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The following are the list of abbreviations commonly used in business.  These abbreviations include abbreviations used in Export, abbreviations in Import, list of antonyms in shipping trade, abbreviations used in freight forwarding business and commonly used terms in customs brokering.    Popularly used abbreviations in banking, commonly using tax abbreviations and other list of generally used business terms are also included in this article.     If you would like to add up more abbreviations to this article   which is commonly used in your region, you may write at bottom of this article.  Please make sure, you are adding only ‘commonly using abbreviations’ in business, as this category is meant for import and export.

C & D Collected and delivered
C & E Customs & Excise
C & F Cost & freight
C & I Cost and Insurance
C : Class Rate
C of O: Certificate Of Origin
C&D -Collect and Delivery
C&D--Cease and desist
C&E Customs & Excise
C&F Cost and Freight
C&F Cost With Freight
C&F Cost & Freight (not in INCOTERMS 1990)
C&I Cost and Insurance
C&I--Commercial and industrial
C. & F. Cost and Freight
C.A.B.A.F. Currency and Bunker Adjustment Factor
C.A.D. Cash Against Documents
C.A.D-Cash Against Delivery
C.A.F. Cost, assurance, Freight Included
C.A.F. Currency Adjustment Factor
C.B.--Cumulative Bulletin
C.B.D. Cash Before Delivery
C.B.E. & C. Central Board of Excise and Customs
C.B.R. Commodity Box Rate
C.F.S. Container Freight Station
C.H-Custom House
C.I.A. Cash in Advance
C.I.F. Cost, Insurance and Freight
C.I.F.&C. Cost, Insurance, Freight & Commission
C.I.F.C & I-Cost, Insurance, Freight, Commission & Interest
C.I.F.C. Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission
C.I.F.C.&I. Cost, Insurance, Freight, Commission & Interest
C.I.F.F.O. Cost, Insurance and Freight, Free out
C.I.F-Cost Insurance & Freight

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C.I.P. Calling-in-Point
C.I.R.--Commissioner Internal Revenue
C.L.U.E.--Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (Report)
C.O. Certificate of Origin
C.O.D. Cash on Delivery
C.O.O.C---Contact with Oil and/or Other Cargo
C.O.P. Custom of the Port
C.O.S. Cash on Shipment
C.P.D. Charter Pays Dues
c.p.d.-Charters Pay Dues
C.R-Companies Risk
C.S.D. Closed Shelter Deck Ship
C.T. Conference Terms
C.T.L. Constructive Total Loss
C.W.O. Cash With Order
C.Y. Container Yard
C/A-Capital Account
C/B-Container Base
C/C sshinC/sshinC
C/D Commercial Dock or consular declaration
C/I Certificate Inspection
C/I Certificate of Insurance
C/I Commercial Invoice
C/I Consular Invoice
C/I Consular Invoice/Certificate of Insurance
c/i-Certificate of Insurance
C/N "Consignment note, cover note, case of need, combined nomenclature
C/N Consignment Note, Cover Note
C/NEE Consignee
C/nee Consignee
C/NOR Consignor
C/O Certificate of Origin
C/O cash order
C/P Charter party
C/P-Charter Party, Custom of Ports
C/S Currency Surcharge
C/S---Cargo Selectivity
C/V Certificate of value
C/VO Certificate of Value & Origin
C/X sshinC / ssheX
CA - Certification Authority
CA - Concurrent Audit
CA Commissioner (Appeals)
CA Compensatory Agreement
CA Current accout
CA&IC--Competent Authority and International Coordination
CAA Civil Aviation Authority
CAAC Civil Aviation Administration of China
CAAC Customs and Allied Affairs Committee
CAA--Certifying Acceptance Agents
CAB - College of Agricultural Banking
CAB Civil Aeronautics Board (USA)
CABAF-Currency and Bunker Adjustment Factor
CACM Central American Common Market
CACM Central American Common Market
CACM Central American Common Market
CA--Confidentiality agreement
CACP Commission for Agricultural Costs & Prices
CAD Canadian Dollar
CAD Commercial Agents Directive
CAD Computer aided design
CAD Cash Against Documents
CAD Cash available for distribution
CAD - Current Account Deficit
CAD Capital Account Deficit
CADE Customer Account Data Engine
CADR Cash available for distribution before debt reduction
CAE Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis
CAE Computer aided engineering
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor for sea freight rates
CAF--Centralized Authorization File
CAF-Currency Adjustment Factor
CAFR--Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
CAFTA Central American Free Trade Area
CAG Controller and Auditor General of
CAGR – Compound Annual Growth Rate
CAGR--Compound annual growth rate
CAM computer aided manufacturing
CAM--Change in accounting method
CAM--Common area maintenance
CAM--Computer aided manufacturing
CAMELS - Capital Adquacy, Asset Quality,
CAMELS- Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, Systems & Controls
CAMPS--Cumulative auction market preferred stock
CAN Customs Assigned Number
CAO Chief Accounting Officer
CAP - Common Agricultural Policy
Cap Capacity
CAP Common Agricultural Policy
CAP Condition Assessment Programme

