Difference between merchant exporter and manufacturer exporter


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 Difference between merchant exporter and manufacturer exporter



Who is a Merchant Exporter? What does Manufacturer Exporter means? What are the difference between Manufacturer Exporter and Merchant Exporter?


Let us find our who is a merchant exporter and who is a manufacturer exporter.


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 "Merchant Exporter" means a person engaged in trading activity and exporting or intending to export goods .Merchant exporter procures the material from a manufacturer and exports in his firm’s name. Here merchant exporter procures the order from international market. Merchant exporter does not have own manufacturing unit or processing factory. Merchant Exporter can export the excisable goods either directly from the premises of the manufacturer, with or without sealing of the export consignments, or through his premises under claim for rebate or under bond.


Who is a Manufacturer exporter? What does Manufacturer Exporter do?difference between merchant exporter and manufacturer exporter 2


"Manufacturer Exporter" means a person who manufactures goods and exports or intends to export such goods. The manufacturer exporter procures and process raw materials at his factory and exports finished products. Here, the manufacturer exporter procures the export order and exports in their own name.  Also read  Which category of exporter are you? Merchant Exporter,Manufacturer exporter,Service exporter Project Exporter or Deemed Exporter?


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Which category of exporter are you? Merchant Exporter,Manufacturer exporter,Service exporter Project Exporter or Deemed Exporter


Difference between merchant exporter and manufacturer exporter


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Bharat Brahmbhatt: Can merchant exporter buying the goods from registered dealers from local market and then export in overseas market? what is the procedure for it ?

vishal aggarwal: So merchant exporter will take the rebate of duty paid on procuring the goods charged by the manufacturer?

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Vishal Aggarwal, Manufacturer can claim back such rebate of duty paid when procuring goods charged by the manufacturer. You can reconfirm about such rebate with excise authorities.

R.V.Swamy.M.E,: MysoreMart is a medium-sized, owner-managed Indian company which specializes Exports in Honey, Silk , Cotton Textiles. We are a startup. We are merchant exporters. On the Taxation front I have the following doubts. For our purchases what is applicable. 1. Customs Duty 2. Excise Duty 3. Service Tax 4. VAT / CST For Our Sales what is applicable.5. Customs Duty 6. Excise Duty 7. Service Tax 8. VAT / CST


Kiran: Hi, we are mechant exporter, how can we get Excise exemptions and let me know other benefits and schemes which can we avail

B.PHIRABU: Hi if I am marchant exporter , can tag (like exported by) on product of export from manufacture

Abhinav Anand : First of all thank you for your write up on your blogs which is very useful in understanding the procedure and documentation for export and import.I have a question appreciate your help on this : In Export commercial Invoice, there is a field "country of Origin of Goods" what should I fill for following case : I am buying some mechanical components from a local distributor in India (Who bought the same from USA in past). I would like to export this product to a buyer in Singapore. The local distributor will not be involve in export and I will be doing export as Merchant Exporter, Shipper would be my company and Consignee would be my customer in Singapore.

Sudhir Berad : I have gone through your website and is very very useful.I am new exporter and just submitted the IEC form, meantime I want know about how to calculate cost for all agliculture products (most popular like rice, wheat, maze,eggs, fruits like pomogranate, grapes ) Can you please share the documents for the same. I am a merchant exporter.

Nobre Enterprises : We are pleased to inform you that we are manufacturers and exporters for all kind of Surgical, Dental, Manicure, Orthopedic and all kind of scissors I assure you will like and appreciate our work, quality packaging and delivery time. We offer the suitable per prices and terms of payment as per client satisfactions. You can ask to any kind of samples as per your needed.

Nitin Malhotra: I have a doubt regarding future prospect of exporters.Because i read in many articles that from last year export from India is falling down in every sector. So, Sir i need your advice for new exporters specially Merchant Exporters.Do they take entry in the trade?Is this the right time?Is the business profitable?

