Difference between HS code and ITC code

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Difference between HS number and ITC number

What is the difference between Harmonized System code and Indian Tariff Code?


Are HS code and ITC code same?


Most of us in the trade believe that ITC code and HS code are the same. However, you may read below the distinguish between HS number and ITC number.


What is H.S.code



Difference between HS and ITC 1H.S code system means Harmonized System code.   In some countries HS code is also known as HTS (Harmonized Tariff System) . HS system has been developed by World Customs Organization uniformly applied by more than 140 countries worldwide.  H.S.code classifies goods as 4 digit heading and 6 digit sub heading (four digit heading followed by two digits). Customs department of more than 140 major countries have been functioning on the basis of the said 6 digit tariff code.



What is ITC CODE?


ITC means Indian  Trade Classification, also known as  Indian Tariff Code (ITC).   This schedule has two parts – First schedule with an eight digit nomenclature and the second schedule with description of goods chargeable to export duty. The first schedule is based on H.S code system. The Indian Tariff Code Difference between HS and ITC 2 has 8 digit which has been designed in such a way without any modification of first 6 digit as per H.S code system, but followed by another two digit classified as ‘tariff item’. So ITC has been classified as first four-digit code called ‘heading’ and every six digit code called ‘subheading’ and 8-digit code called ‘Tariff Item’. This addition is done, within the permissible limit of World Customs Organization – WCO, without any changes in H.S.code system.


From the above clarification, it is not true that HS code and ITC code are same.


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Pranav Jani : Its such pleasure to find your website,specially when people like you sharing their expertise/know-how through internet to help beginners who want do some venture in Import Export I am Pranav Jani, a resident of Ahmedabad and had lived in Europe. Professionally I have done my M.sc automation from Germany. I have strong interest to start agriculture related or food processing related Import Export business on smaller scale as merchant exporter. Also have gathered some knowledge regarding this subjects. As a person I am an indian citizen, will be in India for next three months probably and then will move to Hungary and Germany. Since I have some work exposure in Germany, I would like to do Import Export business with german speaking countries to take an advantage of my previous work experiences there. Sir, I am little bit in dilemma how do I start? some of my issues are... • Shall I get my IEC nr here? but since I will be in Europe after three months, how does that help me? • Do I need to find out opportunity from Germany/Hungary to export to India? • how does the knowledge of import export in India help me when I am living in Europe? • Any particular suggestion about how to start with, if I will decide in 5-10 years to come back and settle in India? It would be great help to have your initial advice in order to have some clarity in mind. Also, it would help me to become independent. Awaiting for your response.

Santhini S: I have seen your website 'http://howtoexportimport.com/' Its very nice and helpfull. I am doing MCA and its my final year, i am very much interested in export business. Everyday sitting front of system to know more and more. still i need proper gudiance. My Father has a shop in main place, i want to start an export company as proprietorship. I have checked the website of ' msmeonline.tn.gov.in ' and I am thinking to apply there tomorrow with my father's shop address as proprietorship. i have choosed a name for my export company, I have account in Indian overseas bank, tiruvarur district, tamilnadu, from the year of 2010(as i saw in website, need more than 3yrs of bank ac in a bank to ask for bank certificate). My doubts, 1) I can ask for bank certificate to bank, but Can i apply IEC with my savings account from INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK? (i saw in a website, i can apply only if i have account in listed banks of BOI, union bank, icici, hdfc,axis and so on with net banking) 2) Can i open a savings account in BOI bank now with net banking and attach that passbook copy with IEC application? 3) If i get my proprietorship, do i need to get current account to apply for IEC (i dnt hv enough money to open a current account, as am not working now) or can i apply with savings account of IOB? 4) If i apply with proprietorship, Is current account necessary? 5) How can i create my covering letter(letter pad in company name) to apply iec, can i do with my own export company name or proprietorship name like 'enterprises'(which one I am going to choose for export company for example: xxx exports) Now only am going to start, is it good to create coving letter in export company name to apply IEC? Kindly help me to grow in my career and please guide me

Pranav ghiya : I am Pranav Ghiya,we have registered our IEC code in 1980 we were using it till 2000,but now we are not able to find the certificate so what are the details we need to do for renewing and getting back the IEC code.

Admin: Pranav ghiya, Please contact Director General of Foreign Trade office near your area for latest information to renew your IEC.

Jaikumar Honrao: My customer from UK has placed a PO with a Mumbai based manufacturer/supplier of Garments for export to USA. UK customer has paid an advance of 10% & for balance amount he has opened an LC on this manufacturer/supplier. However, this manufacturer/supplier does not have an IEC code & hence can not export goods to USA in his name. In this situation, my company (having IEC code) can export these goods to USA. UK customer has no objection in my company managing the exports. Also themanufacturer/supplier also has no objection in my company effecting the exports.Please let me know how this can be made possible. Specially please clarify how RBI requirements can be fulfilled.

Admin: Jaikumar Honrao, You may please read more posts in this website about THIRD PARTY EXPORT PROCEDURES IN INDIA

Admin: Jaikumar Honrao, You may please read more posts in this website about THIRD PARTY EXPORT PROCEDURES IN INDIA

shakil Amiri : My name is Shakil Amiri and presently I’m residing in Delhi. I want to start beef export business but don’t know how to do it. I’m in touch with few local suppliers who have APEDA approved Abattoirs /Meat Processing Plants. My questions: 1) I’ve PAN, Current A/C and IEC code. Apart from these do I need any more license/documents? 2) What are the complete procedures for exporting the beef to Middle East? 3) Do I need to take export license? Or will I’ve to take the help of any exporter? 4) Incase I’m exporting through any exporter (by using my IEC) then in whose a/c money will be received?

