How to overcome Negative thoughts in export business

How to overcome Negative thoughts in export business copy


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Complicated?: Some of you may think that export business is too complicated with many formalities. Although there are some extra formalities than the regular domestic business,  export business is too easy to handle with the said formalities, once you entered in to the trade. Compared to the benefits which you are going to enjoy, we can not call these formalities as a complication.

Risk is high?: As per my experience, I will say, ‘any business carries risks’. Overcoming hindrances is business. You may think that you are not seeing the buyer physically or you can not assess the credit worthiness or financial background of buyer. Your product is moved to very far place and risks of damage in transit, loss, pilferage etc. can be occurred.    But, please know that there are solutions for all the said risks  which you will learn solutions from me for all such worries in this web blog.

Can not compete?: ‘Any business is small at beginning’. Just remember this slogan. Thisimages negtive thinking is a universal truth. So who ever became giants in exports were small at the beginning of their business. You can also achieve your goal. I will say, ‘setting a small goal is a crime’. If you systematically do business, you can achieve your goal. You will be competed by your competitors one day!.


Can not afford?:As I have explained, all beginnings are small. There are many many export opportunities to start with very less investments, including service exports. Have a good vision, plan a mission, have a desire with firm determination – you can succeed.  Also read   Consequences of wrong declaration of weight


The above information is a part of Export Import Online Tutorial

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raja: hi sir........ all your articles r really cool. i have just started the export business as merchant exporter and i do not know how to find Clearing charges and packing charges to fix FOB can u plz assets me sir...

admin: Hi Raja, You may contact a couple of freight forwarders at your location to assist you.

Jacques Ahouansou: I have read some of your articles. Very interesting. I am based in Los Angeles and I have just launched my export company, to export from the USA to Africa. You can learn about my export activities at What is your advice about the standard commission to be collected from manufacturers and from African importers after a successful deal: 10 percent? from both sides or 5 percent from each side? Please respond to me as quickly as possible.

amit tanwar: Dear Sir, I just want to start my own export business In India.please tell Me What kind Of Risk is Involve in This my Investment Would Safe ? What Way i Can Escape My Self From Froud. Regards, Amit Tanwar

BalajiSrinivasan: excellant article.

ram: thanks for the information sirji. Can you please suggest where i can get importers/buyers directory?? thanks and regards, lekh

Navnit singh: hi, I am a resident of UK and have a company registered to do export and import business. We have been in to business in UK from last 5 years in to food business and now want to explore textiles, please suggest us people who are committed to have a good export import business in textiles no matter if I they are new or small scale as long as their products speak for themselves. Any one, who is interested and reading this pls write it to me on Or alternatively call me on 07934524191to discuss further with product details. Cheers Nav

Victor: Hi, I really apreciate all your entries, I have 1 year working in a International Trade company since I graduate from college and feel very passioanted about this career. Once again thanks for the advice! Cheers

shrisha: Dear sir/madam, I have got an IE code to start an export business on 2014 jan …i have completed one order of garments FABRIC products on march 2014( from INDIA to Jordan)..the export value is RS.102000…kindly let me know 1) is there any taxes applicable for that..? but still i did not apply for TIN number so how to pay tax for the same..some one is saying that without tin number we should not make invoice and its illegal.. 2)if taxes applicable whether i should pay quarterly or yearly.. now i have got other coconuts and handicrafts orders.. so i got confused whether to continue or what to do now… 3) pls provide me solution for this and can i proceed those orders without TIN number if so is there any limit (turn over).. 4) in case taxes are applicable why dont i apply for TIN number and pay tax after execution of those orders ( before march 2015).. ? This is proprietorship firm.. kindly help me Thanks in advance.. shrisha

K KIZAR MOHAMED: Dear Mr. Surendran K Excellent. Please Keep it up. Your service to the Indian community will be further appreciated in the days to come. Let God keep you in good health and cheers and shower his blessings on you. Yours truly, Kizar

mothia sadik: dear sir/ madem I am new in export market, I have got seafood export business. plz kindly provide me information how can I find frozen seafood buyers and plz guide me how I have to start. since many days I am finding buyers inquiry and I didn't get any idea. I get confused what to do. plz rply me.and also any buyer want to import frozen seafood can contact me on id:

aju : Dear Sir, i would like to start a import/Export Business from India , any one pls advise me how to find supplier and buyer

Admin: Hello Aju, Please read a short description post HOW TO GET EXPORT ORDER in this website

vinay: Hi, It should helpful if i want course for import/export management ? It's fee around 35000 as i need help.

usaimportdata: This is my first visit to your blog, your post made productive reading, thank you.

R Purushothaman: The article is voluminous and excellent content for any person to know complete knowledge of Export and Import. May I able to get Material in PDF Form of Beginners, Export, Import, How to Export and How to Import, which will help in continuity of study. However the definition of the terms used in export trade and import trade may be separately given as on appendix. I request to provide the material. With warm regards R Purushothaman AGM Finance (Retd) BEML Mysore

manish: Dear Sir, good day, in export bl if any corection or any wrong line add in bl so what is proceser after send bl in load port. thanks manish

Shashank: Dear Sir, Your posts are really enlightening. I am an aspiring merchant export trader. Pls suggest me some tips on how to find/select the first product for the export business to launch.

Sandeep Savaliya @Exim: Dear All. Wish you all the best. Here I am going to give some key point for Export and Import business. Below denoted information will be use for those who are novice in this business. 1) Determine what you are going to export - Analyze Market about your products (Global Market areas). - Fix budget for business (initial investment) - Government subsidies(if you eligible) - Other requirement (Depends on Products) 2) Determine what you are going to Import - Analyze Local Market for products(which you going to import) - Estimate final cost of products (from origin to your home step) - Other requirement (Depends on Products) 3) IEC –Import-Export Code (is license for export and import business provide by regional DGFT office after application) - For IEC license current account is must - Other supportive document depends on business status(partnership, Proprietorship Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Government Undertaking, Etc.,) Also it does depend on type of exports (Merchant Exporter, Manufacturer Exporter, Service Provider, Merchant cum Manufacturer, Etc.) 4) Obtain Swift code from banker where you open current account. 5) Registration on relevant authorized bodies such as. For Agriculture For Metal For gold For garment/textile For tools etc. Above mentioned points is basic information is as a suggestion or advice only. If you need more information u can call or mail me at +91 9724964340

Surendran.C: Dear Sir, I am working in an export firm. Your articles are nice & motivating. I request you to provide me the complete material in pdf format, it will help a beginner like me to get a knowledge on export/import to proceed my career in this field. Kindly guide me and I am expecting your complete pdf format of your writing on import/export (from - how to start ? - till documentation and order completion and follow up). Kindly send a mail to Need your guidance pls. regards, Surendran

surendra: My name is surendra i am from fisheries community i want to export our sea food but i donot know how to start can any one of you please suggest me

Usha: This is Usha from Bangalore and I came across your website It is a very informative and useful website for learners and to be exporters/importers. Must congratulate you for your passion to spread knowledge. I am emailing you as I am interested to get into export business. In this regard, I am also taking an online certificate course in exports imports management from IIFT, New Delhi. But, One gets more knowledge about it only when one gets their hands dirty. In this regard, I would like to know if you could guide me in the right direction. Please suggest any appropriate way in which I could be associated with you. Looking forward for your response.

Subir Pal: Dear Sir, I am in search of some foreign buyers who is in requirement of sports goods( especially Cricketing Items) and jute products (all type). Kindly provide me those contacts in details so that I may meet them personally. Thanking you with regards Subir Pal

wasim khan: thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge with us.

Prakyath: Really inspiring post


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