Abhishek gupta: This is abhishek gupta from indore.I have done my PGDM in marketing+ international business from pune. one thing that nobody gives me clear answer. For past months I was thinking for the manufacturing business in various types of export containers, as I see it as a large profit business. But my doubt was that where do these small and big companies like maersk, seaco, nyk logistics purchases containers from Either the government provides them or they purchase it from the manufacturers. It will be very helpful to receive reply on my query with some more suggestions.

yuvraj patil : I Yuvraj Dilip Patil AT-Baramati Dist. Pune. i am interested in starting new business in manufacturing export quality goods. please give me your valuable advice

atolagbe.atolagbe@yahoo.com: How can I import from India to NIGERIA without traveling to INDIA, and still have a secured, save transactions with India merchants

Mathew Thomas : I am planning to start a small scale merchant export buisness. I have received IEC and registered with customs. I require your guidence and consultation for further export process.

Pravin Agarwal: I am regular visitor at your site and found very useful and easy explanation.At present we are procuring various goods under Annexure 45 / CT-3.Central Excise Duty exemption certificate is given.We manufacture our product using various inputs procured duty free and export themWe export goods and no refund is required to file.How it will be done when GST is imposed?Is there rovision for duty free inputs for using in manufacturing final product to be exported?

Mangala Prasad Yadav: Dear Sir, we are a manufacturer of Preforms, and we have sold out our material to exporter under bond CT-1, Sir can you tell me, whether we are required to submit Prove of export in excise or not.Please explain to us. it is needful to us.

Litsvenky: I need updated on Export under GST

Gopal: Dear Sir, we are a Merchant Exporters of Granites and Quartz, We purchase the material from manufacture and export the material. but now we want to look in local sale, can we sale the good in local market? not for export? please clarify urgent. If we can sale the good in locally, is there any registrations are there.

bharath kanakia: I will be grateful if you can guide me for. We are merchant exporter have PAN Card, Aadhar Card, office premises ownership documents, shipping Bill's of earlier exports, GST, IEC,RCMC.As company is one year old balance sheet of one year, ITR filled, GST returns filled. We have order for Diesel engines Generator from Kampala UGANDA. We have placed order to manufacturer at satara.(Maharashtra). SAME STATE. Our manufacturer has valid self sealing permission. As we would like to avoid loading and unloading of Generators at dock, can we get the container sealing process at manufacturer premises and can we complete formalities of customer clearance at manufacturers place.As I am not aware of e sealing process. I gone through lot of articles about FSP, but didn't got anything which clearly states process for merchant exporter. Do merchant exporter have to undergo all process as manufacturer has done? Or Manufacturer having permission need to Inform their jurisdiction authority with NOC format having merchant exporters details. Everything on Internet talks about, for manufacturer direct export only nothing about third party export.I will be highly obliged if you can tell me about process to be followed.

sudesh: recently I have started a trading business concentrating mostly export to UAE. For this I was searching web pages and I came across your site, which was very educational and with lot of information. I will be trading mostly on Industrial Machine tooling spares and gross weight of one shipment would be approximately 2 to 3 kgs with a value of 2 to 3 lakhs rupees. Please could you guide me what do i do first. Do i have to take RCMC or any customts registration required. Do i have to pay GST. Your valuable inputs will be really appreciated

sandeep: We are start up exporter company and planning to export agro products. We require your help as you have indepth knowledge in import export business. Please let us know whether registration under APEDA is necessary for exporting agro n poultry products. Also do we have to apply for RCMC separately allow with APEDA. Need your guidance on above. Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated.

rajesh: i shave started a small chemical trading business in chennai, india, But chennai customs asking me so many documents and rejecting my shipment always. I need you assistance to do my buisness. I have GSTIN, IE Code and AD code registered in customs. Actually i get projects from abroad and give to to small research labs(organic chemical intermediates) in india and bye and export to abroad. I do only fince chemicals and chemical intermediates. I dont deal with API or drug. Chennai Customs asking me to give the manufacturer license (from suppiler) and stock and trade license (from me) Actually they are not manufacturer, they are CRO companies usually the get orders for project they make it and sell. its not production or manufaturing products.

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