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Export Promotion Council


Why need to register with Export Promotion Council? What are the functions of Export promotion councils?


Export promotion councils are to promote exporters to earn foreign exchange from overseas. Most of the countries have export promotion councils in their own countries to boost overseas market of products manufactured in their country.

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Many export promotion councils are in international trade. Most of them are onproduct-wise organizations. If you are manufacturer exporter, you need to obtain Registration-cum-Membership Certificate to claim benefits under FTP.


The Export Promotion Councils are non-profitable organizations, registered under the Indian Companies Act or the Societies Registration Act. They are supported by financial assistance from the Government of India. The role of the EPCs is to project country’s image abroad as a council of reliable suppliers of high quality goods and services. The EPCs encourage and monitor the observance of international standards and specifications by exporters. The EPCs keep abreast of the trends and opportunities in international markets for goods and services and assist their members in taking advantage of such opportunities in order to expand and diversify exports.


Some of the export promotion councils are Council for Leather exports (leather and related products), Engineering export promotion council (for engineering goods), Gem and jewelers export promotion council (for gem and jewelry), cashew export promotion council (for cashew) etc.


You can register with the export promotion council which your product is handled. The said export promotion council supports its members in many ways to boost the exports to earn foreign currency.


The office details of export promotion councils in India with product wise has been mentioned in a separate article in this web blog. You may read same also to have a clear idea on export promotion councils.  Also read   Click here to read:   Export benefit schemes from Export Promotion Councils

 How to get RCMC from Export Promotion Councils    Offices to obtain RCMC


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N G M Parthasarathi: Dear Sir/Madam Nice Meeting I Had seen your website related to exports and imports world wide, i am having much interest to do Export business from India to all the countries in the world. Need your guidance Thanks & Regards Parthasarathi

Suresh: I really appreciate your time and effort in building this website. This site is very useful and informative for young import / export business leaders. I have a questions regarding register with Export promotion council. I am merchant / trader and is it mandatory to register in export promotion council? The reason why I am asking this is because I am planning to export some 5 - 7 products and could not spend membership fees to all the councils. Because I am a start-up :). Also suggest me how to work on this. Please advise, Many thanks for your help Suresh

Surendran Kollerath: Hi Suresh, RCMC is not mandatory for all products if you are a merchant exporter. Suggest you to contact Export Promotion Council and learn more about their services to exporters to promote your products in international market.

Dhaval Patel: Dear Sir, We make to registration with export promotion council. we have business of making of different type of wire mesh Like chainlink,barbed,squermesh,gabions,vibrating screens,concertina coils all types of wires products PVC Catted chinlink,welded wire mesh. We have export this time of items so inform us how can we make this registration and contact number also.

subhashini: I am doing fashion jewelry business. Also doing leggins ad jute bags. I would like to export my jewels and leggins ad jute bags. I need the buyers from other countries. Plz let me know ant the buyers.

Raju debnath: Dear wanted to export perishable item but this is my first time to start it. already iec my locality all kind of perishable item available.

shashi kumar: how to make contact with buyers to take order for export to item.

Admin: Hi Sashi kumar, Read my article - ' How to get export order'

Debraj Enterprise: I have just gotten IEC as a merchant exporter from kolkata DGFT at December 2014. I am intarested to export ( foods processing product ) to bangladesh from kolkata market. I am naither any EPC or ECGC member and have not VAT number ,So Can I start export import business with bangladesh ?Please reply me please

Admin: Hi Debraj Enterprise, You can export/import certain commodities without the Export Promotion Council registration. ECGC works as an insurance coverage for nonpayment of your export proceeds. Please consult with a professional for more details.

joshna john : I want to do buisness in India for kids clothing by importing from china. Would be glad if you could help by providing details. I know I should get an IEC.I would be purchasing maybe for RS 50000.I am located in Uk will be making payment through paypal or escrow from here.The goods will be sent through EMS or Fedex. Do I still need to follow the same import documents , procedure etc or the courier will take care of it?The exportor will attach all the documents related to it invoice etc..What are the documents I need to take care of it

Admin: Hello Joshna John, Any exports or imports should be routed through the proper channel to make account with Reserve Bank of India and Customs Department. You may collect more information from your banker through which you receive or pay your export or import proceeds.

S.Ramaswamy: Sir, Good afternoon, I got iec code. I have registered as FIEO member. Shall I export cashew nuts

Deepak Aggarwal : sir i really need your help at this time , because i wanna to be start up an export business so please help me i have many doubts that how to registered , how to find potential buyer ,customs,benefits and many more at every point relates this

sumit: How to export Concertina coil, barded wire, chain link (Border fence).

Arup Das: Hi, Just wanted to check whether registration is obligatory for an export merchandiser. In this article, you have mentioned that it is necessary for export manufacturer. Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance.

