Why, best attention while preparing Export Invoice?

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Invoice is the prime document for any business is concerned. Export invoice plays a pivotal role in international trade. As per my experience in the international trade for more than 20 years, I realize and advise all my colleagues about the importance of care to be taken while preparing commercial invoice. Certainly you will come to know the reasons at the end of this article.

Why, best attention while preparing Export Invoice copy You (seller /exporter) prepare export invoice on the basis of purchase order or Letter of Credit issued by your overseas buyer. Your best attention is required on preparing invoice as this is the first and most important document, especially in case of shipment under LC as the opening bank pays amount of proceeds to you, if all documentation are in order as per Letter of credit requirements. Although the columns like Exporter, consignee, invoice number, order number, notify part if any, port of loading, place of receipt etc. are important, port of discharge, place of delivery, amount of invoice etc. are crucial.

Let me explain with an example. You have two documents to be prepared on the same day meant for different buyers and different destinations say to New York and St.Peters berg. By oversight, you have interchanged the port of discharge each other. What happens if port of discharge mentioned wrongly in invoice. As you know, once after preparing invoice you arrange to deliver the same to your customs broker for filing. After receiving documents , the customs house agent files shipping bill on the basis of invoice you had delivered. Please remember, once after completion of customs formalities, the shipping company as a carrier issues Bill of Lading on the basis of shipping bill. The goods are loaded in to ship on the basis of information on shipping bill and carrier’s instruction. So your goods meant for St.Petersberg are moved to New York and vice versa.


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