What is the Procedure for importing goods through Post offices in India


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What is the Procedure for importing goods through Post offices in India.

What is the Procedure for importing goods through Post offices in India copy There are many queries to me asking about import via post office, whether import and export through post office is allowed? What are the formalities of import through post? How import duty is calculated if sending through post office? How to assess the value of goods under import through post office? How to inspect parcels under import through posts? How does customs officials involve in import through post etc. etc.

In India, import through post is permitted subjected to prohibition or restrictions. Such shipment through post should be routed via foreign post offices. As regular shipments, import through post also carries way bill mentioning with details of parcel. Customs officials are deputed to handle such imports through post offices. After necessary examination of goods by the authorities, if no contraband is found, the parcel can be delivered to addressee, if no duty is attracted against such goods. If any dutiable items imported through post, customs officials indicates the amount of duty to be paid. Such duty is collected from the addressee before delivering parcel to them after collecting postal service charges if any.

If customs officials require any supporting documents on import clearance, addressee is called up on for such documents and after necessary satisfaction on assessment and inspection, the parcels are cleared.

How does the time of levying duty on parcels imported by post?
The date of determining the duty on goods imported by post is the date on which the postal authorities present to the concerned officer of customs. This is the date on when the postal authorities present the details of list of parcels to the proper office of customs for assessing the value of goods and inspection. If such goods arrived by vessel or flight through post office and the list of goods is presented before the date of arrival of goods to the customs authorities by the postal department authorities, the rate of duty will be taken in to account on the date of arrival of vessel (ship) and not before.

I hope, I could satisfy you on the procedures and formalities on import through post offices in India. Do you have different thought on import of goods via post office? Write below your comments.


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DHANUSH RAMAKRISHNAN: I got an import license from DGFT in India. I have IEC (Importer Exporter Code). I want to buy lot of items from eBay.com. Most of the eBay sellers are from China and Hong Kong. I am a reseller in India. So what is the procedure. I am ready to pay import duties. What documents eBay seller has to provide along with parcel? If seller in eBay forgot to attach documents what can I do? And what documents I need to submit to customs? How can I submit? I have only IEC code. All packages are coming through India Post registered and my packages are not very big. Please send reply as soon as possible.

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Bhavesh Merchant : We are Exporter since five to seven years, Now we have Imported goods from u.s for the first time of COSMETIC at HAZIRA (ADANI PORT, SURAT).As we were not aware about Form 43 , so cargo is stuck up in port since one month.This port does not have warehousing facility. Even Bill of Lading is not uploaded since begining.Now port authority has ordered us to Re - Export.In whole matter we are completely innocent , we are misguided by CHA.we have got your profile from Net .sir, we need your guidance for Re - Export procedure. Our CHA doesnot guide us properly. Even port officer says new things every day.Is it importnat to upload Bill of lading? Do we have to pay Duty as we are doing Re export.we will be oblidge for your kind help.Even when next time we will do this procedure of Import we will be approaching you.

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Agnelo Andrade: My son sent me a parcel of 13kg of chocolates, soaps, artificial fishing Beats. From USA TO INDIA (GOA) By speed post. The postmaster charged me ?900/- custom charges. And did not give any receipt for the same. Please help. Thank.You

Agnelo Andrade: My son sent me a parcel of 13kg of chocolates, soaps, artificial fishing Beats. From USA TO INDIA (GOA) By speed post. The postmaster charged me ?900/- custom charges. And did not give any receipt for the same. Please help. Thank.You

Admin: Need to collect receipt

vishesh: I was searching information on imports and I came across your website, it is very helpful and concise. I had a query regarding import as I am also planning to start imports from china. My products are going to of home decor and skincare accessories, I found it very challenging to import via dhl or fedex as the cost of the product becomes too expensive. So my question is if I call small quantities of products from china via local post office how can I pay duty and gst on it. My parcels are going to be small as of now so if you can let me know how can I work this channel.

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