Admin: shakil Amiri, Please collect more information about import and export of meet and animal offal etc. in this website.

joseph: Our product Pneumatically mechanical functioning machinery for the spices product(food) Pls. tell me HS CODE OF THIS ITEM.

Nelson Rodriguez : I've enjoyed reading your export/import blog. It has alot of great information. I have a question: What does it mean when a BOL is stamped "surrendered"? Does this make the BOL non-negotiable? Thanks for your help.

Nelson Rodriguez : I've enjoyed reading your export/import blog. It has alot of great information. I have a question: What does it mean when a BOL is stamped "surrendered"? Does this make the BOL non-negotiable? Thanks for your help.

Siby Chacko : I have been unemployed since long and happened to visit your site after a Google search.I would like to start an exporting company and business. I am in Maharashtra righr now . I belong ton Kottayam. I am interested in exporting agro produces like millets, cereals, grains etc. I have a piece of land here in Maha but no address proof has been made so far. Please guide me to register a company, address proof, copy rights, bank account, LC, taxes,duties,shipment etc. What precautions and cautions we need to make. Bank loans etc. I am even ready to pay a little consultancy fee also, if you can help me. I would appreciate if would be able to give me your cell number to talk to you.

vaman p: I have few queries regarding importing or bringing a drone from overseas. First of all I would like to know if I am bringing the drone myself, is it still considered as import? I have the HS code which is 8802.2000. I would like to know what are the requirements or what sort of paper work is required to bring it to India through customs safely. What will be the duty and other taxes?

Swapan Chakraborty : We are four friends , want to do Import & Export business. we are in grass root level , this is our first planning . so have not any idea about this business. We found you after net surfing . so how can help you ? We expect your experience and help.

Kailash Kant : we have our own company with the name of RG GROUP.My big brother are running this company.Sir, now we want to start our business in import and export..so pls guide us for all process.so that we can start our work.

Rahul Kumar: Hi, thanks for above article, actually i want to know all the process about import export. what it import export? what are the process ? i want all about process step by step. so request to you please share me the same article. thank you very much in advance. regards, rahul kumar

adarsh: I am from india I am interest to export,pls any one help me, adarsh.not4@gmail.com

Rajesh: Hi, What are the mandatory custom documentation required to import proficiency testing material from U.K or other European countries

Ram: Dear Team, \PLease confirm what is the Meaniing for IRTC code.

plakhyaraj: can i import a dji phantom 3 standard from china to india?

Christek Moulds : We are a small scale industry catering for automobile industry. We are interested in exporting machined parts in ferrous and non ferrous steels. I have difficulty in finding hscodes for thge same. Wil you be able to guide me?

somaye sedighi : We are working on different HS code in 8 digit and using trademap for obtaining data and we aspire to identify major importers in our target markets along with standards in every markets for products and preferences of people in consuming products . Would you mind introduce some useful sites?

Somaraj C: This question is regarding HS Code. There are difference in the code being used in India and other countries. For e.g. Polypropylene Woven Fabric falls under Chapter 39 as per IT(HS)Code, but the overseas buyer classify it under Chapter 54 at their country. Shipping Line refuse to show the Code under Chapter 54 stating that in the shipping bill it is shown under Chapter 39. What is the solution to remove this ambiguity.

Afther: I am stating my small business I want export code please help me how I can get this code.

Siby Chacko : I would like to start an exporting company and business. I am in Maharashtra righr now. I belong ton Kottayam. I am interested in exporting agro produces like millets, cereals, grains etc. I have a piece of land here in Maha but no address proof has been made so far. Please guide me to register a company, address proof, copy rights, bank account, LC, taxes, duties, shipment etc. What precautions and cautions we need to make.

Gayatri Sharma : How many times can I apply for IEC code if my application has been rejected twice (rent agreement document issue). Is there a limit to it? Please let me know.

Anand J Kedia: Dear Mr. Afther, you can get your IEC on the website of DGFT, it costs Rs. 500 and a extra cost for digital signature that is approx 800-900.

Ashok Borade: Sir/Madam, DGFT asked both ITC HS code and Description match for MEIS. Because your policy asking only ITC HS code base. Kindly clarify. Why asked dgft

Arif Shaikh : I have some question us under 1) Does Invoice cum Packing also work for export under drawback , CT1 purpose does it require to mention net wt. for each item in Invoice cum Packing List. 2) FEMA declaration by exporters instead of SDF form I know SDF no longer required but our Banker (ICICI) still insist for SDF. i dont think FEMA declaration has to be submitted to Bank, because now SB has to include declaration" I think as per latest notification Export needs to submit. a) Custom attested Invoice and Packing. b) SB Exchange control copy. c) BL or AWL or Forwarders Certificate Kindly correct me if I am wrong. 3) Can Exporter registere multiple AD code at custom for Export and Import. can more than one account's information (AD Code) be interchangeably mention in Shipping bill if remittance also be effect accordingly.

Mr s Kumar: I'm connecting you for above concern. I'm s Kumar belong to sky blue clothing company wish to know about HS code certificate purpose of t shirt export and how to obtain within short period. Therefore requested you to please let me know detail if you could. Waiting hear from you soonest

durgesh vaidya: what are the % of taxes payable after gst in india

S.K.Verma: The assessable value as per custom is more than invoice value & custom duty is charged on assessable value.Even sale price is less than assessable value .How to treat the input GST accumulated

HSN: nice

Ram: Need to understand that Sub categories of HSN code of 2 different countries will have different interpretation. In such case what should exporter consider to a final HSN code, even though the importer asking him to change the last 2 digits of HSN code to reduce on customs duty tariff. Pls suggest, Ram 9167700478

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