will contain approximately 100kgs of 5 products and the weight of the unloaded pallet is approximately 43kg tare (nett) weight. Its dimensions are approximately: length 1,100mm, width 1,100mm and the height 150mm.

vivek agarwalla : This is Vivek Agarwal. I want to get into export import business, need some consulting. Kindly let me know when can we meet.

Sagar Jadhav : Hope you are doing good. I am Sagar currently working in IT in USA. I am more interested into Food Processing Industries ( specially Spices ) and exporting them. I have been reading your website howtoexportimport and it is very helpfull so far. Just wanted to get some advice from you on spice manufacturing and its export scope. Also my background is more into computer/IT field but wanted to do business that job so it would be really helpful if you give me your valuable advice.

Srinivas Prasad : I am Srinivas from Bangalore and i have a small company of my own. I wanted to diversify into imports and exports. Sir i want to get a clear picture of how import export works, what is the best commodity to import and get license for it. I thought i could use your good advice as you are a pioneer in this field. With lots of hope, i request you to kindly guide me. I am sure that you will help me in this regard.

dhiraj surana : Hello sir, my name is Dhiraj. I am very much inspired by you and I am really very much interested to start my export business. So can you suggest me which are the best products which can be exported and how to get the right purchaser. Hope you suggest me the best in field Thank you so much Regards

Deepan Balu : My name is Deepanraj. I am from Tamil Nadu. I am planning to start Export Business. I need some advice.

YOGESH BANKAR : Hi Surendran Actually I m going to start business here in India Maharashtra Nagpur of Betel Nuts (Supari) Can you please suggest what should be the process. How much I need to pay custom duty charges. What should be the document required from my side. I got invoice from South Africa for 1MT 400$ including shipping charge 1000$ Can you please help me out of that please suggest process. Port of delivery Sheva Mumbai. Company will provide the all documents like Landing documents Quality test document Quantity document

Vikram Randive : I am Vikram I want to start the export business to export wheat floor ,So how can I start my business and how I can contact to vendor .

Heaven Fuzzy : I want to import parrots live animal pets from USA to India..? Please may I know the process for this, and what are the procedure for this.

frank: I wan to export sea shell which are NOT IN BAN. Can anyone help me?

Jagadeesan: Dear Sir, I am struggling on product selection for my export business, Can you please advise what are the factors should be consider during product selection for new export business.

Bala: Sir, I want i export from Bangalore to Chennai. Which products is best ro earn money easier

Nehal Sutariya: Hello sir, I am Nehal Sutariya, working as a business consultant in Ahmedabad. we are providing full guide to start Export and Import Business. we give guidance for export business from company inception to deliver the first order. you can also contact us if we can help you in this.

connect2india: this article is very helpful and knowledge.

Sandip j.: I want to start the export business.Pls suggest the training firm/consultancy firm which can help me . My contact no. WhatsApp 9881274789

Alagar: While importing Sea foods, customs dept asked Fssai certificate. Now our goods are in customs Area. We planned for Fssai registration. But, Fssai dept said that central license registration takes 1 to 2 months. In this case, what we have to do. Bcoz, lakhs value of goods stukked. Kindly guide me. Thanks in advance.

Deepak: is the most trusted 5 years old market leader for Import Export data from actual Shipment data of Importers, Exporters, Suppliers and Buyers, Updated on USA Import Data.

Shubham pandey: As seeing comment on this articles many of us want settled business or Settled procedure of Import / Export in this intense competition, please do your research first go for DGFT site and foriegn trade policy 2015-2020 see the view of Indian Government for various Commodity,Country, Procedures etc, It is providing me Frame to do, Where as many Council is there For EXIM sector ready to help. BEST OF LUCK

Biju Sreenivasan: Very very useful iformations. Must read article. Thanks a lot. The information you are providing that is really good. Thank for making and spending your precious time for this useful information. Thanks again and keep it up.

Clive Ngobeni : Dear Sir or Madam Good day Hi there, Siren drankoll lam here to make application for how to get orders in India for import & export how can you help me to get buyers Yours Clive Ngobeni

Haris: I was searching on google about exports and came through your website. I am looking for some mentoring cum consulting on exports business. I am curious to know if you provide some one to one support to new entrepreneurs. Please let me know if you do, if yes, let me know what’s the best way to contact you or setup an initial meeting with you.

Gaurav Jain: I was searching on google about exports and came through your website. I am looking for who can guide me to approach the products search . support to new entrepreneurs.

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