CAPA Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants
CAP--Closing agreement program
CAP--Collection Appeals Program
CAP--Compliance Assurance Process
CAP--Compliance Assurance Program
CAPEX Capital Expenditure
Capex--Capital expenditures
CAPM Capital asset pricing model
CAPM Captial asset pricing models.
CAPM--Capital asset pricing model
CAPP--Cash account pension plan
CAPS--Convertible adjustable preferred stock
CAR---Credit Approval Request
CARDS--Custom Adjustable Rate Debt Structure
CARIBCAN Canadian-Caribbean Basin Initiative
CARICOM Caribbean Common Market
CARICOM Caribbean Community
CARIFTA Caribbean Free Trade Association
Carr Fwd Carriage Forward
CAS - Central Account Section
CASB--Cost Accounting Standards Board
CASS Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
CASTE Association of Scientific and Technologic Enterprises
CAT--Commercial activity tax
CATS--Certificate of accrual on Treasury securities
CAWR--Combined Annual Wage Reporting
CB Cumulative Bulletin
CB Container Base
CBAF--Commercial bank address file
CB--Carryback (also C/B)
CB--Carryback (also C/B)
CBD Convention on Biological Diversity
CBD Cash Before Delivery
CBD Cash before delivery
CBD--Central business district
CBDT - Central Board of Direct Taxes
CBDT, D/o Revenue Central Board of Direct Taxes, Department of Revenue
CBERA Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act
CBFT (or CFT) Cubic Feet
CBHI Central Bureau of Health Intelligence
CBI Central Bureau of Investigation
CBI Caribbean Basin Initiative
CBI Confederation of British Industry
CBIT--Comprehensive business income tax
CBLO - Collateralized Borrowing and Lending
CBLR Columbia Business Law Review (Journal)
CBM Cubic Metre
cbm cubic metre
CBM Cubic Metres
CBO--Congressional Budget Office
CBOT Chicago Board of Trade (of the United States)
CBOT--Chicago Board of Trade
CBPP--Center on Budget & Policy Priorities
CBRD - Cattle Birth Record Document
CBRS--Currency and Banking Retrieval System
CBS - Consolidated Banking Statistics
CBS - Core Banking Solutions
CBWE Central Board for Workers Education
CC - Cubic Capacity
CC & S "Riots, Civil Commotions & Strikes
CC (P) Commissioner of Customs (Preventive)
CC : Charges Collect
CC Cash Credit
CC Commissioner of Customs

CC "Continuation clause, Civil Commotions

 cc "Current cost, cubic capacity, customs clearance, cubiccentimetre, carbon copy 

