Types of Export Containers


Types of Export Containers


types of containersThis post helps you to get information about different cargo container types used for transport of goods.


Different types of containers are used in domestic and international trade to move cargo from one location to another. Some types of containers are Standard Dry Containers, Open Top Containers, High cube Containers, Refrigerated Containers (Reefer Containers), GOH Containers (Garments on hanger containers), Open Side Containers, Tank Containers , Half height Containers, Ventilated Containers, Car Carrier Containers, Hard top Containers, Insulated Containers, Tunnel Containers, Platform Containers, Flat rack Containers etc. These containers are used to transport different types of goods as per convenience, coastwise and time saving parameters. For example, Standard dry containers are used to move general dry cargo, temperature sensitive cargo is moved with refrigerated containers, liquid and powder type goods are moved with tank container so on. So each type of container is manufactured as per customer’s requirements.


Detailed article about each type of container has been described in separate post in this website to make you easily understand about each container. You can click below links to learn more about types of containers.


You can click below links to learn more about types of containers:

Standard Dry Containers (Click here for details)
Open Top Containers (Click here for details)
High cube Containers (Click here for details)
Refrigerated Containers (Click here for details) (Reefer Containers)
GOH Containers (Garments on hanger containers) (Click here for details)
Open Side Containers (Click here for details)
Tank Containers (Click here for details)
Half height Containers (Click here for details)
Ventilated Containers (Click here for details)
Car Carrier Containers (Click here for details)
Hard top Containers (Click here for details)
Insulated Containers (Click here for details)
Tunnel Containers (Click here for details)
Platform Containers (Click here for details)
Flat rack Containers (Click here for details)


I hope, you will have a clear idea about different types of containers used, use of different types of containers, specification details of each container, manufacture details and other features of each cargo used in domestic and international trade. Did you like this article about different types of cargo containers?


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