How to amend spelling error in IGM. in India


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Amendment of  spelling error in IGM in India


COMMON ERRORS IN DOCUMENTATION GUIDELINES TO EXPORTERS copy Is wrong spell in Import General Manifest a discrepancy under Import Clearance?


Wrong spell? Not good anywhere in life. Am I right? However, a spelling error which does not change the meaning of contents can be accepted up to certain level. I have written another article about spelling error under Letter of Credit in same website.


As you know, Import General Manifest filing with customs by carrier of goods is a legal requirement of Government of any country on arrival of goods or before arrival of goods at final customs location.


Due to change of spelling in any words in IGM may affect the importer at various levels to face inconvenience in completing customs clearance procedures, claiming government benefits, or fulfilling obligations at various authorities etc.


So exact details in all documents is required for which there should not be any wrong spell in any of the words reflecting in Import General Manifest in turn any other legal import documents.

Amendment of spelling error in IGM
If satisfies that there is no fraudulent intention on amendment of IGM, Customs department permits to amend Import General Manifest (IGM) subjected to payment of necessary fee along with the supporting documents.


The necessary application has to be filed with customs after paying requisite fee to emend Import General Manifest. In India, such amendments are carried out as per the guidelines of Section 30(3) of Indian Customs Act 1962.


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