CC/O Certificate of Consignment/Origin
CCA : Cargo Charges Correction Advice
CCA Chief Council Advice
CCADJ Capital consumption adjustment
CCB - Central Co-operative Bank
CCB China Construction Bank
CCC - Central Complaints Committee
CCC Commodity Credit Corporation
CCC Community Customs Code (EU)
CCC Customs Co-operation Council (now WCO)
CCC Customs Clearance Certificate
CCC Customs Co-operation Council
CCC--Commodity Credit Corporation
CCC--Customer contact center
CC--Chief Counsel
CCCN Customs Co-Operation Council Nomenclature
CCC---The Customs Cooperation Council
CCD - Cattle Control Document
CCDM--Chief Counsel Directive Manual
CCE Commissioners of Customs and Excise
CCET Centre for Cooperation with Economies in Transition
CCF, Forest Dept Chief Conservation of Forests, Forest Department
CCFF Compensatory and Contingency Financing Facility
CCIL - Clearing Corporation of India Limited
CCIL – Clearing Corporation of India Ltd.
CCIP Customs Code Implementary Provisions (EU)
CCISO--Cincinnati centralized innocent spouse operation
CC-ITA Chief Council - Income Tax and Accounting
CCL Contingent Credit Line
CCLN Consignment note control label number
CCM Caribbean Common Market
CCM--Completed contract method
CCN Communication Network
CCOIC China Chamber of International Commerce
CCP Counter-Cyclical Program (government farm program)
CCPAA China Certified Public Accountant Association
CCPA--Consumer Credit Protection Act
CCP--Collateralized commercial paper
C-CPI--Chained Consumer Price Index
CCPIT China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
C-CPI-UChained Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers
CCR - Counterfeit Currency Report
CCR--Central Contracting Registry
CCR--Comprehensive case resolution
CCRS - Currency Chest Reporting System
CCT Common Customs Tariff (within the EU)
CCTV China Central Television
CCX Charges Collect
CD - Certificate of Deposit
C-D - Currency-Deposit
Ratio Credit Deposit Ratio

CD Customs Declaration
CDARS--Certificate of Account Registry Service
CDBMS - Centralised Data Base Management
CDBS Committee of Direction on Banking
CD--Certificate of deposit
CDE--Community Development Entities
CDFI--Community Development Financial Institutions
CDHP Consumer-Driven Health Plan
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDO Collateralized debt obligation
CDOs - Collateralised Debt Obligations
CDP--Collection Due Process
CDPH--Collection Due Process Hearing
CDR - Corporate Debt Restructuring
CDRs China Depositary Receipts
CDS - Credit Default Swap
CDV Current Domestic Value
CDW--Compliance data warehouse
ce Ta Center Tank
CE Community European - quality mark on goods
CE&O--Customer education and outreach
CEA Chinese Economic Area or Council of Economic Advisors
CEA--Council of Economic Advisers
CEBS--Certified employee benefit specialist
CEC China Electronics Corp
CECF China Export Commodities Fair
CE--Continuing education
CEFTA Central European Free Trade Agreement
CEIT--Comprehensive business income tax
CEMA Customs and Excise Management Act 1979
CEMAC Economic and Monetary Community of Central African States
CEN European Standards Office
CENVAT - Central Value Added Tax
CEO – Chief Executive Officer
CEOs Chief Executive Officers
CERCLA--Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980
CERIL--Corporate equity reduction interest loss
CERT--Corporate equity reduction transaction
CESA--Coverdell education savings account
CET Central European Time
CETA--Comprehensive Employment and Training Act of 1975
CETRA China External Trade Development Council
CF & C---Cost, Freight and Commission
CF Company Finance
CFA Chartered Financial Analyst
CFA African Financial Community
CFA--Chartered financial analyst
CFA--Consumer Federation of America
CFAT--Cash flow after taxes
CFBT--Cash flow before taxes
CFC Consumption of fixed capital
CF--Cash flow
CFC--Chartered financial consultant
CFC--Court of Federal Claims
CFCT Cash Flow Cycle Time
CFD Contract for difference
CFE Certified Financial Examiner
CFF Compensatory Financing Facility
CFf Collection Field function
CFI EC Court of First Instance
CFIA Competency Framework for Internal Auditing
CFIUS Committee on Foreign Investment in United States
CFM Certified Financial Manager
CFMS Centralised Funds Management System
CFO Chief Financial Officer (head of the finance)
CFPB Consumer Finance Protection Bureau
CFP Certified financial planner
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFRA Combined Finance and Revenue
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFR Cost & Freight
CFROI Cash flow return on investment
CFS Consolidated Financial Statement
CFS Container Freight Station
CFSA Committee on Financial Sector
CFT Combating Financing of Terrorism
CFT Cubic FeeT
CFTA Canada Free Trade Agreement
CFTC Commodity Futures Trading Commission (USA)
Cft Cubic Ton
CG-18 Consultative Group of Eighteen (GATT)
CGA Charitable gift annuity
Cge Carriage
CgePd Carriage paid
CGFTMSE Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro
CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research.
CGL Comprehensive general liability
CGMA Chartered Global Management Accountant
CGRA Currency & Gold Revaluation Account
CGS Cost of goods sold (also COGS)
CGWB Central Ground Water Board
Ch Fwd Charges forward
Ch of C Chamber of commerce
ch pd carriage paid
Ch Pd Charges Paid
ch ppd carriage pre-paid
CH Custom House
Ch. Fwd.-Charges Forward
Ch.ppd-Charges Prepaid
CHA Custom House Agent
CHAPS Clearing House Automated Payment System
CHART A map used by navigators
CHB Custom house broker
CHC Closely held corporation
Chem Chemical

