7 Major Documents required for import clearance under high sea sale


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7 Major Documents required for import clearance under high sea sale


Let me list out major requirements of documents under high sea sale.


High Sea Sale Agreement


A High Sea Sale Agreement entered between high sea buyer and high sea sellerbefore arriving cargo at territorial jurisdiction of importing country. Means, the high sea sale agreement must be dated before arrival of goods at a territorial border of an importing country. What is Territorial Border of a country? I have written a detailed article in this web blog about on this subject about ‘meaning of imports and exports’, ‘territorial border’ etc. You can go through the same to have a clear idea


Sale Invoice/ Commercial Invoice.

7 Major Documents required for import clearance under high sea sale copy

Commercial invoice / Sale invoice is another document required for import customs clearance procedures under High Sea Sale business. Such commercial invoice under high sea sale must be in local currency of importing country, and not in foreign currency. The details of goods sold with rate and total invoice value is mentioned in such commercial invoice under High Sea Sale.


Consignee Copy of Bill of Lading

A consignee copy of Bill of Lading has to be enclosed along with other importing documents under High Sea Sale. As bill of lading is a document of Title, such bill of lading copy has to be endorsed in favor of high sea buyer by transferring title of goods to him.


Import Invoice


Another required document for import customs clearance at importing country is Import Invoice. You may get confused with Import Invoice and Sale Invoice. Import Invoice under High Sea Sale means, the invoice


Originally issued by first seller under High Sea Sale. As I have explained in my other articles in same website, High Sea Sale transaction could be effected more than two times. So, the import invoice issued by first seller to first buyer is needed as one of the requirements of documents under High Sea Sale. Kindly note, this import invoice must be endorsed by high sea seller in favor of high sea buyer.

Import Packing List


Import Packing List is another document required for import customs clearance under High Sea Sale. Import packing list is the packing list originally issued by first seller. Such packing list needs to be endorsed by high sea seller in favor of High Sea buyer.


Certificate of Origin


Certificate of Origin of goods is another document required for import customs clearance procedures and formalities under High Sea Sale. Such Certificate origin also required to be endorsed by high sea seller in favor of High sea buyer under High Sea Sales.


Insurance Certificate


The insurance certificate is one of the 7 major documents required by importing country under high sea sales. This insurance certificate also required to be duly endorsed by high sea seller in favor of High Sea Buyer in favor of High Sea Buyer under High Sea Sales.


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I hope, I could explain about major documents required for import customs clearance procedures at importing country under High Sea Sales.


Would you like to share your experience to add up this subjects about documents required under High Sea Sales at importing country to complete import customs clearance procedures and formalities?


Write below your thoughts about the documentation requirements under High Sea Sales at importing country for customs clearance procedures and formalities.


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what other documents require?: some more documents require like sold letter, buy lettter & bond

admin: Depends the products importing

Sebastian: I's very much useful for new enterpriners

burhan: Is octroi applicable under high sea sale

Tarsem Verma: I think the high seas sale agreement should also be signed by the LC opening bank so that payment of lc bill into the account of high seas seller(the original importer and lc opener) could be ensured and any foul play could be avoided. Proof of such a payment from the banker of original importer should be demanded by the customs before clearance of the consignment.

vinay bamaniya: consignee authority letter

K M Sugumar: Let me know the procedure & doucments required for diplomatic car high sea sale

Amit Sharma: we can only mention on High Sea Sale Invoice , commercial invoice & Sale Invoice instructed by some appraiser to do not mention, and on the same HSS invoice there should not be any delivery address.

NITIN JAIN : as i am new to import i have just imported an machine through air frieght now i want to import another machine for my client and how can i do high sea sale transaction as my client is not having IEC CODE is it necessary for high sea buyer to have IEC.

Admin: Hi Nitin Jain, Consult a professional to know more about high sea sales

NAVONEETA: In bank, can we open domestic letter of credit on the basis of high sea sale agreement and invoice in INR ?

ANIL SINHA: some of the major document reuired for high sea sale clearance are 1) material test certificate (generated from the imported country impling the details of material chemical combination) 2) certificate declearing that the material in not in the list of black list of export of any country during its voyage .

Janson George : Dear s/m Please send me complete information how can possible trading from Pakistan.I hope you can help full reply.I shall be very thankful. Best regards Janson George

imran amjad: Dear i have my own business leather in pakistan since last 20 year and now i want to export and i have no experience and knowledge .i have provide each and every product in leather like that LEATHER SHOES,JACKET,VOILET, BELT, GARMENTS, UPHOSTRY LEATHER AND ALSO PROVIDE RAW MATERIAL AS PER REQUIRMENTS CLIENTS. KINDLY HELP ME how to register company ? how to serch client in export different countries ? which document required for export ? how to deal with documents in bank related to export ? I SHALL BE VERY THANKFULL TO YOU. WAITING FOR YOUR POSITIVE RESPONSE. IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT WITH ME FELL FREE TO CONTACT WITH ME. 00923334922014

PRANAV: Really useful


Pradeep.C.G.: Request your advice with regard to a shipment we planned. Parent Company in India. Child Company in Fress Zone Dubai Buyer in Qatar. For this transaction how the invoice has to be made and the remittance done with goods being supplied by parent company and child company receiving the payments. How child company pays the amount to parent company. What are the documents required. I am new to export and hence require your valuable inputs.

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varma sree : I am sree varma from hyderabad. my requirement is to know about export documentation part taken care if the commodity is IR64 rice. Since i am a layman, i am requesting you to help me to know a bout the needful information.

Rama Bollipamu : I want to start export and import business. So I want to get license. What are the documents, where I have to register all the requirements I want to known? Pls sent the required documents.

Naresh Malaviya : I am naresh malaviya from Surat, we are trader of waste paper as per namely Maithil International.Dear sir we want imports of waste paper. So please know me how to start the import and mainly which document needed for the custom clearance.

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Malik Khandwani: I have gone through with your website, its really helpful for me, i have a request if you can forward me a PDF format of all this for my reference. and can you tell me the book name for import export Air & sea, in which I can increase my knowledge, i will be really great full for you.

Sameeullah khan: I read your website about how you help beginners into importing pets. My cousin is in Africa and I wanted a single piece of grey African parrot. Can you help me in what procedure is required to get one bird?

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ramprasad: Is there any condition to have a minimum mark up by first buyer on the foreign invoice value while making the local currency invoice to the second buyer. what FE rate should be applied for making the local currency invoice.

P.S.Sundaram: Sir, Kindly add the Verified Gross Mass Certificate in the list of documents for high sea sales.

Jitendra Patel : Could you send me your Cell and Whatsapp no? I want to discuss for sea freight regarding import some item so i can talk with about the custom clearance and require document


sreedharan: please advise whether any pollution control board licence or certificate required for coal import to chennai. india

Subbarao: I want to know if I can do high seas sale between Switzerland and United States from India . I am trader in india and my buyer is in Switzerland and seller is in United States.

Binny Patalia: If the first import is on FOB basis then how can the importer provide insurance certificate to the consignee?

MUBARAK: dubai customes always growth and fast service

Afaqu Khan: Is buyer and seller contract mandatory requirement for importing goods into India.

Maria Aliyah Foods Corp.: is this all the documents importing/exporting a pork, beef, poulty and buffalo.

B. K. Varshney: if seller have open marine policy and there is no provision the issue to consignment wise policy than what document can provide to buyer. terms is CIF Nhava Sheva Port Mumbai

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