Documents required for import customs clearance


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Documents required for import customs clearance in India



This is one of the important articles in export and import trade –What are the documents required for Import clearance? One of frequently asked questions is ‘documents required for import clearance’


Unlike other articles, I can not provide a ‘capsule’ solution on this article about documents required for import customs clearance. I will explain reason behind it. First of all, let me clarify: the documents required for import clearance under all products are not same. However, we can discuss about the common documents required for import customs clearance in importing countries. I will provide you a some general information on documentation of import customs clearance from which you can have a common idea on the subject. I hope, this information helps you a lot to know about documents required for import clearance generally.


Since various types of commodities are imported from different countries, a complete list of documents for import customs clearance procedures can not be provided. More over, different countries have their own policies in turn different procedures and formalities for import clearance. Each product under import and export  is classified under a code number accepted globally which is called ITC number.


There may have bilateral import export agreements between governments of different countries. Imports and exports from such countries may have exemptions on documentation for export and import clearance.


However there are legal documents, common documents and specific documents on commodity basis required to complete import customs procedures. 


Let us discuss some of the common documents required for import customs clearance procedures and formalities in some of the importing countries.


Bill of Entry:


Bill of entry is one of the major import document for import customs clearance. As explained previously, Bill of Entry is the legal document to be filed by CHA or Importer duly signed. Bill of Entry is one of the indicators of ‘total outward remittance of country’ regulated by Reserve Bank and Customs department. Bill of entry must be filed within thirty days of arrival of goods at a customs location.


Once after filing bill of entry along with necessary import customs clearance documents, assessment and examination of goods are carried out by concerned customs official. After completion of import customs formalities, a ‘pass out order’ is issued under such bill of entry. Once an importer or his authorized customs house agent obtains ‘pass out order’ from concerned customs official, the imported goods can be moved out of customs. After paying necessary import charges if any to carrier Documents required for import customs clearance of goods and custodian of cargo, the goods can be taken out of customs area to importer’s place. For further read:  How to file Bill of Entry online?  How to file Bill of Entry manually?  Can Bill of Entry be filed before arrival of goods at destination?


Commercial Invoice.


Invoice is the prime document in any business transactions. Invoice is one of the documents required for import customs clearance for value appraisal by concerned customs official. Assessable value is calculated on the basis of terms of delivery of goods mentioned in commercial invoice produced by importer at customs location. I have explained about the method of calculation of assessable value in another article in same web blog. The concerned appraising officer verifies the value mentioned in commercial invoice matches with the actual market value of same goods. This method of inspection by appraising officer of customs prevents fraudulent activities of importer or exporter by over invoicing or under invoicing. So Invoice plays a pivotal role in value assessment in import customs clearance procedures.  Read more: How to prepare Commercial Invoice? Contents of Commercial Invoice.    Difference between proforma Invoice and Commercial InvoiceHowmany types of Bills of Entry in India?


Bill of Lading / Airway bill :


BL/AWB is one of the documents required for import customs clearance.


Bill of lading under sea shipment or Airway bill under air shipment is carrier’s document required to be submitted with customs for import customs clearance purpose. Bill of lading or Airway bill issued by carrier provides the details of cargo with terms of delivery. I have discussed in detail about Bill of Lading and Airway bill separately in this website. You can go through those articles to have a deep knowledge about documents required for import customs clearance.  Read more about: Different types of Bill of Lading   When to release Bill of Lading?  Importance of Bill of Lading


Import License



As I have mentioned above, import license may be required as one of the documents for import customs clearance procedures and formalities under specific products. This license may be mandatory for importing specific goods as per guide lines provided by government. Import of such specific products may have been being regulated by government time to time. So government insist an import license as one of the documents required for import customs clearance to bring those materials from foreign countries.


Insurance certificate



Insurance certificate is one of the documents required for import customs clearance procedures. Insurance certificate is a supporting document against importer’s declaration on terms of delivery. Insurance certificate under import shipment helps customs authorities to verify, whether selling price includes insurance or not. This is required to find assessable value which determines import duty amount. 

Purchase order/Letter of Credit


Purchase order is one of the documents required for import customs clearance. A purchase order reflects almost all terms and conditions of sale contract which enables the customs official to confirm on value assessment. If an import consignment is under letter of credit basis, the importer can submit a copy of Letter of Credit along with the documents for import clearance. Also read How does Letter of Credit work?


Technical write up, literature etc. for specific goods if any


Technical write up, literature of imported goods or any other similar documents may be required as one of the documents for import clearance under some specific goods. For example, if a machinery is imported, a technical write up or literature explaining it’s function can be attached along with importing documents. This document helps customs official to derive exact market value of such imported machinery in turn helps for value assessment.


