How to import Iron and Steel

Importing procedures for Iron and Steel

Quality standard of importing country

Import of Iron and Steel needs quality standard approval of government agencies at importing country. Importation of such items is subject to their compliance with said quality approval certificate from the quality approval authorities of importing country.


Conditions as per Hazardous Wastes management, handling and Trans boundary movement rules.

Each country has their own foreign trade policy to import Iron and Steel in to their country. However, most of the countries have Hazardous wastes management, handling and tans boundary movement rules or similar authority that regulates imports and consumption of Iron and Steel in their country. Any importer who would like to import Iron and Steel should follow the terms and conditions of such hazardous wastes management, handling and Trans boundary movement rules before actual import of Iron and Steel takes place. As per Hazardous Wastes management, handling and Trans boundary movement rules, the hazardous waste goods are moved as per form 9 specified by importing country.

Permission from Environment department to import Iron and Steel

Almost all countries have environment department to regulate importation, consumption and usage of materials effecting environment. Permission from such environment department of importing country is essential to import some of the items under Iron and Steel. In India, Ministry of Environment and Forest (MOEF) is the authorized government agency to regulate such materials including importation.

Test report of analysis from Laboratory to import Iron and Steel.

For the purpose of importing Iron and Steel, the importer must obtain a test report from accredited laboratory authorized or governed by importing country is required. Necessary sample of imported Iron and Steel is drawn as per the procedures and rules of importing country and submits with such authorized laboratory and obtains analysis report. Normally three sets of samples of importing Iron and Steel are drawn and forwarded to laboratory notified by environment and forest department. Test report retains for minimum two years to confirm on obligation fulfillment by importer on importation of Iron and Steel. Such certificate is submitted with customs location of importing country to process importation of Iron and Steel. If non fulfillment of obligation by importation of Iron and Steel, the importer should re-export the hazardous waste within 90 days from the date of arrival in to importing country as per hazardous waste management, handling and trans boundary rules.

Re export of Hazardous materials

If any of the imported hazardous Iron and Steel are not followed the necessary norms of importing country, such imported Iron and Steel have to be destroyed or to be removed out of importing country. Such non compliant imported Iron and Steel may be also fined by imposing penal charges, apart from destruction or return to origin country.

Certificate from Pollution control board to import

Necessary certificate from pollution board has to be attached along with other documents, as a part of documentation methods to import some of the items under Iron and Steel. So such importers of goods under Iron and Steel need to register with pollutioin control board of importing country.

Pre shipment inspection Certificate

Necessary pre shipment inspection certificate issued by the inspection agency certified by the exporting country or approved by other government agency of exporting country has to be arranged for importation of certain items under Iron and Steel.

Port restrictions in importation of Iron and Steel

In some of the countries, the customs clearance procedures and processes to import Meat Iron and Steel are restricted through some of the ports in importing country. This is arranged to provide all necessary infrastructure to meet various processes and requirements to import Iron and Steel. So import of Iron and Steel are allowed to some of the ports specified by importing country. Import of such Iron and Steel is allowed with a pre shipment certificate issued by approved government agency at exporting country.

Anti dumping duty

Some of the importing items under Iron and Steel importing from some of the countries attract anti dumping duty. The reason for imposing anti dumping duty is for rectification of trade distortive effect of dumping and re establishes fair trade. World Trade Organization WTO members as per GATT (General Agreement on Tariff and Trade) permit their member countries to take individual decision on imposing such anti dumping duty to ensure fair trade rather than protecting domestic industry.

Common requirements to import

mRegistration to act as an Importer: Government registration is required to become an importer in the country to act as an importer. Foreign Trade government office of respective country is responsible to issue such authorization to become an importer. In India, IEC number (Import Export Code Number) is obtained from the office of Director General of Foreign Trade office to operate as an importer and exporter in India. Registration procedures to act as an importer are a onetime process, but renewal may be required as per the terms and conditions of such foreign trade office of a country. In most of the countries, the information on such registration for importer – exporter is linked with customs location and reserve bank, as process of imports and exports are online digitalized. So the importer of Iron and Steel is also required to contact concerned government agencies of their importing country to verify whether such onetime registration is necessary or not.

Procedures to import:
As per the mutual agreement between buyer and seller, the import shipment is taken place. Pricing, quality specifications, terms of payment, terms delivery, mode of transport and other terms and conditions are agreed and mentioned in purchase order and import shipment of Iron and Steel is effected accordingly.

As you know, under any importation of goods, necessary import documentation and customs clearance procedures at importing country have to be completed either importer’s customs broker or importer directly as per foreign trade policy of respective importing country. For importing Iron and Steel also, import entry documents along with carrier’s document (Bill of Lading /Airway bill), commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin and other required documents are filed and necessary import procedures are completed to take delivery of imported goods under Iron and Steel. Nowadays, necessary information is filed online and produces required documents at the time of inspection, assessment or delivery of import of goods at destination customs location. The international partners of countries share quality measures each other and exempt from multiple inspection on same products both for export and import. However, as per the policy of most of the developed countries import of goods from Least Developed Countries (LDC) need to be certified by authorized agencies before export. So, if any import of Iron and Steel takes place, the details of such information can be obtained from necessary government agencies of importing country.

Certificate of Origin to import Iron and Steel: The source of origin of imported Iron and Steel is required in almost all countries. So a certificate of origin issued by necessary approved authorities at exporting country is required to import Iron and Steel. Certificate of origin helps to determine origin of imported goods to avail exemption on import duties and taxes. Different unilateral, multilateral and bilateral agreement between countries also allows imports and exports with exemption of import duties where in Certificate of Origin is the primary proof on country of origin of importing goods under Iron and Steel.

Bilateral and Unilateral agreements under importation of Iron and Steel:

The countries each other may have bilateral, multilateral and unilateral agreements which exempt documentation and rates of import tax and duties. The importers have to collect accurate information from necessary government agencies before import of Iron and Steel.

Restriction to import

Some of the materials are prohibited to import in some countries based on their foreign trade policy on imports. So importer can cross check the requirements of import of their products before placing order with overseas buyer.

Prohibition to import

Some of the materials are prohibited to import in some countries based on their foreign trade policy on imports. So importer can cross check the requirements of import of their products before placing order with overseas buyer.

In this article, the documentation, process and formalities to import Iron and Steel are explained. As explained above, this information is generally applicable for all countries to import Iron and Steel. These details on how to import Iron and Steel are given to provide a basic idea to bring vegetables from foreign country. Specific requirements for each importing country need to be followed by importers and exporters of Iron and Steel.

Have you satisfied with this post about basic information on documentation, procedures and formalities in importation of Iron and steel.

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Divya Rai: I want to import colour coated steel sheet from china. I just wanted to know that what will be the procedure for import this item and also want to know that what will be the custom tax and other taxes.

Binay Agarwal : I am Binay Agarwal, an Entrepreneur primarily deals in IT business and my father is into ferrous metals and foundry setup. We are keen to import Copper scrap to India. I must say it's really well structured and organized and presents vast amount of information which otherwise is difficult to procure elsewhere It says a PCB (Pollution control board license) is required to import the copper scrap. However in my discussion with an existing importer who luckily happens to be our distant friend, it turned out that PCB license is no longer required to import. So to put this straight he did emphasize that anyone can import now. who have required PCB license. So i am confused whether PCB license is required or not as of now. I googled and googled and still clueless. I would be highly grateful and obliged whether PCB license is required to import copper scrap or not. Also is it good business to import Copper scrap to India ? Please suggest.

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