Difference between importer and Consignee

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Who is an Importer in International trade? Whom to be called a Consignee in exports and imports? How to differentiate between Consignee and Importer in import and export business?

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Who is an Importer in Exports and Imports trade?


Importer is an individual or a firm authorized by the government of respective country to act as an ‘Importer’ to bring goods or services in a country from outside countries. The importer is responsible completing necessary legal import customs clearance procedures and formalities on arrival of goods in to a country. However,he can resell cargo before arrival of goods to a third party and need not be a final buyer. In other words, the title of cargo can be transferred before arrival of goods.


Who is a consignee in Imports and Exports?


Consignee is an individual or a firm to whom the cargo is consigned by shipper.

Consignee may or may not be an actual buyer of goods. If freight forwarding is involved in a shipment, the consignee of MAWB or MBL may be the said freight forwarder and not the final buyer of goods. Consignee need not be a government registered importer.  Also read Know the term Port of Discharge and Place of Delivery.    Non receipt of Cargo Arrival Notice, Can importer sue against shipping company


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