Industrial License if any



An industrial license copy may be required under specific goods importing. If Importer claims any import benefit as per guidelines of government, such Industrial License can be produced to avail the benefit. In such case, Industrial license copy can be submitted with customs authorities as one of the import clearance documents.



RCMC. Registration cum Membership Certificate if any


For the purpose of availing import duty exemption from government agencies under specific goods, production of RCMC with customs authorities is one of the requirements for import clearance. In such cases importer needs to submit Registration Cum Membership Certificate along with import customs clearance documents.


Test report if any



The customs officials may not be able to identify the quality of goods imported. In order to assess the value of such goods, customs official may draw sample of such imported goods and arranges to send for testing to government authorized laboratories. The concerned customs officer can complete appraisement of such goods only after obtaining such test report. So test report is one of the documents under import customs clearance and formalities under some of specific goods.


DEEC/DEPB /ECGC or any other documents for duty benefits



If importer avails any duty exemptions against imported goods under different schemes like DEEC/DEPB/ECGC etc., such license is produced along with other import clearance documents.

 documents required for import clearance

Central excise document if any


If importer avails any central excise benefit under imported goods, the documents pertaining to the same need to be produced along with other import customs clearance documents.



GATT/DGFT declaration.


As per the guidelines of Government of India, every importer needs to file GATT declaration and DGFT declaration along with other import customs clearance documents with customs. GATT declaration has to be filed by Importer as per the terms of General Agreement on Tariff and Trade.



Any other specific documents other than the above mentioned


Apart from the above mentioned documents, importer has to file additional documents if any required as per the guidelines of government / customs department under import of specific goods.


I hope, I could explain you a general idea on documents required for import customs clearance procedures and formalities.


You can share your experience under documentation for import customs clearance.


How to import your goods?

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The information provided here is part of Guide on howtoexport and import 


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Vel: Good Morning, Have a Nice Day!!! I want to know, for the example when I import the goods, we purchased from 2 company and they export using one agency. They gave both company items together in one BL , one commercial Invoice and Packing List. But, they are issuing separate Country of Origin(CO) with the Exporter name is separate. Is it acceptable to clear my goods? Please kindly inform me.

admin: Hi Vel, You have not mentioned from which country are you exporting or importing. Two shipments under one MBL and two HBL is permitted, subjected to requirements of importer and exporter. two different suppliers can not be billed under one invoice. Most of the countries, clearance under one bill of entry is not permitted.

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marce mamuri: what is the procedure for the correction of error in Invoice & packing list total qty. is 173 MT the formula in excel is wrong and these are all submitted to Customs for clearance.In the Bill of lading the total qty written is 192 MT which is the actual total qty. What are the steps/procedure to be done here for the corrections of documents.I need your help please

UPENDHARREDDY RAMINI: Dear Sir, i would like to know , why endorsed is required on HBL for sea import shipment clearance, could you please arrange notification for the same thanks in advance

Ujjwal Choudhary : Myself Ujjwal choudhary from Bright internationals..I wants to make export with Canada can u tell me some agencies which ll give me a better cost on a better things .Plz tell me necessary documents ...... I respects your experience Thank you

Vishal Baid : I am an entrepreneur from Bangalore and had one experience of export to UAE and it was LCL. I Frequently imports electronic product from China for last year. I got one export inquiry from Indonesia. I have to export same goods to Indonesia which I am importing from China. I need your consultancy on few points What is the procedure to claim import duty against export. What is incentive on export. How to claim SAD on domestic sales. Please advice me how we can gh ahead. Input on Indonesian point is urgently needed as I need to quote my price.

hemant meshram : I'm starting my new bussiness of a4 paper wholesaler in M.S. , but confused about exact import duty / taxes born by Indian costom @ nhavasheva port destination port , details of importing goods are product : 70 & 75 gsm a4 photo copier paper quantity : 4000 + 4000 reams = 8000 reams = 1 20 container total CIF : 3000 usd ( CIF include shipping and insurance charges by seller ) Country of origin : Thailand Destination port : Nhavasheva ( Navi Mumbai ) Sender port of Thailand : Laem Chabang Sea port , Bangkok , Thailand Documents i have : 1) company registration certificate 2) IEcode Guide me for exact import duty , thank you.

