How to amend consignee (importer) name in Import General Manifest (IGM)

 Amendment procedures to change importer’s name in Import General Manifest.

Change of consignee/importer name in IGM? Means the buyer of consignment differs than shipped?

Is it possible to change importer’s name in IGM? Why do you want to change consignee name in IGM? Obviously you want to deliver goods to new importer? Am I right?

ammendment of consignee bill

Yes, you can amend importer’s name / consignee’s name in Import General Manifest, subjected to certain procedures and formalities with concerned. Why do you change Importer’s name in IGM? Oversight Documentation? Dispute between previous buyer? Rejection of Goods by previous importer?

Let us discuss about the impact of changing Importer’s address in IGM. Change of importer’s address in IGM means delivery of goods to new importer other than planned? How to amend consignee’s name in Import General Manifest (IGM)?

If a wrong filing of Import General Manifest, firstly the correction has to be effected at port of origin.  In order to amend consignee details in Bill of Lading or Airway Bill, carrier may demand certain undertaking letter from the shipper to effect such amendment. Once after effecting amendment at load port, the necessary details need to be sent through carrier of goods. Means, the shipper has to amend all related documents pertaining to the said import.  Bill of Lading or Airway bill has to be revised by mentioning amended consignee name with necessary formalities with carrier who issued bill of lading or airway bill.  Customs department needs a ‘No Objection’ letter or undertaking from the shipper  on amendment of importer name in IGM.

Based on No objection letter or/with undertaking from shipper along with the amended Airway bill or Bill of Lading, customs department of most of countries amend consignee’s address  in the Import General Manifest, with necessary permission and formalities. 

Once after amending consignee name or importer name in Import General Manifest, the importer or his agent can file bill of entry and proceed to complete customs formalities to take delivery of cargo. 

Confused? Do not worry. Plan properly to complete those procedures with least period of time. All make mistakes. Am I right? Try to minimize them. Once made any mistake, resolve it as early as possible with least cost or no cost. Money is important in all business. Here in resolving problems also.

In this article, I have explained about the procedures and formalities to amend importer’s name / consignee’s details in Import General Manifest. I know, some of you would have experienced in undergoing the above procedures to amend importer’s address in Import General Manifest. Such experienced personnel can add more information about amendment procedures to correct importer’s/consignee’s details in Import General Manifest. Please share below your experience in amending consignee’s details in IGM.

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Zeeshan Mati: Thanks for sharing such a nice article, I need to ask you about a case of mine. My shipper has wrongly put the name of notify party as consignee and bill of lading has been manifested, could you please help me getting out of this problem?? suggest me what should I ask my shipper to do?? Awaiting prompt reply. Thanks & Regards, Zeeshan Mati


MOHAMMED ASHRAF: Sir, If Shipper wants to amend the quantity in the Bill of Lading of the goods which is in transit to planned country and the vessel already arrived at the destination. Please let us know the how it is possible.

Mahendra jain: Dear sir, We import one container of waste paper bales in our name the cargo was reached at nhava sheva port on 28.8.2015 But in the custom clearence we face 2 problems first there is not any PSI certificate with the cargo which is must as per rules second the material is come in our name we want to high seas this to other name (mill) who is actual user but our cha assured us to clear this in our name and in clearence authority put noting to present PSIC & NOC from pollution board which we have not & they refuse to clear this material After lapsing of 3 months the material is still lying in asthe logistic yard we paid all the charges & import duty which all in vain The shipper is also disturbed as his container is block and the detention charges are imposing daily & he presurrise us to clear the container we are very disturbing As we are first importer & neither dept. nor CHA is helping us I want help from you that can we now change in consignee name (mill name)in B/L and file new B/E to customs becasue new consignee have NOC from pollution board or can we change is description of the material means instead on waste paper we write stocklot paper (printed sheets ) which is not required PSIC & NOC ? the material is look like printed sheets the shipper is agree to change in B/L kindly guide us it is my humble request to guide us in this matter regards M.Jain

Kiran Navalli: We would like to use your customs clearance service if available. I recently imported a item from USA for personal use. Since my local credit cards have international transaction fees, I had my sister in law order the item for me. The items have arrived in India & are at Customs clearance. The Store/exporter listed 2 prices on the package/documents. 69qty - $3.89 2qty - $3.99 Now customs is requesting FedEx to provide below details, Customs have asked to produce the Value proof to proceed with further clearance. Please provide the order wise any one of the value evidence documents of which listed below for the said shipment: Bank Remittance copy along with the Invoice against which remittance has been made. • Purchase Order copy (purchase order should be mentioned on invoice copy • Quotation copy • Order Confirmation copy • Manufacturer’s Price list • Internet value of the same product or identical product or Market Price. [OR] • Merit Letter (in absence of above all, addressed to Deputy Commissioner of customs, Air Cargo Complex, Bengaluru requesting him for merit assessment of content and clear the shipment) We have the order confirmation/invoice stating the value of the item. But the invoice has details as below, Bill to - My sister in law Name & US address. Ship to - My name & India address.

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