Export Promotion activities of Tobacco Board

Export Promotion activities of Tobacco Board


Export Promotion activities of Tobacco BoardSpecial export promotional benefits from Tobacco Board


Tobacco Board undertakes the following Export Promotion Activities:


Inviting official and business delegations from abroad.

Organizing visits of official and trade delegations abroad.

Participation in International Trade Fairs and exclusive world tobacco exhibitions & symposiums.

Publicity through advertisement campaign in the international media to promote Indian tobacco.

Dissemination of Information and various enquiries received from overseas customers to the exporters.

Providing recommendatory, advisory and other support services to the Trade and Industry.

Problem solving in Government Agencies and Organizations such as RBI, Customs regarding Import/Export procedures; problems with Importers through Indian Missions abroad.

Provision of inputs to the Central Government on policy matters relating to export of tobacco and tobacco products.


Services to Exporters of Tobacco & Tobacco Products:

Registration-CUM-Membership-Certificate (RCMC)

The Tobacco Board, apart from issue of the annual registration for various categories of Traders (Exporters & Manufacturers) under the Act, also grants Registration-cum-Membership Certificates as outlined, in chapter 3 of the Foreign Trade Policy and Hand Book of Procedures.

Application for RCMC is to be made in the prescribed Form given in Appendix-19A of the Hand Book of procedures Vol-1, which can be obtained from Tobacco Board on request or download from the Tobacco Board website.  Filled in application shall be submitted to Board through online (along with scanned copies) and physically to save time along with the following:

A Bank Certificate in support of the applicant's financial soundness

Self Certified Photocopy of the Import Export Code number issued by the DGFT Office.

Self Certified Photocopy of Registration Certificate issued by Tobacco Board as an exporter.

Self Certified Photocopy of PAN card of the owner of the firm.

Original RCMC certificate issued earlier (in case of Renewal).

Registration is granted as Merchant Exporter or Manufacturer Exporter. In case the exporter desires to get registration as Manufacturer Exporter, he shall furnish evidence of manufacturing activity owned by their firm (for example License issued by Industries Department/IDR Act, 1951)) along with application.

Registration is granted for a period of 5 years, which is valid from 1st April of the Licensing year in which License was issued.

In case of change in ownership, constitution, name or address of an exporter, it shall be obligatory on the part of RCMC holder to intimate such change to the Registering Authority within a period of one month from the date of such change.

Tobacco Board issues an RCMC in about five working days from the day of application, if the application received physically is in order in all respects and in case of receipt of application through online Registration Certificate will be issued of the above said documents and filled-in application Appendix-19A physically.


GSP (Generalized system of Preferences) Certification:

Under the Regime of the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) of European Union, Tobacco Board is authorized to issue the Certificate of origin.

Blank GSP forms are available with the Board on payment of Rs.25/- per set by Cash/D.D. in favour of Tobacco Board, Guntur.

The following documents are to be submitted for issue of GSP certificates.  In case of online submission of application scanned copies of following documents are to be attached for scrutiny.  On receipt of filled-in application together with Certificate and copies of the documents GSP/CoA certificates will be issued immediately if the application is in order:

Invoice (2 copies)

Letter of standing instructions of Customer

Bill of Lading (duly authenticated)

Customs certified invoice in case of post shipment certification.

Duly filled in G.S.P. FORMS Set.

D.D. for Rs.350/- per set drawn in favour of Tobacco Board, Guntur towards certification fee.

Tobacco Board also issues certificate of Origin and Certificate of Authenticity within 24 hours of receipt of application either physically / online, if all the documents are in order.

Tobacco Board also issues Certificate of Authenticity (CoA) besides Certificate of Origin covering exports of tobacco and tobacco products to other destinations on the request along with GSP.  Blank Certificate of Authenticity forms are available on payment of Rs.25/- per set by Cash / DD.

If the applicant requests only the Certificate of Authenticity, the following documents are to be submitted:

Invoice (2 copies)

Letter of standing instructions of Customer (and/or)

Bill of Lading (duly authenticated)

Customs certified invoice in case of post shipment certification.

Duly filled in Certificate of Authenticity forms set.

D.D. for Rs.350/- per set drawn in favour of Tobacco Board, Guntur towards certification fee.

"Certificate of Origin shall be issued only if the goods are meeting the Rules of Origin prescribed by the importing country."

Export of tobacco and tobacco products – Provisions of Foreign Trade Policy

Export and Import of unmanufactured tobacco and all tobacco products are under Open General License (OGL) and hence can be imported or exported with out any restriction.

Export of Unmanufactured tobacco is exempted from compulsory pre-shipment inspection (Agmark certification) by any Government Agency subject to the condition that the exporter has a firm letter from the overseas buyer stating that the overseas buyer does not want pre-shipment inspection by any official Indian inspection agency and the said letter is filed by the exporter before the Customs authorities.

Export of un-manufactured tobacco and tobacco products are not subject to any price controls like Minimum Export Prices restriction, and quota controls.

Duties & Cesses

There are no duties/ cesses payable on exports of tobacco and tobacco products. Government of India had abolished the Tobacco Board Cess and AP Cess levied on exports of tobacco.

Incentives/Benefits to Trade (Exporters) by the Concerned Departments of Government of India for 2013-14:


1. Focus Product Scheme: Export of unmanufactured tobacco and refuse is entitled for an incentive @2% of FOB under FPS for all exports


2. Agri-Infrastructure Incentive Scrip (AIIS):

    For exports made during a particular year, all Status Holders (having status recognition for the current year) exporting products covered under ITC HS Chapters 1 to       24, shall be incentivized with duty credit scrip equal to 10% of FOB value of agricultural exports (including VKGUY) benefits entitled under Policy Para 3.13.2) provided     that the total benefits for all status holders put together does not exceeded Rs.100 Cr (i.e. Rs.50 Cr. for each half year) and the conditions specified in Para 3.7.2 of     HBPv1 are satisfied.

3. Duty Draw Back


4. Market Access Initiative (MAI) / Market Development Assistance (MDA):


Government is also providing financial assistance for export promotion activities implemented by Export Promotion Councils / Trade Promotion Organizations on the basis of Annual Action Plan.



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