Parvez: Hello sir please guide me as I'm importing chemical product from Kuwait HS CODE as follows 27101990 I want to what all documents required to import hassle free

Gagan: Could anyone provide me the proforma of form 11 used for custom clearance at India, while an import of machine to this country.

sreejith: sir I wish to import auto spare parts from UAE to INDIA , Could you tell me what are the formalities for this and what are the documents needed for this .

mohammed nashath : We would like to Import Almonds and Cashews from European countries. Please let me know the certification required for custom clearence

Nisha: We would like introduce ourselves as an Exporter of Raw Cotton. We are looking for buyers in Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia and welcome inquiries. Please let us know if you have any requirement to import, please send us the specifications and we will be happy to quote you our competitive prices.

S Shankar: I purchased a imported fitness equipment from an Indian importer /Distributor duly raising an invoice at the time of sale. The documents / cartons / brochure donot contain the country of origin nor the manufacturer's name. Besides the distributor charges me more than the MRP specified on the carton that are declared to the customs. Is it permissable to charge over the MRP if sold in India? Is is permissible to sell imported items without mentioning country of origin / manufacturer's name? Kindly clarify.

Zachary West : I have imported hundreds of small used trucks (F-150, Silverado) from Canada with no problems but I am looking to do vehicles over 33,000lbs and on those vehicles it is said their is a FET tax on the first retail sale. My question is if I buy a used heavy duty vehicle and the FET tax has already been paid 1. What info would I need showing its already been paid 2. First retail sale does not start over once in united states? I am basically trying to figure out FET tax and how I can not pay it or have my customers pay it because it is not worth me importing a vehicle and paying the 12%.

Anurag Mishra : My self Anurag and i belong to Company which is a Manufacturer of *Animal Health Products*, Veterinary Herbal Feed Supplements.We are located at * Kanpur* in Eastern Uttar Pradesh, *India*. We are 7 year old company and wanted to export our product outside india. We have recently started to work on export and got very good response from countries like Bangladesh, Egypt, Srilanka. For a person like me it is very difficult to understand the terminology and details for export as we are like a new born in this mode of business. When a person from outside india asked me to send my product C&F CIF Pricing, your portal helps me like anything to understand the basic terminology in export. Now We want to send our product to *Bangladesh ( Chittagong Port ) from Kanpur*. Please inform about the procedures and details of the documentation for the same.

Mohammad Raza Virani: Please give me information 1)GPCP Licence is compulsory for import m.s.scrap from UAE ?????

Umair kp: sir I am working in UAE. I want to export a charcoal grill machine(200 kg) from UAE to INDIA. And I am not an importer or exporter. How can I send and recieving this machinery.

Riya Roy : Sir I want to import a German Shepherd puppy from USA, but I don't know how to import it. Can you please tell me what kind of documents required for it? & Also please describe me the process of this work.

ejoez Solutions : I need ur valuable advice on the clearance needed to export a used car out of India to Africa I need ur valuable advice on the clearance needed to export a used car out of India to Africa. What are the bottlenecks is any or the red tapes and approximately how much will it cost. (Your website is the only site that comes close to shedding some light on this) Hope to hear from you.

RAHUL LODHA : Currently HS CODE 84219900 is used for filtering and purifying machines. But as per below mention notification FILTER ELEMENT (Filter Cartridges & Filter Bags) which is made of Polypropylene(PP) / Polyethersulfone (PES) / Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) /GLASS FIBER / Stainless Steel (SS) are not treated as a part of this machine Like Pleated filter cartridge, meltblown filter cartridge, spun filter cartridge, micron filter cartridge, filter bags. But as per below mention custom notification, it should be classified according to their constituent material. If someone import or manufacture filter element of a constituent material Polypropylene then HS code is 39269099 & GST is 28%. Still the trade has been started in HS CODE - 84219900, having 18% GST. It creates lot of confusion in the industry. I'm looking forward to you for getting your valuable input in this matter.

: Pradeep praps : We are a new established import/exporter firm called "OCEANWAVE TRADERS" from Karimnagar, Telangana. We have applied IEC last week, Our major business is exporting Spices, Lentils, Basmati Rice, Dry fruits and Nuts. (we will purchase from local dealers). So, we need your assistance for CHA , Freight Forwarders, Payment terms , Quotation, invoice, Packing list formats and How to write terms and conditions and all necessary information

vinod nair : This is for requesting your help after reading your article on your site "howtoexportimport". My name is Vinod Nair, iam working for a company handling ground operations in India for a few cargo airlines. There are few incidents wherein the Aircraft came to indian airport to offload cargo but was grounded because of technical fault and the parts had to be imported and fitted. My question is as these are foreign airlines and the parts are comming from their company DO WE HAVE TO PAY CUSTOM DUTY for these parts as they fly off after the problem is solved. Request your help for this query as we not able to get a proper solution for this issue.