ChFC Chartered Financial Consultant
CHIEF Customs Handling of Import and Exports Freight
CHIEFS the UK Customs electronic system for both export and import transactions
CHIPS Clearing House Inter-bank Payments System (USA)
CHL Customs house license
CHOPT Charterers Option
CHTRS Charterers
CI Certificate of Insurance
CIA Certified Internal Auditor
CIB Cash intensive business
CIBIL Credit Information Bureau of India Ltd.
CIC Central Information Commission
CIC Credit Industrial Commercial
CIC Consumer Information Center
CIC Coordinated industry case
CI City
CICPA Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants
CI Criminal investigation
CICs Credit Information Companies
CID Cattle Identification Document
CIDA Canadian International Development Agency
CID Criminal Investigation Division
CIE Customs input entry, CorasIompairEirraen(Irish Railways)
CIECos Clean energy coal bonds
CIF Cost Insurance Freight
CIF & C Cost, Insurance, Freight and Commission
CIF & E Cost, Insurance, Freight & Exchange
CIF & I Cost, Insurance, Freight and Interest
CIFR Committee on Improvements to Financial Reporting
CII Confederation of Indian Industry
CIK Central index keys
CIM Computer-integrated manufacturing
CIM Contract of movement by International Rail
CIM Convention International Merchandises
CIMA Chartered Institute of Management Accountants
CIMC--Certified investment management consultant
CIMIS Criminal Investigation Management Information System
CIN Customer Information Note
CIP Carriage/Freight and Insurance paid to
CIP Commercial Interest Reference Rate
CIP Covered interest parity
CIPA Charted Institute of Patent Agents
CIP Compliance initiative project
CIP Coordinated issue paper
CIQ Customs, Immigration, Quarantine
CIRC China Insurance Regulatory Commission
CIRD China Institute for Reform and Development
CIRR Commercial Interest Reference Rate
CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States
CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor
CIS Collection information statement

CIS Computer Investigative Specialist

CISG Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods
CISSP Certified Information Systems Security Professional
CIT Corporate income tax
CITEL Telecommunications division of the OAS
CITES Convention against the International Trade in Endangered Species
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
CITHA Confederation of International Trading Houses Associations
CITIC China International Trust and Investment Corp.
CKD Completely Knocked Down
CKD/SKD Completely/Semi Knocked Down
CLA Cross licensing agreement
CLADR Class life asset depreciation range
CLAT Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
CLC Civil Liability Convention
CL Carload Lots ; Credit Line
CLE Council for Leather Exports
CLECAT European Liaison Committee of Common Market Forwarders
CLO Collateralized loan obligation
CLP Container Load Plan
CLT Charitable Lead Trust
CLTRI Central Leprosy Teaching & Research Institute
CLU Chartered Life Underwriter
CLUT Charitable Lead Unitrust
CMA Certified Management Accountant
CMA Comparative market analysis
CMB China Merchants Bank
CMBS Commercial mortgage-backed securities
CMCPS Compulsorily and Mandatorily
CME Chicago Mercantile Exchange (of the United States).
CMEA Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
CMI Comite Maritime International
CMIS Currency Management Information
CMLR Common Market Law Review (Journal)
CMO Chief Marketing Officer (head of marketing)
CMO Collateralized mortgage obligation
CMP Cutting Making Trimming
CMR Convention Merchandises Par Routes
CMSA Consolidated metropolitan statistical area
CMS Content management system
CMT Constant maturity Treasury securities
CN Combined Nomenclature
CNC Currently not collectible
CNCIEC China National Coal Import and Export Corp
CNF Cost, not freight
CNOL Consolidated net operating loss
CNOOC China National Offshore Oil Corp
CNTA China National Tourism Administration
CO Capital Outlay
CO Certificate of origin
COA Chart of Account
COA Contract of Affreightment
COA Council of Agriculture (of Taiwan)
COACP Contract Of Affreightment Charter Party
COB Closing of Business
COBE Continuity of business enterprise
COBLDN Closing of Business London
CoBoSAC Corporate Bonds and Securitisation
COBRA Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliations Act of 1985
COCA Cost of capital allowance
COCOM Co-ordinating Committee on Export Controls (NATO)
COD Cash On Delivery

