What is Shut out in export trade

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Shut Out – Some facts in international trade.

Have you heard of this term ‘Shut Out’ in Export Import Trade? What is Shut Out in International trade? How does Shut Out work in international trade of exports and imports?

What is Shut Out?

“Shut Out in international business” means, calling back of shipment to the exporter’s place. What is Shut out in export trade

You (exporter) ship the cargo to your overseas buyer. After shipping goods, you receive information from your overseas buyer that they do not require the said products or the said export order has to be cancelled. At any chance, the buyer is un able to accept the goods. In this case you have no choice but to get back the goods you have shipped. Either the goods may be at destination port, trans-shipment point, loading port or on water or air. In some cases you may ship the cargo by oversight where in no export order pending.

There may have two or more shipments effecting on the same day from factory. The empty containers arrives factory for stuffing. You may have one product to be shipped to Chicago and another to Moscow. By oversight the cargo belongs to Chicago has been loaded to the container of Moscow. Here, thing shipping line serves to Moscow may not have service to Chicago and vice versa.

Once you realized that you have to call back the cargo, immediately inform the carrier in writing to stop further movements of the said cargo.

When does ‘Shut Out of cargo’ happen? Let us discuss situations where in Shut Out takes place in shipping.

Shut out of goods due to cancellation of Export Order

Once after shipment of goods, the buyer intimates exporter about the cancellation of export order. This could happen due to many reasons at buyer’s side. Normally, this type of cancellation takes place mostly under shipments where in the buyer resells his imported goods to another party. In spite of all efforts, buyer would have failed to convince his customers to accept goods, where in cancellation of export order takes place. The goods are taken back by the exporter under Shut Out procedures and formalities with customs department by filing necessary documents.

Shut out of shipment due to oversight

Shut out of cargo could happen due to oversight of personnel at exporters’ side. Such oversight could happen due to many reasons. Some of the reasons for oversights are Shut Out due to Change of products exported, quantity difference, quality difference, wide difference in shipment time etc.etc.

Shut out due to change of products exported by oversight.

The description of goods exported could be wrong by oversight. If you handle different types of goods, the type of goods could be changed if no proper care taken.

Shut Out of goods due to change of quantity exported

Instead of shipping the actual quantity mentioned as per Purchase Order, different quantity could be exported by oversight. The buyer might not be required more quantity at any cost. Or, overseas buyer can not manage with less quantity shipped by oversight. If Shutting out is more viable by means of costs, the exporter chooses to do so.

Shut Out of shipment due to quality difference

If specification of goods exported varies from specification mentioned in purchase order, exporter has no option but to Shut Out the goods back to his factory to correct. Maintaining quality is one of the main factors in any exports, failing which the goods exported may reject and seller can not claim anywhere due to poor quality.

Shut out due to wide difference on shipment date agreed

If goods shipped with a wide difference than the date of shipment agreed with overseas buyer may result of rejection of shipment and thereby Shut Out of goods. If goods are shipped prior to its maturity or later than its maturity, proper permission from overseas buyer has to be taken in written.


Inter Change of goods shipped with different buyers.

In a very rare cases, interchange of goods to containers also happened which leads to Shut Out of shipment. If two or more exports effects at same day and same time, the goods meant for one buyer at different country can be inter changed with another goods with another buyer in another country. Here, the shipping carrier may not have service to the destination of any of them, where in exporter does not have any other option, but Shut Out cargo to his factory.


In this article, I am trying to enlighten the importance of keen attention required on shipping of goods by exported to avoid Shut Out.

Have you satisfied with this article about Shut Out. Do you wish to add more information about Shut Out in shipping?  Share your experience in handling any of the above circumstances under Shut Out.

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kevin: We have a shipment sent in error from USA to India and have tried to get cargo back out but are being told customs procedures are difficult and there is a need to find another exporter as wrong consignee is refusing to co-operate, saying that they have already cleared the incorrect cargo as they thought it was their own. We understand that cargo is currently in wrong consignee’s clearing WH in India. We would have thought that there was a customs procedure to deal with such a situation, without actually producing a new exporter. Is this something you can give advice

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