What is Fumigation in Export and Import

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Importance of Fumigation in International trade.


What is fumigation in Exports and Imports? Why does fumigation require? What would be the reasons behind insisting of Fumigation certificate by overseas buyers?


What is Fumigation in Export and Import copyLet us discuss the importance of Fumigation in international trade.


In most of the cases where in wood materials are used for packing of export goods, the buyer insists supplier to fumigate cargo and asked to produce fumigation certificate along with other export documents. Fumigation is a legal requirement by the buyer in most of the countries. So fumigation certificate is issued by the fumigator by obtaining approval for fumigation from the licensing authority. Most of the countries will not allow to import goods without fumigation certificate, wherever applicable on such goods.


Fumigation is a method of killing pests, termites or any other harmful living organisms to prevent transfer of exotic organisms. Fumigation is executed, by suffocating or poisoning pest, within an area of specified space by using fumigants. Normally, fumigation is done for wood material used for packing of goods to be exported. In some cases, empty container before stuffing of cargo is fumigated. Most of the cases, fumigation is done after completion of stuffing of cargo and closing the door of container. The result of such fumigation is more effective, as the gases used for fumigation circulates all spaces in the container without spreading gas outside, as the container is closed. However, this method of fumigation is not allowed for the cargo for certain food products for direct consumption and other specified goods.


What is Fumigation in Export and ImportMethyl Bromide is commonly and widely used as fumigants for fumigation all over world. Other widely used fumigants are Chloropicrin, Phosphate, Dichloropropene, Methyl isocynate, hydrogen cyanide, sulfuryl fluoride, formaldehyde etc.

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What is Fumigation in Export and Import


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praveen kumar: please let me know fumigation is required for plywood pallets?

Adel Aziz: I want to ask you if we can receive goods on fumigated wooden pallets without its fumigation certificate. thanks and best regards,

Mangala Srinivasan: Dear Sir , Kindly guide us regarding fumigation certificate requirement for sending polished wooden boxes to Liverpool & Germany Regards, Mangala

admin: Hi Mr.Praveen Kumar, Yes, fumigation is required for plywood pallets also.

mamy sylla: Bonjour je voulais une impormation j importe des cheveux l douame ma bloque pour le certificato afuimigation. Merci

Adil Asif: kindly inform me where to get the Fumigation operator training in India.

Prakash Anjanappa: we are wooden packing contractors, we are fumigating the wood used with MB, our Clint is asking to every pieces of wood should carry MB fumigated seal. My problem is the fumigation service is not agree to do this job by putting the MB fumigated seal on ever piece of wood as I use at least 500 to 800 pieces of wood to make a box. Please me advice technically the purpose of the MB seal, should we put MB seal on all the pieces or few MB seal on the box is enough with the fumigation certificate. Please advice. Regards, Prakash Anjanappa

NARENDRA PATEL: We have fumigated pallets by an agency using the method methyl bromide,, Now we need certificate in which our export invoice is mentioned,, but for this the agency is asking a copy of our invoice, as we don't want to disclose our rates, we are denying to give copy of inoice,, please suggest does agency has right to ask for an invoice copy.

jan mohd: i want to start fumigation company for products being exported and imported from pakistan,can you tell me the certifications i require from my issuing authority to carry out fumigation for containers


sanjay kumar singh: Dear Sir/Madam , We are going Cotton Linter Bales export to china .may i know how much Quantity require for One Container and What will Be Charges?

J Vaidya: Which country requires fumigation certificate , if goods exported ex india ? how one can know ?

K.L. Rai: I have shipped one package containing cricket bats made of English Willow by courier and the package has been withheld at the airport and is lying with Fedex for want of fumigation certificate. Kindly help me how can I get the fumigation certificate now.

Admin: Hello K.L Rai, Any wooden articles are to be fumigated before shipping. Please consult an expert on your issue.

Abhi Jain : Dear sir , I am Abhishek jain from Indore, my family business is cloth marketing but i am keen interested to invest in export import cloth market but i don't have any idea about it, can you help me.

Anil Das: Fumigation is very important for containers, wooden pallets or all import export material. It keeps your goods and containers safe from pests and any other organisms. So better to take fumigation services from any of the reputed fumigation service provider.

Iranna : after fumigation, what is the dual time for Packing

Craig Williams: My question is do the people unloading container that has been fumigated with Methylbromide need any specific clothing or special gear to avoid being contaninated or poisoned by the container fumigated by MB? What is the acceptable level of MB that can be tolerated without specific clothing or special gear?

lakshmanan: there is any specification for fumigation limit. secondly any declare value for that to export.

Arlen Costaine : I am in the planning stage to understand kind of wood pallets hold cartons(boxes) of clothing for sea shipment. Is Bangladeshi's pallets for clothing of international type? Where can I find these dimensions?

Juanna chia: Wooden products export to india without wooden pallet, need fumigation?

GURUSIVA: sir pls tell me validity period of fumigation certificate ?

ahmed: what is the exposure time for voyage from Argentina to Egypt 43000 mt seeds is 2 tablets per mt is sufficient

SAGAR PATIL: Hi , I have fumigated the packaging boxes , and as defined the validity of fumigation is 21 days . but what would i do if 21 days are over but still my boxes are in transit and not reached the destination . what are the action steps in such situation ? any other way to protect my boxes ?

vishal Gupta: Dear sir, Good Afternoon, I am fumigation operator. i have start my fumigation business recently. i am facing problem about dosage and Exposures time of fumigation for multiple country. can you please suggest me where i get the dosage and exposure time detail of countries.

Tribhuvan Joshi: Which method of fumigation allowed while exporting organic spices

SATHISH M S: Dear Sir, Kindly confirm, from china, imported plywood compressed pallets mandatory for fumigation certificate.

joshi: Tribhuvan Joshi this side from Rapid Organic, Our material is in Nhava Shava Port and all formalities are already completed except phytho certificate as PQ officer insisting us to do fumigation in order to get phytho but we can not do fumigation as material is spices and also they are organic and we can not do fumigation for organic commodities.

rohith: Phytosanitary certificate for solid wood India import Client would like to know fumigation for solid wood items already covered under Phytosanitary certificate for import India? Or supplier would need to do fumigation again even they have Phytosanitary certificate? Would you please help to check with the logistic for this part or any further info would be given to client? I have no idea about the phytosanitary certificate nor fumigation for solid wood. It’s better to check and confirm with the forwarder and/ or shipping company. Client would like to know phytosanitary certificate include fumigation for solid wood items or supplier need to do additional fumigation even they get the phytosanitary certificate? Client came back and ask phytosanitary certificate include fumigation for solid wood items like furniture or they need to do fumigation again on top of phytosanitary certificate for furniture importing to India? Do you know the requirement for phytosanitary certificate - All Articles of solid wood, except those falling in HTS code of furniture?

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