Procedures and documentation on Triangular shipments

Procedures and documentation on Triangular shipments copy


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As far as the individual or firm involved in merchandising or trading in export and import, obtaining an export order and finding a supplier is quite difficult at beginning stage. I use the word ‘beginning stage’ as continuing handling triangle exports is not a difficult task at all. So once after finding an export order and supplier for the said goods, he can run future transactions very easily like any other normal shipments.

So threat of relationship between final buyer and final seller is a major problem to the individual or firm who obtains order in triangular exports. So hiding parties each other plays a pivotal role in triangle exports.

Triangular shipment documentation is not a herculean task for those who got in to the trade Generally the procedures of triangular shipment is simpler like any other regular shipments, if you can learn the basic knowledge about the trade.

However, hiding information from final buyer and final seller each other is a genuine question for most of the traders. Selling price of both of sellers involved in triangular shipment is already protected, as separate invoicing is being done without the knowledge of other parties. But hiding the final seller from final buyer makes little difficulty, as there are certain external agencies involved in documentation of exports commonly to all. For example, if certificate of origin or any other specific documents required by the final buyer in his importing country, the name of the final supplier has to be mentioned on such documents which will be know to the final buyer. 


 The above information is a part of Import Export Training course online

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Nattpravee S.: Dear Sir, How to process a custom clearing for triangle shipment? For example, if a seller "A" whom based in India orders good from "B" in France. "B" send good as drop shipment to "C" who is also in India. "B" issues invoice to "A" but the consignee on B/L is "C" "A" will also issue an invoice to "C" to use for custom purpose. Would this be possible? Can we do this way? Will the custom officer treat invoice from"A" is a correct one to process custom clearing even shipper is "B" Thank you very much for the knowledge. Best regards, Nattpravee S.

vaishali: Dear Sir, This is Vaishali from EAPRO GLOBAL LIMITED. We are the manufacturer of Solar & Power backup products. We have done a triangular shipment to Nigeria, in that shipment we have used Our Name as consignor for labeling. Now the ultimate buyer is creating issue that it was our mistake and custom has confiscated goods for this mistake as they have presented the switch BL which is showing that exporter is other than us. Please help us on this matter. did we made a mistake? is there anything to resolve this issue? Awaiting for your response.

Rajendran: Dear Sir,our company is based in India(A). we place order to USA based company.(B).B place order to China(supplier)(C). C ships the consignment direct to India. what is the invoicing & BL procedure in this triangle transaction . Best regards Rajendran.

Pradeep K Srivastava: I am reguler reader of your articles in "" and appreciate your simple language. Most of the things, I came to know while gone through your articles for which I am really greatful to you. Now I would like to ask the procedures for the following action enable me to advice our colleague. One of my import intends the following action. Plan – A Importer of a liquid bulk cargo sells part of their consignment , while in mid-sea and before arriving at Indian Port, to a Foreign Buyer. The Mother Vsl, upon arrival at Indian Port, transships such sold qty to a Daughter Vsl, nominated by the Foreign Buyer, which then sails with the cargo to a Port outside India. The Mother Vsl carries the balance Naphtha on board to other Indian Port, for discharge. Plan– B Importer sells part of the imported consignment, while in mid-sea and before arriving at Indian Port, to a Foreign Buyer. The Mother Vsl, upon arrival at Indian Port, transships Importer’s cargo to a Daughter Vsl, for discharging same at other Indian Port. The Mother Vsl then carries the balance sold qty to a country abroad of the Foreign Buyer, on freight prepaid basis. I shall be greatful if you kindly help me in this regards that what would be the Customs & Port formalities for these type of transaction.

S.Narayanan: This is S. Narayanan Unni from Chennai. I gone through your website called How to export and Import starting thoughts through that I am impressed on export and import. I would like to inform you that I am very much interested to know export and import procedure and documentation, because i would like to start consultation regarding this. Before start, i have to know the procedure thoroughly through you. Please help me to start the procedure

Devraj Keer: We are starting import and export business, presently we have order to export Ethyl Alcohol to African countries. We registered our firm and applied for IE Code.Kindly advice what all further documents required and what is the procedures.

Javid: I wanna learn basic about Logistics and its complete Air Export and Import. Please assist me.

Sinivasan: Is there any policy and regulation for triangle shipment?

singh: I got your contact from your website. I congratulate you on writing such informative blogs that helps budding exporters like us. I am seeking your help with a trading scenario. I am planning to export a container from Vietnam to another country. Reading your blog about the documentation I am clear about the switch BL however I am yet not clear on how to get the COO under my name as I do not want the buyer to know my actual supplier.

sayad: We are based in Qatar and we have our customer in Uk. We want to ship goods from our manufacturer who is based in China by sea to Uk to our customer. Can we change port of loading to Qatar instead of China when get switch Bill of lading

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