CODA Cash or deferred arrangement
COD Cancellation of debt income
COD Cash on delivery
CODs Central Office Departments
Cof Cost of funds
COFACE Compagnie Francausepourl' Assurancedu Commerce Exterieur
COFI Cost of funds index
COGS Cost of Goods Sold
COGSA Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
COI Central Office of Information
COIC Centralized Offer-in-Compromise (Units)
COI Continuity of (proprietary) interest
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
COLI Corporate owned life insurance
COLI Cost of Living Index
Collr Collector
COM European Commission
COM/I Commercial Invoice
COM Cost Of Manufacture
Com Commercial, Commission
COMECON Council for Mutual Economic Aid
COMECON Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
COMESA Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa
COMET Committee Of Middle East Trade
COMEX Commodity Exchange (New York)
COMEX New York Commodity Exchange
COMITEXTIL Co-Ordination Committee for the Textile Industry in the EU
COMP Competency
CONCOR Container Corporation of India Ltd.
CONGESTION Port/berth delays
CONS Consumption
Cont Contract
CONUS Continental United States
COO Chief Operating Officer (head of operations)
COP Certificate Of Posting
COP Custom Of Port
COP Cost Of Production
CORTS Corporate-backed trust securities
COS Cost of sales
COSO Committee of Sponsoring Organizations
COST Council on State Taxation
COT Customer's own transport
COU Clip-on unit
COW Crude Oil Washing
CP Commercial Paper
CP (or C/P) Charter Party
CP Commonwealth Preference, commercial paper
CPA Certified Public Accountant
CPA Claims Payable Abroad
CPADS Centralised Public Accounts Department
CPC Cheque Processing Centre
CPC Customs Procedure Code
CP Charter Party ; Certificate Posting
CP Commercial paper
CP Common parent
CPCU Chartered property and casualty underwriter
CPD Charter Pays Dues
CPDO Centralised Public Debt Office
CPDO Constant proportion debt obligation
CPE Continuing professional education
CPF Clean Report of Findings
CPFF Commercial Paper Funding Facility
CPFFC Cost-plus-fixed-fee contract
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPI-IW Consumer Price Index for Industrial
CPIO Central Public Information Officer
CPIs - Consumer Price Indices
CPI-U Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers
CPI-W Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers
CPK Cost per keyword


CPM Certified Property Manager 

CPM Comparable profits method
CPM Compliance and Program Management
CPM Corporate performance management
CPM Cost per mile
CPM Cost per thousand (sometimes customer profitability management)
CPM Critical Path Method
CPMG Corporate Performance Monitoring
CPN ustom House Public Notice
CPO Cost per order
CPP Certified Payroll Professional
CPPC Central Pension Payment Cell
CPP Capital purchase program
CPPCC Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
CPS Current population survey (of the United States).
CPSC Consumer Products Safety Commission
CPSEs Central Public Sector Enterprises
CQD Customary Quick Despatch
CR Contingency Reserve
CR Capital Receipts
CR Current rate, Carriers risk, Compound risk
Cr Crane
CR Current Rate
CR. (1) Crane
CR. (2) Credit
Cr. Credit, Creditor
CRA Community Renewal Tax Relief Act of 2001
CRA Credit rating agency
CRAR Capital to Risk-Weighted Assets Ratio
CRAT Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
CR Continuing resolution
CR Courier Receipt
CRCS Central Registar of Co-operative
CRD Commercial revitalization deduction
CRD Correspondence received date
CREB Clean renewable energy bonds
CRF clean report of findings
CRF Clean Report of Findings
CRFB Committe for Responsible Federal Budget
CRISIL Credit Rating Information Services of India Ltd.
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRN Customs Registered Number
CROB Cargo Remaining on Board
CRO Chief restructing officer
CRPC Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor
CRP Conservation reserve program
CRR Cash Reserve Ratio
CRS Credit Reporting System (of OECD)
CRS Congressional Research Service