Riya Roy : I want to import a German Shepherd puppy from USA. Can you please tell me what type of documents required for this? Please sir give me a reply. Have a nice day sir

Manojkumar: Hello sir, I am India t-shirts export to Malaysia how to document submitted in customs clearance and air to shipping air shipment oranged please help.

SREENIVANSAN JAYAKUMAR: I am interested to import instruments from taiwan. inform the documents required and procedure . to import

Vimal: Don't import product with TNT ONE OF BIG BULL SHIT SERVICES FROM TNT

EACCT: We eacct kuwait offer anything related to customs and transport in kuwait. All questions regard customs welcome and free

bridge canoon: All these regulations must be met however before one embarks on import and export business. Its safer always

ashwini : Do we require a physical copy of certificate of origin to custom clear an air shipment

Gopi: How to start a export business please tell me some plans procedure

Amit Kolapkar: Hello Everyone, Can you please suggest me,which book i should refer to re-frame my knowledge about import-export,since i was not in touch for long time. Thanks, Amit Kolapkar

Sharad jagdale: Please send me your details

Ravi kumar: Anyone looking for import export data information, custom duty with GST Code visit-

GUBENDRAN: we import of copper scrap. we need what docts required and rate of duty advise me pl.

Eddie Burke: Hi, I want to ship marijuana from california to Brazil. What documents do I need to be safe from customs and insurance charges?

Dee Vee: i need information on documentation involved at import export houses.And is it repetitve

Rakesh: We want to import HS84181010 from china. What documentation and what procedure to be followed?

AJIT KUMAR DUTTA: please provide the name of certificates are are required to get 1million $ usd from us to india

Alemseged Alemayehu: Your web site Information is very important. Can you attach me the basic standard model formats of Import Export documents? Best Regards

Hani : I want to import Kiwi fresh fruits to india what documents do I need for doing custom clearance except IEC number? Thank u

THUSBEEHA: Hii Rakesh .. the duty value of your product is 7.5 + 10 + 18 % Hope you import electrical items so BIS is mandatory. Below documents fyr: 1.INVOICE 2.Packing List 3.BL 4.BIS 5.COO 6.IEC 7.GST 8.AD CODE 9.CATALOGUE/TECHNCAL WRITE UP 10.PURCHASE ORDER


anil: how to sowl PL SUBMIT COO;;Query Raised

Krishnakumar: My question, whether two different LC document material can be clubbed together in one BL, packing list and one invoice? Pl suggest

SUNIL PATEL: What to do if we are late for registration of import shipment,

sarojnath sarkar: sir, i want to import goods from south korea under HSNcodes 90183290000 and 3004909900. what is the process and what documents do i require?

Ndi Claudvis Fonta: Please some one help me and write a report on customs clearance.

ZAIN: good notes

Sathya Sethu: Hi sir/madame, Greetings. I want to know what are the documents required for licensing products like Petrochemical items like white spirit, Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO) to import from Kuwait to India for Industrial use. How and what are the procedures to be followed in Kuwait to import the above said goods to India in a safe mannner. I there any levy of excise duty and other duties if importing in Kuwait. Looking forward for your support and guidance. Thanks & Regards, Sathya Sethu

david kimani chege: i want to start to import medical equipment and ho

ABHISHEK SINGH: Dear Sir, Hope you are doing well, I Abhishek Singh live in Delhi want to import electronics goods froms China can you please quote me the Required documents regarding this business activity.. Thanks & regards Abhishek Singh

Tushar: I want list of documement of each country for export shipment for custom clearance.

MOSES: Please explain procedures invoice to pick up container from savannah port to return the empty at yard. Thank You,

Anuj Pathak: Sir, I wish to go to Canada and bring back a positron detector( an engineering product) back to India. Kindly tell me the procedure and the various taxes and duties involved.

SANJAY MATHUR: looking for Import Agent for Wood working M/c from Taiwan

Furkan Dangra: Dear I want to buy from europe and sell direct to china but payment come in india and than i will do it in europe so what process to do from india ...

Sanket: Dear Sir, I want to Import OCC from Algeria to Mundra Port, but my Suppliers party is in Dubai, All the documents will process in Dubai, Can you please Help to know what are the Documents required from Supplier and what are the documents i need to Import the OCC in India, if i will import on the name of Working OCC Mill.

david: Recently i contacted you by call but due to network issue it was disconnected .Sir i just want to know i m importing solar modules from Vietnam .So please let me know how you can help me in this regard.And what type of details i have to share with you

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TVALP MANI KUMAR: I am in indian, I will buy a equipment from china and I will sold the material directly to Africa, what are the term and condition and documents required to us.

TVALP MANI KUMAR: I am in indian, I will buy a equipment from china and I will sold the material directly to Africa, what are the term and condition and documents required to us.

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