Srinivasa : I am new one business doing export and import business

John Katzman: Thanks for sharing the detail and very useful information regarding import and export. I am having a business for imprinted corporate and other promotional products is house of imprints where the wide range of variety can find here at Your suggestion and given information can truly helpful to me.

Laxmikant : Export import about seafood fishes details information provide please

G. Rajasekkar: I recently got an IE Code certificate like to do export Import Business. Now with my family background, I do like to Export of Silk Fabrics. Can you please help what are the council's require to register And the HS Code number.

Ankita Jain : I wanted to know the procedure to register a company in Export Promotion Council of India as I am unable to get the Clear understanding of the same from the Web. Also I wanted to know how will I get the rebates in Exports of Marbles, Hardware and other durable goods.

Jayachandran: Dear Sir, I would like to export Seaweed gel, seaweed extract and carrageenan from india. Which EPC should i get registered with?. Please advice. Thanking you, Jayachandran

Anjali jaiswal: Dear Sir , I want export promotion free plz suggest me thanks anjali jaiswal

toshi khan : I want to start my export import buisiness so i want to know that what things should i have like company registration and is there any licence to export import.


Sultan Ahmed: Dear Sir, I want to know about import & export business which products are suitable for export to Middle East,USA, United Kingdom & like i.e. others countries, Please provides the details of information related it.

Tushar Tatiya : Firstly, I would like to thank you for your website where we get to learn a lot of things. I need your help on below matter. I just started a proprietorship firm to start export import business as amerchant trader. I have shop act, IEC and bank account and AD code registration. I have finalized one shipment from china to Import and I will sell in my state. This will be my first import. I want to know what other registration I require: VAT registration? Excise registration? Any other registration? Please suggest so that I can smoothly import.

Dipalee: I am Dipalee from Spirochem Lifesciences Pvt ltd. We are into Manufacturing and Export of Specificity chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic Formulations, Bulk Drugs, API's. We have RCMC Registration. But we not having registration for excise. Please guide us with excise on CT1 without registration for excise code and with RCMC (FEIO).

Rajan sambath : I would like to start an Export Concern, i have identified some process to startup a new export concern, so please review the below process. Need to get the IEC, need to register in Export Promotion council.

Sheik Sultan: Hi I am T-shirt and shirt's branded want to buy whole sale contact me

ramachandradurai: 25 November 2016. i am intereseted to export agricultural commodities, Appareal , Engineering products , Herbal Products and Handicrafts. Single RcMc is available for all the above products , or i apply individualRcMc for each export promotion council. Thank you

Shivam Hindia: Dear sir, Could you please guide me as I am planning to start business as an indenting agent. I mean what are the basic mandatory documents required for being a indenting agent?? Also I have the contacts of seller and buyer who import Chemicals from China... I am sending mails to the supplier in China and I am getting their reply too, but I am not getting any response from the buyer when I mail them for their any Chemicals requirements.. I even know what products the buyer are importing in India but they aren't replying to any of my mails... Please help me sir.. guide me as your student... I will be highly obliged sir. As my financial situation is not good and I am trying to do something for my family but somehow it is not working.

suresh.s: How to method of export business start with usealy. Pls help need

Sunita Ravikumar: We introduce ourselves as manufacturer and exporter of Speciality Adhesive Tapes to various countries Taiwan, Poland, Vietnam, Indonesia, Qatar, Singapore, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Spain, etc. We would like to register with Export Promotion Council and we need your

vikas suhalka : I am into mining and trading. I want to start export of granite and marble slabs. Kindly suggest which export council should i register my firm at.

Sunita Ravikumar: We introduce ourselves as manufacturer and exporter of Speciality Adhesive Tapes to various countries We would like to register with Export Promotion Council.

HARDIK RAMANI: sir if i am making brass products according to importers requirement then in which epc i can receive the rcmc

Kashyap Kotecha: Sir, I am into export of Handmade Sieves. Please guide me, under which export promotion council does my product fall? What is the way to contact and register along with them?

Sheikh Aarif Mansoree: Dear Sir, I want to learn all about import export management so please can you suggest me for any certified institute or organization sir I am from Chhindwara, Madhya PRADESH. Please help me sir I will wait for your helpful guidance .

Remesh: We offer 100% Premium Cotton Shirts for men, made from high-grade yarn-dyed fabrics at genuine prices. With exquisite designs ranging from Oxfords to Broadcloth to Poplin to Dobby, we have a variety of designs constructed with premium quality stitching. Kindly respond to the request.we need export orders.

Gulam Mustafa: Hello sir, I want to export Sanitary paid,but I don't know any procedure.plz guide me.


yogesh panchal: I want to be part of export council & want to support the Nation pls reply now

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