Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS), Schedule of country groups


Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS)—Schedule of country groups

The details of country groups schedule under are given below. This detail of country groups helps exporters of India to claim MEIS scheme benefits as per Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20.

International Trade Policy of India 2015-20 bIn exercise of powers conferred under paragraph 2.04 of the Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020, the Director General of Foreign Trade hereby notifies Appendix 3B. 2. Appendix 3B, placed as Annexure to this Public Notice contains the following 2 tables relating to Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS): I-Table 1-List of Country Groups II-Table 2-ITC (HS) code wise list of products with reward rates under MEIS . 3. This Public Notice will be effective on exports made with effect from April 1, 2015 Effect of Public Notice-Country Groups containing list of Countries and ITC (HS) code wise list of products with reward rates under the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) is notified.

Appendix 3B-MEIS Schedule Table 1-List of Countries under Country Group A, Country Group B and Country Group C

Country Group A (1) Austria, (2) Belgium, (3) Bulgaria, (4) Canada, (5) Croatia, (6) Cyprus, (7) Czech Republic, (8) Denmark, (9) Estonia, (10) Finland, (11) France, (12) Germany, (13) Greece, (14) Hungary, (15) Ireland, (16) Italy, (17) Latvia, (18) Lithuania, (19) Luxembourg, (20) Malta, (21) Netherlands, (22) Poland, (23) Portugal, (24) Romania, (25) Slovak Republic, (26) Slovenia, (27) Spain, (28) Sweden, (29) United Kingdom, (30) United States of America

Country Group B (1) Algeria, (2) Angola, (3) Antigua, (4) Argentina, (5) Armenia, (6) Azerbaijan, (7) Bahamas, (8) Bahrain , (9) Barbados, (10) Belarus, (11) Belize, (12) Benin, (13) Bermuda, (14) Bolivia, (15) Botswana, (16) British Virgin Islands, (17) Brazil, (18) Brunei, (19) Burkina Faso, (20) Burundi, (21) Central African Republic, (22) Cambodia, (23) Cameroon, (24) Canary Island, (25) Cape Verde Island, (26) Cayman Island, (27) Chad, (28) Chile, (29) China PRP, (30) Colombia, (31) Comoros, (32) Congo Democratic Republic, (33) Congo Republic, (34) Costa Rica, (35) Cote D' Ivoire, (36) Cuba, (37) Djibouti, (38) Dominic Rep, (39) Dominica, (40) Ecuador, (41) Egypt , (42) El Salvador, (43) Equatorial Guinea, (44) Ethiopia, (45) Falkland Island, (46) French Guiana, (47) Gabon, (48) Gambia, (49) Georgia, (50) Ghana, (51) Grenada, (52) Guadeloupe, (53) Guatemala, (54) Guinea, (55) Guinea Bissau, (56) Guyana, (57) Haiti, (58) Honduras, (59) Indonesia, (60) Iran, (61) Iraq, (62) Israel, (63) Jamaica, (64) Japan, (65) Jordan, (66) Kazakhstan, (67) Kenya, (68) Korea Republic (South Korea), (69) Kuwait, (70) Kyrgyzstan, (71) Lao PDR, (72) Lebanon, (73) Lesotho, (74) Liberia, (75) Libya, (76) Madagascar, (77) Malawi, (78) Malaysia, (79) Mali, (80) Martinique, (81) Mauritania, (82) Mauritius, (83) Mexico, (84) Moldova, (85) Montserrat, (86) Morocco, (87) Mozambique, (88) Myanmar, (89) Namibia, (90) Netherland Antilles, (91) Nicaragua, (92) Niger, (93) Nigeria, (94) Oman, (95) Panama Republic, (96) Paraguay, (97) Peru, (98) Philippines, (99) Qatar, (100) Reunion, (101) Russia, (102) Rwanda, (103) Sao Tome, (104) Saudi Arab, (105) Senegal, (106) Seychelles, (107) Sierra Leone, (108) Singapore, (109) Somalia, (110) South Africa, (111) St Helena, (112) St Kitt N A, (113) St Lucia, (114) St Vincent, (115) Sudan, (116) Suriname, (117) Swaziland, (118) Syria, (119) Taiwan, (120) Tajikistan, (121) Tanzania Republic, (122) Thailand, (123) Togo, (124) Trinidad, (125) Tunisia, (126) Turkey, (127) Turkmenistan, (128) Turks and Caicos Islands, (129) United Arab Emirates, (130) Uganda, (131) Ukraine, (132) Uruguay, (133) Uzbekistan, (134) Venezuela, (135) Vietnam Socialist Republic, (136) Virgin Island US, (137) Yemen Republic, (138) Zambia, (139) Zimbabwe. III-

Country Group C (1) Afghanistan, (2) Albania, (3) American Samoa, (4) Andorra, (5) Anguilla, (6) Antarctica, (7) Aruba, (8) Australia, (9) Bangladesh, (10) Bhutan, (11) Bosnia and Herzegovina, (12) Channel Islands, (13) Christmas Islands, (14) Cocos Islands, (15) Cook Islands, (16) Eritrea, (17) Faroe Islands, (18) Fiji Island, (19) French Polynesia, (20) French Southern and Antarctic Lands (Fr S Ant Tr), (21) Gibraltar, (22) Greenland, (23) Guam, (24) Heard Macdonald, (25) Hong Kong, (26) Iceland, (27) Kiribati Rep, (28) Korea DPR (North Korea), (29) Liechtenstein, (30) Macao, (31) Macedonia, (32) Maldives, (33) Marshall Islands, (34) Micronesia, (35) Monaco, (36) Mongolia, (37) Montenegro, (38) N. Mariana Islands, (39) Nauru Republic, (40) Nepal, (41) Neutral Zone, (42) New Caledonia, (43) New Zealand, (44) Niue Islands, (45) Norfolk Islands, (46) Norway, (47) Pacific Islands, (48) Pakistan, (49) Palau, (50) Panama, (51) Papua New Guyana, (52) Pitcairn Islands, (53) Puerto Rico, (54) SaharwiA.Dm Republic, (55) Samoa, (56) San Marino, (57) Serbia, (58) Solomon Island, (59) Sri Lanka DSR, (60) St Pierre, (61) Switzerland, (62) Timor Leste, (63) Tokelau Islands, (64) Tonga, (65) Tuvalu, (66) Serbia (67) Montenegro, (68)Vanuatu Republic, (69) Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands (70) Any other country not listed in the Country Groups A or B will be treated as part of Country Group C


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saood i qureshi: sir i am locking start the import export in india i live in new york what staff i export in india

saood i qureshi: sir i am locking start the import export in india i live in new york what staff i export in india

vishal gupta: we want to know that we have exported yarn ( 5509.21 ) to itally under MEIS scheme . my question is what is claim % .

Bhaskar M Shetty: Dear All, We respect both MEIS & SEIS which will be help to grow our nation too and there is no chance to make black money under SEIS.

J.RAVI: dear sir iwant export order in any vegetable

Nahid: Dear Sir / Madam, I appreciate your schemes of MEIS & SEIS, please guides us on export to middle east and gulf region what will be the benefits, as we are planning to merchandised export of mild steel tray for racking purpose. We look forward for your comments at the earliest & let us know if any office in bangalore can be contact for further more details Kind regards, Nahid +919008012785

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