CRSR Congressional Research Service Report
CRT Charitable Remainder Trust
CRTCNG China Radio & Television Cable Network Group
CRTRA Community Renewal Tax Relief Act of 2000
CRUT Charitable Remainder Unitrust
CSAA Control Self Assessment Audit
CSA Capital support agreement
CSA Cost sharing arrangement
CSC Container Service Charge
CSC Container Safety Convention
CSCO Compliance Services Collection Operations
CSD Customer Services Department
CSED Collection statute expiration date
CSF Consolidated Sinking Fund
CSGL Constituant Subsidiary General Ledger
CSGR Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation
CSI Common System Interface
CSI Commissioners Standard Industrial Mortality Table
CSIR Council of Scientific and Industrial Research
CSM Counsel Settlement Memorandum
CSO Central Statistical Organisation
CSO Chief Security Officer
CSO( I.S. Wing) Central Statistical Organisation ( I.S. Wing)
CSO Commissioners Standard Ordinary Mortality Table
CSO Customer Service Operations
CSP Community Service Providers
CSP Classification Settlement Program
CSPN College Savings Plan Network
CSRA Community Spouse Resource Allowance
CSRC China Securities Regulatory Commission
CSR Corporate social responsibilty
CSR Customer service representative
CSRS Civil Service Retirement System
CSSC China State Shipbuilding Corp
CST Centistoke
CST Cost sharing transaction
CSV Cash surrender value
CSVLI Cash surrender value life insurance
CT Countertrade, Community Transport
Ct. D. Court Decision
CTC Customs Tariff Code, now harmonised virtually world-wide
CTC Child tax credit
CT Combined Transport
CTD Committee on Trade and Development
CTD Combined Transport Document
CTE Committee on Trade and Environment
CTF Tanker Familiarization-Chemical Tankers
CTFA Certified trust & financial advisor
CTG Council for Trade in Goods
CTG Council for Trade in Goods
Ctge. Cartage
CTHT Commonwealth Trade Hot Topics
CTI Combined taxable income (also consolidate taxable income)
CTJ Citizens for Tax Justice
CTL Constructive Total Loss
CTL(O) Constructive total loss (only)
CTL Consolidated tax liability
CTO Chief Technology Officer
CTO Combined Transport Operator
C-TPAT Customs-Trade Industry Against Terrorism
CTR Cash Transaction Receipt
CTR Container Fitted
CTR Currency transaction report
CTS Cheque Truncation System
CTS Complaint Tracking System
CTS Central Terminal Station
CTT Commodities Transaction Tax
CTV Capital timber value
CU Customs Union
Cum Div Cumulative dividend
Cum Pfd Cumulative preferred
Cum Cumulative
CUNA Credit Union National Assocation
CUSIP Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures
CUSP Comparable uncontrolled services price
CUT Comparable uncontrolled transaction
CVAT Cash value accumulation test
CVC Central Vigilance Commission
CVD Countervailing Duty
CVED Common Veterinary Entry Document
CVL Central Veterinary Laboratory
CVLI Cash value life insurance
CVP Cost volume profit
CVPS Currency Verification and Processing
CWA Central Withholding Agreement
CWA Contemporaneous written acknowledgment
CWC Central Water Commission
CWD Chronic Wasting Disease
CWE Cleared without examination
CWI Commensurate with income
CWO Cash With Order
CWPRS Central Water & Power Research Station
Cy Currency
Cy Cylinders
CYBA Calendar years beginning after
CY Calendar year
CY Container Yard
CY County


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The above are the list of abbreviations commonly used in business.  These abbreviations include abbreviations used in Export, abbreviations in Import, list of abbreviations in shipping trade, expansions used in freight forwarding business and commonly used terms in customs brokering.    Popularly used abbreviations in banking, commonly using tax abbreviations and other list of generally used business terms are also included in this article.     If you would like to add up more abbreviations commonly used in your region, you may write such enlargements below.  Please make sure, you are adding only ‘commonly using abbreviations’ in business, as this category is dealt with international trade.


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