Can the goods be taken back for quality inspection after shipping?


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Can goods be taken back for quality inspection after shipping/exporting?



Cargo moved to load to ship, need to call back for quality inspection. Shipped goods to be called back for international inspection. How to bring back goods for quality inspection after export?



Can a cargo be called back for quality inspection after exports took place?



You have shipped goods after completing customs procedures and obtaining ‘let export order’. Once after shipping cargo, goods are moved to the loading port. For example, if you have shipped a sea shipment from a dry port, the goods are loaded in Can the goods be taken back for quality inspection after shipping to container and the container freight Station (CFS) authorities arrange to move the goods to port of loading. Initially the cargo is unloaded at their own allotted yard. Then the goods are moved to the respective yard or respective dock where the vessel births, as per the planning to load each cargo on destination touting and vessel schedule. Vessels arrive and births near docks and unloads the required import containers at the respective ports and loads export containers as scheduled.


Before loading container on board, you (exporter) came to know that is a major discrepancy in the contract of particular shipment with the buyer, as you have left out to follow a major instruction. Say, for example an SGS quality inspection is one of the terms and conditions under Letter of Credit. You have left out to conduct this inspection by SGS authorities locally before exporting. This oversight could happen for any exporter/supplier if not gone through properly on the letter of credit or purchase order about the requirements of buyer. You can call the buyer and inform about the mistake happened. If he agrees to ship without the said requirements, you can go ahead. But, if the shipment is under letter of credit basis or want of major requirements, buyer may express his in ability to accept the goodsCan the goods be taken back for quality inspection after shipping 2 shipped. In this case, you need to call back the goods shipped for necessary inspection or other requirements. Otherwise, the cargo will be rejected by foreign buyer and you reputation with your overseas buyer may be affected.


Now you must complete this inspection by calling back the exported shipment. 


You can take back cargo, subjected to physical supervision and escort of cargo by customs official. If customs supervision is involved in such movement, you need not complete export customs clearance procedures again. Or you need to ‘shut out’ goods to your factory and after rectification fresh document can be filed for export again.


First of all, you need to find out with the carrier about the location of cargo available. Then file necessary request letter with customs officials. You can arrange to move the cargo to nearest Container Freight Station, which is a customs bonded area. Once after moving the cargo to CFS, you can arrange to effect necessary inspection or other requirements under the physical supervision of customs authorities.


We all make mistakes. Right? Yes, I recall, even I could experience similar issue during my carrier in Export firm, about two decades ago.


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Manraj Yadav: Hi, Need to know, if containers are exported and already reached at destination port and due a financial crieses our buyer is not willing to clear the cargo and inform us to take back the shipments. In that case what would be the process to call back the containers from destination to load port. Is it being treated as cancellation of export order? Since it is exported under a duty exempted bond. Whom to approach and what needs to be done for the same. Regards, Manraj Yadav

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