Export Promotion Activities from AEPC

AEPC is continuously involved in the task of promoting the exports of readymade garment from the country by organizing different programmes.


Buyer Seller Meet

Organizing Buyer Seller Meets (Already concluded Mega Show in South Africa, Japan and BSMs in Spain).


Trade Delegation

Spearheading trade delegations to potential markets like US, Canada, China, Taiwan, Tunisia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Panama and Columbia etc.


International Fairs

Interselection Paris (France) (5-7 April'11), Hong Kong Fashion Week (4-7 July 2011), Global Fashion, Dusseldorf (Germany) (July '11), Magic Fair, USA (21-24 Aug 2011), International Istanbul Fashion Fair,Turkey (Aug 11), Fashion Industry, St. Petersburg Russia (Oct '11), Interselection Paris (France) (Nov '11), Hong Kong Fashion Week (Jan- 2012), Intermoda, Mexico (Jan 2012), Global Fashion, Dusseldorf (Germany) (February 2012), Magic, USA (February 2012), Futura Fair (March 2011), IFF, Japan (20-22 July, 2011), BSM, South Africa (Mar 2012), BSM - Spain (Oct, 2011), Fashion Forecast Seminar and inviting fashion designer from abroad (March 2012), Souce Zone (9-11 November, 2011), Export Award function, BSM AUSTRALIA, BSM, BRAZIL & ARGENTINA



Organising seminars like REACH (held in March to September 2009), Fashion Forecast Seminar (planned to be held in November, 2009), World Apparel Convention (scheduled from 17-20 November, 2009).



Workshops on Fashion, managerial and technical aspects of the industry by inviting Fashion Designers from various countries, like Mexico, South Africa etc.


Education and Training Initiatives

Integrating skilled human resource development through its Education & Training initiatives like Apparel Training & Design Centres (ATDCs) in 47 cities and Institutes of Apparel Management (IAMs) in 2 cities


Dissemination of Information

Disseminating information to trade through…

       Publishing a monthly magazine, “Apparel India” through which all information on Govt. policies and initiatives with regard to the apparel industry is communicated to the garment export industry. The magazine gives valuable information regarding the fashion trend, trade statistics, market focus and other study reports to the benefit of the industry.


        Maintaining its own website, “aepcindia.com” through which buyer and seller meet on a reliable platform and it also provide valuable inputs to the garment industry.


       Compiling of Detailed Country Reports and its trade statistics which are available to the trade in CD form as well.


       Maintaining a well equipped library (in Mumbai and Gurgaon) with all latest fashion related and valuable market trend publications which is open to the trade members for their reference;


       Media & Corporate Communication Information about the apparel industry in various countries is collated to spread awareness among Indian exporters. On the other hand, queries on Indian industry from foreign buyers are responded to.


Research & Development


     Conducting market surveys and providing market intelligence through various cluster studies, research reports & journals.


     Exploring new markets and identifying items of export potential (Already undergoing a New Product Development Scheme for Trade under Ministry of Commerce (MoC)).


      Developing new markets for existing products through various export promoting activities like Road shows, leading trade delegations, etc.



Statistical profiles

Trade leads


Visa recommendation

keeps its members abreast of the latest developments in the world economic scenario and inform members about

(i)    Latest happenings

(ii)   Trade enquiries

(iii)  Threats

(iv)  Global tenders

(v)   The largest pool of Indian companies in the industry as its members; 

(vi)  A comprehensive database on the industry, companies, products, capabilities of all major players in electronics, computer hardware, software and telecom products; 

(vii) Access and arrangements to facilitate import/export, collaborations, joint ventures, subcontracting, tie-ups

(viii)  Access to published reports on markets, products, trade statistics, business opportunities; and 

 (ix)  Facilitation in establishing joint ventures and strategic alliances - for contract manufacturing, captive production, design and test facilities.

ESC is a one-stop source of information on

(i)    Commercially useful information

(ii)   Export opportunities

(iii)  Export-Import policy and procedures


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