Procedures to claim under MEIS scheme under Export of goods through courier or foreign post offices

Applications  to claim under MEIS scheme for Export of goods through courier or foreign post offices using e-Commerce

Application shall be filed on line, using digital signature, in ANF 3D by exporter. The applicant shall submit the proof of landing in the manner prescribed under paragraph 3.03 of Hand Book of Procedures of FTP 2015-20.


Import Export Policy 2015-20 cApplicant shall file separate application for each port of export. RA will manually examine the submitted documents before grant of scrip.


Proof of Landing to claim MEIS under FTP 2015-2020

Here, the information about proof of landing to claim MEIS under Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 is explained.

Wherever the reward under MEIS, Merchandise Exports from India Scheme is available to all countries, proof of landing shall not be required to be submitted for claiming the reward.


Uploading/submission of documents, as a proof of landing

As a measure of ease of doing business, documents as a proof of landing of export consignment in notified market can be digitally uploaded in the following manner:

Any exporter may upload the scanned copy of document as mentioned at paragraph 3.03 (c) (i) under his digital signature. Status holders falling in the category of Three Star, Four Star or Five Star export house category may upload scanned copies of documents as mentioned at paragraph 3.03(c) (iv). In all other cases the physical copy, in original, shall be filed by all categories of exporters.


List of eligible category under MEIS if exported through using E-commerce platform, as per Appendix 3C.

As per para 3.05 of Foreign Trade Policy 2015-20, the eligible category of exporters under MEIS, if export through e-commerce are Handicraft Items/Products, Handloom Products, Books/Periodicals, Leather Footwear, Toys, Customized Fashion Garments (Customized Fashion Garments are garments that are made on specific request/order of customer and accordingly tailored/manufactured).

The MEIS benefits on exports admissible for handicraft /handloom products shall be allowed only if the export documents show that the items exported are handicraft /handloom products respectively.

In case of any doubt about a product being a handicraft product, a certificate from Development Commissioner (Handicraft) shall be required.


The above details about proof of landing and submission to claim MEIS can be noted by exporters of India, as a guidelines and procedures to claim MEIS.

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