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In this article, quick details of open top containers are mentioned. These details includes manufacture details of open top containers, different types of open top containers and use of open top containers.


open top container detailsAll types of general cargo (dry cargo) can be transported in Open Top Containers. Normally the wall Open Top containers are manufactured in steel. However, the floors are made with wood.


What is the use of open top container?

Open Top Containers are used to transport over height or over lengthy cargo or both. In open top containers, packing and unpacking is easy by crane or crab. For the purpose of flexibility to load and unload, open containers have end doors. Oversized cargo such as machinery, timber, steel, scrap metals etc. can be loaded easily from the top in an open top container. Since the container doors can be removed, stuffing and de stuffing of goods make easier. The metal beam above the door can be removed to the right or left and can also be dismantled from the container.


Top side of open top containers is covered with a removable, weatherproof tarpaulin that can be secured with ropes. The top of open top containers do not have solid roof. Lashing rings at the inside base of the container are used to secure and prevent shifting of cargo during movement.


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Normally, open top containers are available in 20’ and 40’.


In this article, a quick details of open top containers are mentioned which includes manufacture details of open top containers, different types of open top containers and use of open top containers. Have you satisfied this post about Open Top Containers for cargo movement? Would you like to add more details about this article on Open Top Containers?


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