Why labeling and marking in Export business?


Why labeling and marking in Export business? 

Since the distance between exporter and importer is very far, the cargo is moved thousands of miles away from its origin. If the cargo is less container load, (Lesser than a container), chances are there to transship your cargo from different locations. Many times goods are moved. For example, you need to move a cargo from New York to China. The cargo will be sent by truck to nearest CFS of your factory - unloading to warehouse - stuffing in to container - moving to New York - again unload at port - loading to container - moving to on board in to ship - unloading to transshipment point if any - again sorting - loading to container - unloading in CFSWhy labeling and marking in Export business after arrival in Singapore - moving for inspection procedures - loading to truck after customs clearance. Apart from the above mentioned movements, in each warehousing point, there are chances of further movement of your goods due to re-arranging the slots, movements for survey, inspection etc.

Marking and labeling is the only and best method of identifying your cargo during all the operations above till reaching your cargo to buyer’s door step. All documentation is made in such a way to incorporate marks and numbers of each parcel, so as to enable all officials to identify and move accordingly.

So before generating commercial invoice and packing list, the packing department in factory has to properly mark and label the cargo. Once packing completed, the marks and numbers must be clearly mentioned in packing list and commercial invoice. This information is very crucial in all forthcoming documentation till arriving the cargo at the door step of buyer. Once moved cargo to nearest Container Freight Station (CFS) for customs clearance, the cargo will be unloaded in ware house. The survey will be conducted by the CFS authorities on the basis of packing list issued by you (exporter). Survey report is prepared on the basis of reconciliation of marks and numbers mentioned in packing list with the marks and numbers labeled on the parcel to be exported. This process matching will continue at many locations during transit of your goods till arriving destination. Marking and numbers are also reflected on Carrier’s document (Bill of lading or airway bill) in order to verify and match during transit where ever applicable.


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