Application for Shipments from EDI Ports and Non-EDI Ports under MEIS


Application for Shipments from EDI Ports and Non-EDI Ports under MEIS

Indian foreign trade policy 2015-20Shipments from EDI Ports and Non-EDI Ports cannot be clubbed in one application. Port of registration for EDI enabled ports shall be the port of export. Accordingly separate application shall be filed for each EDI port. In case of exports through non-EDI port, the port of registration shall be the relevant non EDI port of exports. Accordingly separate application shall be filed for each non EDI port. Multiple applications can be filed and supplementary cut shall not be applicable. However, an application can be filed with up to a maximum of 50 shipping bills. 

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B N Biradar: In respect of export of software is there a necessity of declaring port of export? If no then in e-BRC how does the details of port is declared? Kindly reply.

Sreekanth: We are doing exports of Live Lobster ( ITC HS Code - 03062200). What are the documents attached for getting meis benifit. It is digitallay uploaded or Manually submitted

Dhaval Patel: hello sir how to generate ebrc for my export from non edi port? recently i have exported from non edi port mohadipur for Bangladesh but my bank not issue ebrc. i need help.

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