How many types of imports in India. Types of bills of Entry in India

How many types of imports are there in India?


This is a complicated question about types of imports in India. We can categorize many types of imports in India. However, here we discuss about types of imports from the point of view of Indian Customs Department. Indian customs classifies various types of Imports on the basis of import duty involved in the consignments.


As you know, for any goods arriving in India, cargo has to be passed out of customs from Indian customs department, after completing Import customs clearance procedures.  For this purpose, the importer files bill of entry either by on line or Manually whereever applicable, a legal document in a specified format declaring the details of goods, status of importer and other required information with proper Supporting Documents.


There are three types of bills of entry procedures in India. In other words we can say – there are three types of import in India from customs point of view.

Bill of entry for home consumption:


How many types of imports in India. Types of bills of Entry in India This bill of entry is in white color, before introduction of electronic media of filing. Manual bill of entry is filed, where in no electronic data interchange is available to file bill of entry electronically. Importer files bill of entry for home consumption where in he wants to clear the goods on payment of duty or free duty goods to remove the cargo to his premises immediately.  As per customs department section 46 of the customs Act 1962 describes in detail about the procedures and formalities.


Warehousing Bill of Entry

Warehousing bill of entry is also called Into Bond Bill of Entry. This is in buff color before introduction of EDI filing, if filed manually where in no electronic filing available. As per section 46 and section 60 of Indian Customs Act describes in detail about this type of filing. If an importer does not want to pay duty on his goods immediately up on arrival of goods at port, he keeps his goods in a customs bonded ware house by following formalities under such provisions and files Into bond bill of entry. He pays duty and take the quantity of goods as and when he requires.


Ex-bond Bill of Entry:


How many types of imports in India. Types of bills of Entry in India 3 The ex-bond bill of entry is filed to take the goods for home consumption by importer as and when he requires from the bonded warehouse explained above. The ex-bond bill of entry is in green color before if filed manually where in no EDI facility is available. The details of this types of procedures are mentioned in section 68 of Indian Customs Act.



Apart from the major three bills of entry, there is another type of bill of entry in pink color which is used for clearing imported goods for defense establishments.


I hope, I have explained various types of imports as per Indian customs point of view.  Also read Import customs clearance proceduresWhat happens, once Bill of Entry for Imports files?     How is assessable value calculated by customs for imports?

 How many types of imports in India. Types of bills of Entry in India 4



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How many types of imports in India. Types of bills of Entry in India


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